(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

We still have a problem with updating the pages. Changes do not succeed regading color and size on the written parts.

Also I spend time taking down the destroyed catrun parts that were smashed into bits and pieces during the hurricane. The old part works and has been closed towards the broken one. So I take it all down and  prepare and clear the area for 2 new catruns we have ordered, to be added to the older part, and the parts that survived the hurricane. We do have a problem with 3-4 golden eagles ( a hatching couple and offspring. Passing my window as I`m writing. So the extended catrun must up in a hurry.

NB: The index page will not update colors or lager letters ( headlines). We try to find out why.Our computer is being used for work now. Updates only when it is free.


21 / 11 2015

NB : SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED TO THE CATS PHOTOS ON THEIR PAGES. The slide shows do not work. The pics are on the working page, but on the webside they are small, far apart and out of the page frame. So we`ll se what can be done. But we have changed the layout several times, so hopefully it will work after several updates. Sadly a lot of beautiful cat pics of our cats can at the moment  not show themselves as theyt did earlier.


_NB: The letter A does work again,and all the other writings now seems

to work the right way again after the update.

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I have tanken many photos of the cats, but have not had the time for updates, and S-E uses the working computer all day. Sooo ...

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Lovely Nike will have her favorite snack with her buddies and family. Meat, fish and grilled chicken. Love her so much. She is going in to heat all the time now, and she is still a bit in her summer coat. But wonderful.


Diana 11 years wanted to cuddle not take pics, but she is enjoying herself in one of the cats play rooms, having some snack as well :) Beautiful Diana.

And she had a great time with her boyfriend Magni, and then came Mouna NFO n 23, Kohinoor NFO ns 09 23 and big baby Sirius NFO n 09 22 to play and run all over. And at last Penelope NFO n 09 23. I added some of Calamity Jane NFO n 09 23, Ophelia NFO n 09 and a very busy Kolya. Then came the others for a snack.So this is the favorite playroom of Diana at the moment. An earlier carpentry room ( that can still be used for that :) )cleaned up full of stuff from earlier owners. Garbage and old paint boxes etc. Lots of paint and oli stains still even after washed many times , but they can use it. And then I have put up some old beams found on the attic to climb on. It is asmall rom at the end of my working place, and a place the cats can run into, hang out and play. And get attention every time we pas.

P8250002 (2)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CH (N) STJERNEN`S DIANA NFO n 09 24. Our gorgeous forest princess was 11 years the 22 th of August and has been celebrating. She had many of her favorite treats. Meat, fish, chicken and a lot of cuddling of course. Here she is in one of her favorite shelves on the wall in one of the cats playrooms. Sadly I can not get daylight into it, so I `ll try to take her for awlk with me in daylight instead. AND she only wanted to be cuddeled, headbanging into the cat " bed" all the time. So lots of unclear pics. But she is a WONDERFUL DEAR PRINCESS :) .


He was 12 years on the 8 of August, ans was celebrated with a cats " party" in my working room. Magni is a super kind gorgeous boy and had all his favorite treats during the day. Of course he had his fresh herring " sushi" style for dinner. He LOOOVES that. And mackerel in tomato sauce for breakfast.And lots of cat snack. Magni seems to be losing his eyesight sadly, but he loves to come out with me and his buddies for a walk. The weekend before his birthday, he was celebrating down at the dock in sunny weather and with a barbecue for som kitty snack.And he loved having all his snack. Hipp Hipp Hurray dear wonderful sweetheart Magni. Half way into his summer coat. Due to the cold summer he hasn`t lost parts of his winter coat this year, but much of his collar is off.




Mouna our teddy tigergirl and blue silver boy Ne Me Quitte Pas celebrating their birthdays, and having some kitty snacks now and then. We have had a bad weather this summer, so some celebrations inside as well in the working room.


Mouna celebrated with all her treats and a lot of cuddling of course, but no photos. I was doing a lot of work, and it was raining all week. But she was celebrating in a lazy style in our bed.

Dear beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Ne ME QUITTE PAS NFO as 23, had to celebrate with Svein-Erik, as I was away. But he had his treats , and then again when I came back home.



*  *  *  *

Beautiful Huriel de la Fôret d`Amalion NFO n 09 23 plays inside in the working room with her buddies Mouna, Kohinoor, Ophelia, and Sirius. Sirus has become paretly blind after Joy put a claw into his eye. But he is such a big baby and a happy minded sweetheart. Super kind and funny. So they had a great time. And finally some sun in the catrun outside as well.


BEAUTIFUL TABITHA D`HAAKONA CH* 6 years celebrating her daughter Mouna, and son Maximilian. Lovely girl.


Some new updates of photos taken of the cats, but not put out on the pages due to much work in the period.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BEAUTIFUL TORTIE PRINCESS DK ELKINGTON`S JOY MILLER NFO fs 02. SHE IS 8 YEARS TODAY the 27 of June. HIPP HIPP HURRAY BEAUTIFUL FUNNY SUNSHINE GIRL JOY. Sadly it has been rainy, so Joy prefered her favorite basketbed. BUT she has had her meat, fish, shrimps and chicken in stock, and even some fishballs in white fish stock gravy. HURRAY JOY. We hope for sun another day :)


Calamity Jane 9 years and Tabitha 6 years. Some pics.

But on their birthday the tables blew over so Calamity did not want to take pics in the wind, and hurried up to eat her shrimps, crawfish they had had earlier. But they are such WONDERFUL girls.


HIPP HIPP HURRRAY !!! TO OUR BEAUTIFUL PRINCESSES CH S*(F) WONDEWOOD`S CALAMITY JANE NFO n 09 23 now 9 YEARS and TABITHA D`HAAKONA CH* NFO n 23 NOW 6 YEARS, both celebrated their birthday on the 18 th of June. Having a great time all over inside and in the catruns. No pics of them outside. We had 13 degrees and a storm, so no excursions in a leash. But they had all their favorite food all day. Fish, meat, catsnack, shrimps and crawfish.And a lot of attention and cuddeling of course.


Beautiful princess Penelope 3 years.


HAPPY BITHDAY TO OUR FANTASTIC P-Litter yesterday. 3 years on the 23 of MAY.

HIPP HIPP HURRRAY OUR OWN BEAUTIFUL DEAR (N) Myrtekransen`s PENELOPE, beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Pelle Panther, beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Panthera Petra, beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Pernille and lovely (N) Myrtekransen`s Pavel.

We hope they all had a great day. Penelope was very busy having a heat, so she was all acation, super charming and soooo adorable :)))) as always. She had plenty of snacks. But no outdoor wallking in a leash . Love her sooo much. I`m a bit busy so pics etc must come by and by later.


HAPPY BIRTHAY TO OUR GORGEOUS G-LITTER. 6 Years yesterday on the 5th of May. We hope that (N) Myrtekransen`s Goya, (N) Myrtekransen`s Godiva, (N) Myrtekransen`s Gauthier, and (N) Myrtekransen`s Gasparian had a wonderful day. HIPP HIPP HURRRAY TO OUR BEAUTIFUL DEAR ONES.

CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius NFO ns 6 years.


Our dear very own beautiful Gregorius had a super day, and a wonderful evening. Gregorius had many of his favorites of course, both fish and meat. And he is very much in love. So he enjoyed lots of kitty kisses, " sings in his beautifull manner and had ecxiting strolls with me outside on tea breaks.



Dear IC (N) Myrtekransen`s Caspar, (N) Myrtekransen`s Coeur de Lion, (N)

Myrtekransen`s Concordia, (N) Myrtekransen`s Constantin ( sadly died of an accidente / sudden infection due to that ?), (N) Myrtekransen`s Camelia. We wish them all the best and hope they had a GREAT DAY with lots of kitty snacks and a lot of cuddeling. The homepage computer was used for work, so no homepage updates. But with us in our minds :)))) :HIPP HIPP HURRAY TO OUR GORGEOUS ONES. Mummy Diana, and great grandmother Belinda sends of their most velvety and soft kitty purrrrrs.

*  *  *  * *  *  *

Beautiful Haifa Wonder 8 years.


Beautiful Mouna, almost 4 years out for a walk in the strong wind. She is like a

heavy bulldozer. So I had to checke the leash all the time. Our Gorggeous girl.

Sadly Huriel ( Huriel is without our former lines) and Calamity ( she is 9 years, so last chance) have "fooled" us several times now, leaving Mouna

on hold for kittens, having had heats.But she is absolutely a great GORGEOUS girl we plan for.


Beautiful Huriel de la Fôret d`Amalion BE*, 4 1/2 years out in a leash.

We had hoped that she had taken with Gregorius now, but sadly not.

The date may have been to short .


Beautiful silver princess Kohinoor 4 1/2 years



Haifa celebrates his 8 th birthday today. After having been in my bed sleeping partly on my body all night as usual, he is starting his day with his steamed chiken in broth. Now he will come with me for some lunch on the dock with his son Gregorius and buddies. It is a wonderful sunny day. So he`ll love the sunbeams with tummy up for a cuddle. Sadly my camera battery seems to be brooken since yesterday with Solaris. So I may lend Svein-Eriks later for pics of Haifa and buddies " sunbathing". HIPP HIPP HURRAY dear deart wonderful gorgeous sweetheart and very special kittyprince of mine. Later he`ll have some meat and his favorite catsnack.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Beautiful Belinda now 11 years and 8 months. Here out for a walk.




*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Spring is here, with sunny days. And Solaris loves to climb pinetrees.

Yesterday I had to take him and Sirius back inside. Because the eagle came towards them in a hunt glide down the small road by the house, and towards my breakfast table. But today it is somewhere else. So sunny pics of Solaris.

He still sleeps on my pillow each night, and into my head. Just like his brother. They change during the night, or I have one on each side. They have done that since 2 1/2 weeks old. Big springtime babies.

While I was on e-mail today, 3 eagles arrived to hunt.


Beautiful Isak 5 years .




We hope they all had a great day like Isak. With a lot of cuddeling, favorite snacks and fun. Lots of purrrs and greetings from mummy Byzants and daddy Slode ( + grandmother Diana and grandfather Magni).




(N) MYRTEKRANSEN`S FIORENZA. We hope they all had a lovely day like Fiorenza. With fun, cuddeling and lots of catsnacks.Lots of kittykisses and purrrrrs from daddy Slode, and grandmother Belinda nephews Sirius and Solaris and halfbrother Isak + halfniece Nike+ Amalie,Mouna,Ophelia,Gregorius, Ne Me Quitte Pas.

:)))))) HURRAY !!!!!





They have all had their favorite snack. Debbie had her sardines, beef and hams + catsnack. Isak likes everything so he had it all from meat to fish and marckrell in tomato sauce :) + sardines. Fiorenza also likes most things, but she also loves meat a bit so she wants that. sadly the weather has not been that nice. Cold, grey and even snow. So pics can wait.

Our S-Litter has celebrated their first bithday. Sirius and Solrais having all their favorites. Solaris lots of everything ( different fish cooked and raw sushi style, meat and catsnack). Sirius had his huge plate of meat, but finally he also now has started to like steamed pollock with butter, and raw. And finally some freshly made mackrel and some catsnack. So he is very much like grandmother Debbie-Doss. Very choosy and it takes time for him to develope a taste for something new. Sadly Sirius has had a painful accidente, with a claw into his left eye. Hopefully he can be healed and that he will not loose his sight, but time will show. So planned pics of him will have to wait. But Solaris is a busy sweetheart, so I may take pics of him, if we have time on a nice day.


Our dear beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Fiorenza almost 6 years,outside with daddy Slode. They were playing and chasing eachother, some last sunbeams before it all became clouded.Fiorenza had been cuddeled while working, so she managed to get clay onto her fur, and then rolled around outside of course. But a wonderful sweetheart she is, now loosing her wintercoat. She`ll get more photos later on a sunny day.

Fiorenza under the cats " play" car :).

Fiorenza had to check out the food we daily give the seagulls, + crows and magpies.We feed the seagulls so that they guard and alarm (us) the cats if the eagles arrive. The birds get the rest of the cats food ( cut bones, fish/shellfish, rests of cat food etc)from inside,and old our old bread+ fruit+old cheese etc. So often the cats check if some of their favorite food has been thrown out. And often it seems MORE interesting outside, than on their own plates inside, where they always are ready for some new type of snack all day. Typical ):.

Old grapes + yesterdays meatbones makes an interesting mix for Fiorenza.

Beautiful N Myrtekransens Pelle Panther. Now neutered . 8.5 kilos and slim, loves to have his raw fish food prepared, and is ready to go on his easter holidays on the countryside to the cottage soon.Thank you so much Kristin and family for a lovely update on our gorgeous dearsweetheart, and for loving him so much. It is very sad that he has no offspring, but he is a beloved kitty boy, and that is the most important thing. HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL .

Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Ophelia NFO n 09 at 3 years and 5 months.

This gorgeous pather princess has had her birthday celebrations a long time ago, but that was a dark rainy Novemer. So some sunshine pics of our black and white beauty. So that her colors and expression gets enoygh light. Ophelia is the daughter of our former hostcat (N) Myrtekransen`s Godiva NFO n 09 and IC S* Milda ma Tilde`s Speed Igor NFO n 22. Ophelia is very

special, and she is the adoptive baby of Calamity. And the " baby" sister of Nike, Kohinoor. They still wash and comfort her, and treat her like their baby. Ophelia was very very attached to her mother Godiva. So here she has conntinued to be a kitty baby. She is such a gorgeous looking wonderful ands kind panther princess. With a lovely typed head.

Our beautiful silver princess CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Byzants NFO

ns 09 24, 9 years + almost 1 month. Outside in the sun. Byzants came straight from her warm bed inside. But it is sunny today, and I wanted pics before she looses all her winter coat, now coming off in huge amounts. Byzants does not like to be outside. So she looked up all the time for eagles etc. But a wonderful sweetheart she is. I had her in a leash for pics, so that she did not run to the door all the time. She has her favorite warm bed inside + snack waiting :).

I also had Byzants and Slodes beautiful son (N) Myrtekransen`s

Isak NFO ns 09 24 out with me. But he just had his dipers taken off.

So he was very busy " marking " all over. And then to wash up a but.

             Byzants                  and         son Isak at almost 5 years

Isak is a large, very handsome and busy boy. 5 years by the end of March

Isak the boss,is loosing his winter coat just like his mother. A lovely male.


NFO n 09 23. Our wonderful winter princess is 4 years today. And celebrating.

Here with buddy Kohinoor 4 1/2 years, down at our little Moshi Moshi seafood "office bar" down at the dock with a view straight into the sea.

During most parts of the year the windows can be opened and fresh sea food prepared and eaten right on the spot.Today it is a sharp wind and it started to snow when we took pics. There are white tops on the waves outside the bay.So, pics in a hurry outside.Huriel and Kohinoor wanted to go back inside. From the window they can look over to the other island. Fishing boats pasing. So they can sit and dream about all the fish, shrimps and seafood coming their way. Some of the best seafood in the world. No wonder they know how to apppreciate it. It is also one of the great dive sites in Northern Europe. But that is more of an interest to us on 2 legs :) .Huriel and Kohinoor have allready had fresh pollock, some sardines with me,and are now waiting for Huriel`s birthday shrimps :)))) HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY kitty princess Huriel . So dear to us all. Amalie was next , but the wind became very freezy with large snowflakes.

Dear beautiful Huriel 4 years.

Dear beautiful Kohinoor 4 1/2 years ( the wind took off the cap)

Dear beautiful wonderful special sweetheart NO* Boote`s Amalie

Amadeus NFO w 63 7 years and wonderfully oddeyed. Being very busy at the little Mosi Mosi

seafood " office bar" on the dock. She must always investigate, and she wanted outside,

and she WANTS seafood fresh from the sea. With Amalie the wind became icing cold

and it started to snow. Then the battery ran out. So just a few of our very funny white princess.

Amalie can hear us peel shrimps through walls, and always turns up first for shrimps

/ crawfish/ crabs just like great grandmother Belinda +grandad Ariel. Climbing up our legs.She could also see the sardine snack boxes of course.So she`ll have some more shrimps with Huriel later .

sweetheart Kohinoor did not have her birthday pics because of the weather that day. So she

had some on Huriel`s birthday. Nesxt must be Ophelia. But she was sleeping with " mummy" Calamity.

We have had changing weather. So pics outside is not so easy.

Almost everyday the wind blows away chairs, tables etc.The summer kitchen

sink was blown into the wather, and must be dived for the coming summer.

So the cats do not like to go out for pics at the moment. Cold and


Beautiful Slode 7 years enjoying his sunbeams.

                                                      and some wind :)))


But it is cold so hopefully they keep some left :) . Here is Slodes son Isak. Having catnip roots.

Huge ones. So he became impossible to take pics of. He just rolled over on the ground all the time.

Yeah!!!!!! Lots of catnip roots, and then to cuddle a lot. Headbanging just like Slode.


And here comes daddy Slode 7 years, and he does just the same. Rolling over

on his head, playjumping to catch the catnip roots, chatting and then coming for lots

of cuddeling. They are super sweet. Isaks mother Byzants 9 years now, Slodes girlfriend, sleeps

inside. So her pics will come later. She loves catniproots as well, so large roots inside.

Slode with his roots, guarding them so that Isak does not take them all. They eat them aswell.

OHHH hurray, lots of roots for my birthday.

Slodes collar is almost off now, so he looks a bit punky.



They are both 7 years to day, and celebrating. Slode has been down on the dock in the wonderful sun waiting for some fresh fish being prepared, and Amalie had shrimps and crawfish for breakfast.So they are still celebrating and have some more catsnack to come during the day. HIPP HIPP


                                  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


Our fantastic kittens born 26.06.2007 are 9 years today.

HAPPPPPY HAPPPPY BIRTDAY TO Bathseba, Bosporos, Branka, Bolshoi and our very own princess PRINCESS upper prrrrrincessss Byzants. HIPP HIPP HURRRRRRRAY !!!!

Our Super silver princess Byzats had several favoprite meals today. Crawfish freshly cooked on the dock straight up from our shores. And she had chicken in stock/ broth+ fresh fish of course. AND A LOT OF ATTENTION and CUDDLE :)))) from us, her mother Diana, her father Magni, her son Isak and grandaughter Nike.

BIRTHDAY. PURRRRRRRRRRRRS from mum and dad. Diana and Magni, and specially from sister Byzants, nephew Isak and grandniece Nike.

The seagulls were not at all happy today. Gathering in huge numbers chasing

the 3 eagles that arrived. First one arrived. That even "visited" me outside the opened window while sitting inside working on the computer ( I actually think it is the same one that knows me several years back now." She" is not affraid and comes at full speed if I call for "her" in a special sound. We think this might be the clever " Queen". The female is a bit larger than the male. And this one is very confidente.Not shy).It came over to check in on me, and to check our catrun as usual. Then it flew back across the bay, followed by 2 other eagles coming from the sloppe across the little road ( this is near the house where our cats play and hunt. The eagles often sit on post there also. Hidden in the heater. Then they flew up over the cliffs across, and all 3 were hunting in flight glides , circeling and " hanging" in the air above the bay. Being chased by huge schools of seagulls that filled the air acctually.One from the fish farm told me they had seen 4-5 eagles.It seems to be like we thought.An eagle family. They come every day now. And the seagulls go into large groups, while the hearons gather on the ground. The seagulls are so many that they cover the whole bay area.Quite a spectacle. It all happened very fast. And then it went back to normal. So if one does not know how to read the seagulls and birds, one will miss it. Svein-Erik was in his office right under down on the dock, and did not see the 3 eagles at all. He tought the sea gulls came for a fish feeding.


Beautiful super kind GIC (N) Selteteigen`s Magni NFO ns 24, at 11 1/2 years.

I took him out for some pics, but the wind came in on him from many directions, so his

fur went into a messy hairdo all the time. But he always looks super cool in his winter coat.


great catnip root

OPS the wind coming in from behind, not that fun :))) .

Magni loves to cuddle, and just wanted to run to me and stand by my feet all

the time. Then came the rain as well. So he got his catnip roots with him inside.

Both wind and a shower of rain, and a storm on it`s way.

Time to go back inside to his warm places.

Beautiful buddies  Sirius NFO n 09 22 and Ne Me Quitte Pas NFO as 23 were outside playing

today. Haifa and Slode guarding. And guess what Ne Me Quitte Pas LOOOVES.Well, a large catnip root of course. And yes he eats them, all of it. And rolls around all over the rock he sits on.So he was very happy.Then they ran around playing and chatting. Wonderful sweethearts. Sirius has stopped drinking milk. He only wants raw meat all the time in stead :))).

Kolya did not have his birthday pics together with Kohinoor

on their 4 th birthday.But today we tried with grandmother Calamity`s

hat on .And a large catnip root. Then it started to rain. So just a few

funny pics of dear beautiful Kolya. The catnip root was great so he`ll

get it back inside.His sister and Ophelia is next I think.


Well, the eagles are visiting. Sadly my camera was stuck at first in the pc pic. converter, when one of them glided in front of our window and me, before landing on the small island a cross. I do not have a real zoom. So this says something about the size. Actually, looking like a person sitting on top of the large old pintrees in the old wildforest. The the bird and the wingspan is enourmous. So it lookes like a large dragon landing on the tree tops with it`s wingspan fully streched out. I thought it was was only one this time, but they both surrounded the house from the little hill top behind us, where they ofthen sit and hide in the heather before their glide hunting above us and the catrun. This is a typical favoured  weather for the eagles. A clear sky and a nice updrift to glide on during their hunts. I could see that there were 2 from the pics. They often hunt together, but changing their positions and meet before they decide and come in an attack both of them. So a greeting from the 2 hunters, that sadly are dangerous / fatal to our dear ones.Impressive, wild and free, gliding over us proudly. Still. Guarding the activites in the house area and catruns.


                     (N) MYRTEKRANSEN WISH YOU ALL

             ******A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016******

               * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Our dear gorgeous CH (F) / S* Wonderwood`s Calamity Jane NFO n 09 23 will be 9 years. And she also has had her hat made, but she had no plans for snow pics today as a greeting to her dear breeder and old family at S* Wonderwoods in France. So the hat had to be hold on to her head a bit from behind. But she was more interested in tasting the snow and to go for a quick walk away from it all straight back inside. Calamity does nooooot like snow :))). But a wonderful super cool great looking princess she is. And very funny. Chatting all the way.


NO WAY !!!! The snow is cold and Calamity is on her way to jump down, and run inside to her warm places.

Happy NEW YEAR from Huriel de la Fôret d`Amalion BE* to her dear mummy Camargue and daddy Viking in Belgium.

And her best nose kisses and sweetest greetings to dear mum and dad on 2 legs, Francoise and Serge at Cattery De la Frôret d`Amalion in Belgium. Huriel has her little Hussar hat on. We do feel that this little princess would love a white horse for Christmas. She loves to watch Cinderella for Christmas :))) Then she runs all over the place chatting to me and to the music.In many stables I have been, cats love to sit on the horses back and cuddle. If we have "3 nuts for  Cinderella on " or the Disney versions + Snow white with the dwarfs, she runs along with her friends , and " singalong" with buddy / adoptive mum Calamity. Calamity though being number 1 in intensity and " singing". So a happy new year from our dear beautiful Huriel on a freezing cold day in Norway. 

No snow but freezing cold , and Huriel in need of a warm hat :))). This is fake fur of course since we are against the fur industry.

Some pics of Solaris and Sirius out playing while we had a break from rain/ or snow.

NB: We use enviormentallly friendly cat sand that does not harme the cats or nature, and can be recyceled. So our cats have " peachy pink "paws on their white parts.

A busy Solaris having fun climbing our pinetrees. A wonderful charmer !!!!!!!!!!!!

Brother Sirius always makes himself look a bit having been doing his own hairdoo. He LOOOVES to roll over all the time everywhere,

into everything while chatting. So, well as always, a bit the way he " likes it", and a wonderful charmer as well :))))).

A very busy Solaris

Solaris busy climbing while Sirius is busy underneath the tree, checking old clamshells.



                    * * * * * * * * * * *       

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Apollonia NFO n 09 22, (N) Myrtekransen`s Ambrosius NFO e 09 23, EC (N) Myrtekransen`s Anastasia NFO w 64, IC (N) Myrtekransen`s Aurelia NFO w 63, (N) Myrtekransen`s Absalon NFO ds 09 23, (N) Myrtekransen`s Ambrosia NFO w ( 64). And from over the rainbow CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Ariel NFO w 61 ( deadly wounded and killed by the eagles) and sister CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Aurora NFO n 09 24 (  infact an NFO n 09 23. Died in a car incidente, but with deep markings of bird/eagle claws on her body and eaten on, so we are not sure if she suffered an eagle attack and then being lost along its track crossing the road or if it was the other way around).

Any way we wish them all a fantastic day with all their favorite treats. Mummy GIC (N) Blomsterdalens Belinda almost 11 years wish all her beauties all the best and sends off her proudest warmest purs and best kitty nose kisses. HIPP HIPP HURRAY !!!!!

                       * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A wonderful Christmas greeting from Finland from IC (N) Myrtekransen`s Goya NFO ns at almost 6 years and IC (N) Myrtekransen`s Caspar  NFO w 64 at almost 8 years. They are both neutered beloved family cats having a great time celebrating with their dear family at home and on their countryside cottage. Thank you so much Anne and Harry fopr loving them so much and for wonderful pics of the beautiful boys.

Mummy Diana, daddy Haifa, grandmother Belinda, and halfbrother Gregorius + halfsister Byzants, niese Mouna and all the rest of the catfamily WISH YOU ALL A FANTASTIC NEW YEAR 2016. Lots of kitty kisses and purrrrs for Goya and Caspar.


Thank you so much Theresa and Pernille`s dear family in Oslo. For a supersweet greeting and for loving dear Pernille so much.

Beautiful Pernille became a proud mummy to a lovelitter this autumn. She was planned for a mating, and decided to choose her own boyfriend on an escape. So lovely Pernille found a short chubby classic tabby NFO typed neighbouring " Casanova" in her garden, and she has become a proud mum to 5 gorgous beauties of a mixed litter. They are all fantastic and doing great. So mummy Tabitha, sister Penelope + halfsister Mouna , and great grandparents Haifa and Calamity, send off all their best wishes and proudest warmest purrs to the fantastic and beautiful kitty babies in Oslo, and lots of nose kisses for beautiful * * *Pernille* * * *.

NB: All of Pernilles mixed litter of "love kittens"  have been reserved for their new dear families. They were all booked a long time a go.

No one available.


Yes, the first snow has arrived, and Ne Me Quitte Pas became

very very busy playing with little snowballs.



                                     *  *  *  *  *

Beautiful Sirius outside playing with Isak NFO ns 09 24 last week. But now I finally managed to download the pics.

Isak outside guarding and playing, and having lots of fresh catnip roots. He LOVES to eat them.

Jummy jummy. Isak has had a large catnip root.

New pics this afternoon, a bit dusky and but Isak had great fun with his half nephews Solrais and Sirius. Guarding them together whit greatgrandad Haifa and grandad Slode. Isak has just started to grow his lovely winter coat. Getting denser and his collar on its way.

Isak is our most busy boy. He is very active, and looks a bit funny being to large to climb up the tree before he speeds off around my legs.

Leaving me with a lot of unclear pics. Isak is tall, heavy,long and very muscular.

MR. Happyminded Busyboy Isak :))) .

Solaris had a great timing playing with the playstick made ffrom the catnip branch. He too loves to eat it.

Catnip fan Solaris

More fresh catnip please

Sirius was more interested in running all over playing with Isak.

Beautiful Solaris waiting for more catnip and observing busy Sirius and Isak

Isak was very busy, and busy guarding the birds. Seagulls and the herons complaining all the time. They have such screams.

But luckily no eagles today. Isak will be 5 years by the end of March.

Beautiful Slode almost 7 years hanging out on his favorite stone. Having had some catnip roots. Enjoying himself guarding his

son Isak and grandsons.

Here Slode on his stone and buddy Haifa on his beside him. Both guarding their grandsons and greatgrandsons.

Haifa had his catniproot also, so he was almost impossible to take pics of. He was headbanging on to his stone and rolled around on it as usual.

Leaving a very strange hairdo.

Beautiful Haifa will be 8 years, and looks very funny using the flash.

Our lovely boys Haifa NFO ns and Slode NFO n 09 22, guarding their great grandsons ( Haifa) and son + grandsons ( Slode).

from their 2 favorite stones. and having control of Svein-Erik preparing fresh pollack down on the dock. And having control on the bird life of cours.

Seroius guys

Haifa looking very serious and very funny in his self styled catnip hairdo.

Beautiful Solaris NFO n 02 23 was super busy. Playing, running, climbing and chewing on bushes and branches. Then came the rain again, and of cours it became dark. So just a short trip.

Beautiful Sirius NFO n 09 22 being very busy playing. Then came the wind and then some rain.

So Ophelia may have to wait.She must use a leash.


Kolya and Kohinoor 4 YEARS on the 20 Th of November. And Ophelia 3 years on the 12 th of November.

HIPP HIPP HURRAY TO GORGEOUS (N) Myrtekransen`s Kaspar NFO n 23, (N) Myrtekransen`s Kohinoor NFO ns 03 23 and (N) Myrtekransen`s Kolya NFO n 09 23.


(N) Myrtekransen`s Orpheus NFO n, (N) Myrtekransen`s Opus NFO n, (N) Myrtekransen`s Olympia NFO n 23 and our own panther beauty and dear dear kindhearted sweetheart (N) Myrtekransen`s Ophelia NFO n 09.

Ophelia had of course a great day, having all her favorite snack, but most of all she had a great day with all her best buddies and adoptive mum Calamity. Her best buddies loves her, so she is like a baby sister to Nike, Kohinoor, Penelope and loves to play all over with buddy Huriel. Ophelia is off the pill, so she must be in a leash for pics outside. But the weather has not been so nice lately. So I+ ll try pics on a nice day. Ophelia is black, and looks better outside in daylight and the sun. Rather not with a flash inside. But OPHELIA is FANTASIC, she send off her best greetings to her old catfamily at Malenes, Malene, Rita and family. And to her mother Godiva and sister Olympia. She needs new pics soon.

Our gorgous siblings Kohinoor and Kolya had a great day, with their snack and a lot of cuddeling as usual. The weather has not been great, so pics later. But we wish our dear dear wonderful sweethearts all the best and love them so very very much.

I tried to take new pics of Belinda outside, but she did not like all the birds arriving, and wanted back inside. We feed the seagulls to make them guard the area   when the eagles come. The seagulls scare away the eagles and chase them by their tail feathers. So when the seagulls see us they come straight away for a snack.

Later I will make pages for Ne Me Quitte Pas and the litter pages. But I fear that if I move his pics to a new side, they will disappear . So I have to find a way to put his grown up / and kitty pics safe.



Our fantastic Belinda 11 years. I try to take pics outside. But she just runs to the catrun door, and wants to go back inside to her warm places. No wonder, it is colder now, and changing weather with sudden rain and clouds. Belinda is such a wonderful dear dear BEAUTIFUL sweetheart. Here with her Mummi scarf on that Svein-Erik bougt. She loves to put hear head into warm clotes like this, and walks around with what she has put on. So instead of a large pink ribbon, she looks pretty cool in her Mummi scarf from Finland.

Beautiful Belinda ( = Bella Linda. Named after Blomsterdalen`s daughter ) greets her dear old catfamily at (N) Blomsterdalen Norwegian Forest Cats.

She is still the queen ( sharing with Tabitha (2) and Calamity (3), in that order), and busy being so every day. And a super charmer as always, running at full speed, and climbing all over on 3 functional legs. With her forth stiff one maneuvering as a balancing leg. So she is living happily with an attitude and style of a fresh youngster still. Belinda prefers to take a short walk outside the house after sunset. If we are outside working with something. But mostly she loves to be busy inside in the cats climbing toys and cuddle a lot. Belinda LOVES attention. And a fish / shrimp snack.

No, cold and on it`s way to rain suddenly. Belinda wants to go back inside ASP.

Not even the catrun is interesting. She wants her catnap in her warm cat bed. And to check out some snack after all her


1-2-3 and Belinda jumps down, and runs inside :)))) .

11 YEARS , and very busy having fun. Belinda has had her plate of shrimps, grilled chicken and her tuna fish. AND A SHOWER. Sadly the weater was to grey and rainy for her trip to her table at the cats " Viennese" outdoor cafe, or pics. So pics on the first coming sunny day :)))) . But she had a great day, and LOOOOVED it as usual.




HIPP HIPP HURRAY to JULIUS, JOSEPHINE, JAQUELINE, JELENA and JASPER. And our dearest Jolanda. WE hope they all had a fantastic day. Just like beautiful Julius.

Thank you dear Anne for a wonderful greeeting from beautiful  beloved Julius having a wonderful life with you all.

Mummy Fiorenza, great grandmother Belinda, grandad Slode, granmother Calamity and grandad Haifa, and half siblings Kohinoor, Penelope and Kolya, + half niese Mouna and Ophelia + half nephews Solaris and Sirius, half aunt Nike and half uncle Isak, and half uncle Gregorius  .... the whole family all say ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!

Sadly we also had a memory day, lighting candels at the garve of Maximus, that was suddenly taken from us, hit by a car on this the very same stary evening the 3/11-2014. Luckily we found him, still wearing his up and go diper. So we know in fact at what time with in the hour he died on the 3 of November last year. And there fore we placed canle lights on his grave also today to rememer this great silver tiger male and gorgeous cat.



Thank you Anne and family for loving him so much.

Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Ne Me Quitte Pas NFO as 23, at 2 years and 3 months. Having a great time with us

buddy Kolya, grandad Haifa, Slode and his 2 half nephews Sirius and Solaris.


Beautiful (N) Solaris NFO n 02 23. 6 1/2 months. Having a great time playing and waiting for his seafood, fresh crayfish.


Solaris having fun trying to catch and eat the straws I play with

The beautiful brothers (N) Myrtekransen`s Sirius NFO n 09 22 and beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Solaris NFO n 09 23 outside to play and to have

freshly made crayfish for a snack.


Sirius looks so much more like Calamity Jane`s mother`s lines and more like half grandaunt Nike ( Hieronymus /half aunt Penelope) and Solaris much more like Haifa and aunt Kohinoor / or our A-litter. Very funny. They are starting to get their new fur now as well. Sirius with more and longer fur at the moment, and Solaris more like our A-Litter and Kohinoor in type. But just gorgeous both of them. And such lovely kind boys.

Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Sirius NFO n 098 22. Finally he had more time than usual, so some pics more of him.

Solaris is almost always in the mood for photos, but this time he was looking at the crayfish and had less time. Sirius was sunbathing.


Great grandad Haifa with grandson Solaris. Having a great time in the sunny afternoon and by some fresh fish on its way direct in one

sudden catch out of the sea. ( NB. The mackrel was taken care of immedeately and suffered as little as possible.

We love to dive among fish , so to us if we are fishing at all,  it is mportant of make a super quick sudden end with as little suffer ( non at all) as possible).

Daddy Kolya checking his sons Sirius and Solaris favorite food. Fresh mackrel newly fished right from our dock.

Solaris is the one that is the most interested. And he can not wait ........... .

OUR WONDERFUL dear sweetheart (N) Myrtekransen`s Ne Me Quitte Pas NFO as 23 . He became 2 years in July.

Hehas had his breeding male checke, and dated Huriel shortly since she was false pregnant. But Huriel may be on her way into a heat again.

So we`ll see. And so is Tabitha. He can date Nike, Tabitha, Calamity Jane, Huriel,Joy Miller and Amalie+ Penelope. So we do at the moment think a bit.

This happy bird had one of Svein-Eriks lost catch, a great looking mackrel :))) .

Grandad Slode guarding  grandchildren Sirius and Solaris while sunbathing

                                                                                 Solaris busy walking around with his " catch" , a great chunk of fresh mackrel.


We hope they all had a wonderful day with a lot of cuddeling and favorite snacks.

Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Nike NFO ns 09 23 at 3 years and in a summer coat.Not so fun to be in the leash I found. It was almost to small for her. But she thought it ok after a while. And a gorgeous long,large and wonderful girl she is.

New pics of beautiful Nike in a leash outside. But the computer has been busy at work, and is being updated. So download and to update with pics are at the moment a tricky jobb. Nike had a lot of cuddle on her birthday by us her mummy Calamity, daddy Isak, grandmum Byzants , great grandmother Diana+ great grandfather Magni,and her buddies. So she had a great day. With a lot of her favorite food. Steamed chicken, meat and fresh mackrel. She is just so lovely and such a dear sweetheart


Beautiful Solaris a wonderful busy kitty boy playing with Isak and daddy Kolya up and down the tree.

Fresh mackrel NOW please

Haifa guarding his great grandsons together with Isak in his summer coat, and grandad Slode + daddy Kolya. They were so busy all over and also had a great fish meal aswell. So a very nice afternoon for the boys.

Haifa was also so busy cuddeling and headbanging into the fishtable, that he ended up with a funny hairdo as usual


As one can see some updates. Having had very much work to do as usuall this summer. Pics had to wait. And new pics of (N) Myrtekransen`s Ne Me Quitte Pas NFO as 23, now 2 years will also come.



(N) Myrtekransens Esther, (N) Myrtekransen`s Elisabeth, (N) Myrtekransen`s Eirik, (N) Myrtekransen`s Emanuel, (N) Myrtekransen`s Eugen , (N) Myrtekransen`s Elysèe, (N) Myrtekransen`s Excalibur.

CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Elena over the rainbow ( sadly she died of cancer some years ago)

We wish all these wonderful lovely sweethearts all the best, and hope they all

had a wonderful birthday on the 13 th of August.


Our dear teddybear tiger girl (N) Myrtekransen`s Mouna NFO n 23, 3 years 25 th of July, had no time for taking pics among the wildflowers I picked for Diana. She just wanted to play with me and mummy Tabitha in the background and cuddle. Being a baby tiger teddybear.

On her birthday, I was working night and day. So no pics. But here is our beloved M-Litter girl Mouna. We have not dared to let her outside after we lost Maximus in November. She is a heavy lovely girl. 6 kilos +.

(N) Myrtekransen`S Solaris NFO n 02 23

(N) Myrtekransen`s Sirius NFO n 09 22

Sirius NFO n 02 23 and Solaris NFO n 09 22 are beautiful great charmers.

Taking after different lines in their pedigree. Solaris looks more like grandmother Aurora`s sister Anastasia or great grandad Haifa ( aunt Kohinoor) while Sirius looks mabye more like grandad Hieronymus ( after Calamitys mother Satis) ( or also great grand uncle Ariel). It is so funny. And Solaris looks at the moment like a porcupine. Having a lot of new guard hairs coming all over his body.

Beautiful DK Elikington`s Joy Miller NFO ns 02, is taking a huge interest in the 2 boys. Treating them as her babies at the moment. Super sweet.


Diana was 10 years on the 22 of August. She had her favorites of cours and lots of cuddeling. So meat, fish, cat snack, grilled chicken and tunafish.She only prefers staying inside now. But I had her out in the catrun with her buddies, beloved Magni and her daughter Byzants. Diana has not quite recovered from her fear of being outside after she was scared away many years ago. And she fears the eagles we know. She gets very aware even if the seagulls fly over us  and chat above. So this year I just let her feel safe and protected inside the house. That is the way she wants it now.  She is such a beloved kind sweetheart. SO HIPP HIPP HURRRRAY DEAR DEAR DIANA. Diana sends off her loveliest purrrrrs to her dear breeder Anita Skofteby ( Jonhanesen) and all her offspring, grand children and great grandchildren.




Magni had lots of mackrel the following days, so he was super happy.

He`ll get new pics. Because my camera shut down in the strong light after these 4 pics. And a sweetheart he is.


Magni is 11 years today 8/8 and celebrating with Svein-Erik barbecuing down at the dock. Magni is also waiting for Svein-Erik to fish his favorite meal.Fresh mackrel prepared raw shushi style. Magni has had mackrel served sveral days now and looooves it.

He is so dear kind and sweet. I took some pics, but I `m so busy. And Svein-Erik must show me his PC reprograming, where to find the new pics.

ANYWAY HIPP HIPP HURRAY DEAR DEAR BEAUTIFUL MAGNI, on your beautiful sunny summerday. Love you soooo much.




(N) MYRTEKRANSEN`S NE ME QUITTE PAS NFO as 23. And of course it is sad to think that last summer our great silvertiger Maximus enjoyed himself basking in the sun on his birthday planning all his dates. So lots of sweet memories to keep about him in our hearts.

We know they all had a great day. Mouna and Ne Me Quitte Pas  were planned taken pics of outside ( Mouna in a leash), but because of the eagles trying to attack Solaris and me at midday, I did not want to take them out after that. Mouna has spent her day with different snacks and is at the moment enjoying herself in the fish hall, where it is nice dry and warm at the moment because of some kilns that are fiering. She seems to be on her way into heat as well. Hopefully not right now. We wish to see what happens to Huriel. Or she,Penelope, Ophelia,Nike or Kohinoor is next in plans. She has been a cuddeling big chatty kitty teddy bear all day as usual. And knowing Maximilian and his dear family, it has been the same way. Ne Me Quitte Pas the same snacks, but has been around my feet chatting , playing with his half nephews and a trip outside after dark with buddy Kolya. Lots of hipp hurray and  purrrrs from mummies Tabitha and Debbie-Doss,daddy Gregorius, grandad Haifa and great great grand mother Belinda. Half sister and half brother Penelope and NMP `s half sister and brother Kohinoor and Kolya..


We all wish WONDERFUL  (N) MYRTEKRANSEN`S DYRE NFO ns 24 and WONDERFUL (N) MYRTEKRANSEN`S DAVID NFO ns 09 25 THE VERY BEST. And hope they both had a great day. Mummy Byzants, grandmother Diana, grandad  Magni half brother Isak and halfgrand niece Nike sends off their warmest purrrrs and proud greetings to the lovely boys. HIPP HIPP HURRAY !!!!! .


Beautiful Solaris 17 weeks and just as gorgeous as his brother. Solaris loves to sleep on your body as well, and to take the whole pillow from side to side.

Solaris is first in everything and must always check out what we have on the plate and what I do for work. He is so playful and lovely.

( And yes, we think he has more of Haifa`s look than his brother. That may look more like our A-litter or Hieronymus. A slight difference. But Haifa had also very special eyes as a kitten. Lovely ).

Here the seagulls started to flock and scream, so something was wrong.

This is the favorite stones of Juventus. That he used to sunbask on.

So suddenly the eagles came in a direct attack, and no more pics today.

That is how fast it goes. 1 quiet glide. And when they are two, like this dark and older experienced ones, that is dangerous.

I just had a horrible experience with the eagles again. We have not seen them so much here now due to some work on the electric wires using helicopters. But the other week I was driving and passed the place I used to take a walk, where I took pics of them hunting sheep/ lambs, coming towards me and an other lady behind me. It was flying in a very strange way and close towards the ground with seagulls chasing it by the the tail feathers. In its claws it had a dark colored cat. Most likely dead, and almost the size of the bird itself. So quite a chock in 80 km pr. hour. I could not do anything, it was on it`s way up in the air towards its camera protected nest in the mountain area.

So today from out of nowhere on the other side. They must have seen the activites with Sirius and Fiorenza earlier and waited.

Because suddenly in just a glide,they came in an attack straight towards Solaris jumping on and off the small rock and me sitting on the ground taking the pics. I had to just grab him, and see to that they did not come towards me.

We also had what we think might have been a sudden attack on Ne Me Quitte Pas just a couple of weeks ago. He was outside with us, but went  ashort trip up on the field. He had marks after a grip along the spine / back and was affraid. But he healed fine with no inner damage. So this still a threat to animals here. We feed the seagulls, and luckily they actually alarmed me and also activly attacked the eagles that took off upwards over our house in an other direction. These were the older ones, the parents.

On the pics they were leaving, and it all happened so fast that I did not know if I had them into the photos. Here one can see one of the seagulls chasing them.

The eagles came back the day after, both checking in on us us from the small hill top.Then they took off towards its other place.

This is 3 weeks after the eagle attack on Ne Me Quitte pas.This are the wounds along the spine on his back. He is no longer tender or swollen around the back and abdomen. His wounds are healing and without infection now. And he plays and eats and is otherwise in a great shape recovering. So to those that think that that this is an invention, not real. Well, Juventus was threated at the vets for the same deep wounds right before we lost him. We also have pictures of Juventus wounds on his throat / neck somewhere, because of the suspicion of an eagle attack at the time ( and then we all started to wonder). His was though even much deeper ,and around his throath + neck+ top of head, inces from being fatal.  But he healed very well, and was otherwise  happy and all fine. So he had his new breeding male health check and was ready to date Calamity Jane, waiting for her heat .This was right after Ariel had been fataly attacked. And we started to look out suspecting eagles. We have found and kept parts of Jolanda, from up on the fields of the small hillside. Her fur ( her colors easy to identify being classic tabby cold in tone with white ), some of her teeth/jaw, and in an other place part of a scull. Hieronymus had several times a very tender abdomen, and then fur falling off. He reacted to Svein-Erik spreading his arms while taking on his dark coat. That may have recemeled large dark wings to him (?). And we could not understand why.

So this is no joke. Sadly ..... .

This is a grip with 4 punctures ( a smaler less deep above the others to the right) And this was an attack right behind / to the side of us. Like with Jolanda. On a sunny clear day with a mild wind.Sadly I heared Jolanda though. And Ariel had the same punctures of the skinn , but around his neck. Ne Me Quitte Pas has been very lucky. And we must keep them so close that we can see them now if outside. The seagulls always warn us by the way. So we feed them everyday.

Beautiful Sirius. 17 weeks and a busy kitty boy that loves to play, and he loves fresh meat of all sorts. So the 24 hours milky days are long gone finally. But he sleeps around our necks and around our heads still and loves to be cuddeled a lot.

Wonderful sweetheart. Summer greeting from kitty boy Sirius.

Proud mummy Fiorenza guarding. Back on the pill after being kept inside after Jolandas tragic eagle incidente 2012. So she enjoys the sun and her sweet sons playing with us outside. Svein-Erik does not at all want her neutered, and I happily agree. Though we now know it means bottle feeding, if a new litter arrive later. So she will be kept fertile for as long as we can. Regarding the use of the pill with adviced breaks from it. Dear sweetheart.

A very very sad day.

Sadly BEAUTIFUL LARGE GORGEOUS (N) Myrtekransen`s Pelle Panther

was neuterted today. Without having any offspring. This is soooo sad. He is wonderful. Well over 8 kilos at 2 years as a slim fertile male.

With the fantastic unique lines after Hieronymus and Tabitha. He has a wonderful life with his family, but I still regrett letting him go of course.

We tried with Huriel. Planned with Amalie, that did not run until suddenly  a short period after nearly 2 years off the pill. And we have hoped that he could have had a couple of litters outside the cattery since we only have few litters and Huriel + Amalie did not come into heat again , or into heat at the most possible times. Our other girls are related. But we were starting to thinking of Ophelia now.

SO SORRY to those that may have looked at him for their girl now. His dear family that has made so much effort to keep him fertile for a limited period, could not keep him as a fertile male anymore. He is a  after all a dear family cat.

He is neutered today. We are so sad and sorry Pelle that we did not manage to get your date to you in time. So some tears for that nutering .But we wish you all the luck as a great lovely relaxed neutered family boy.


(N) Myrtekransens Ambrosius NFO e 09 23 sends us his summer card  greetings from his relaxed and sunny holiday with his dear family.


With the lovely images sent us from " catmum" Jane, of a happy minded Ambrosius . The Lion King, or more likely a cool tiger due to his mackrel tabby markings. He `s at the moment enjoying his life by the sea as a beloved BIG kitty boy in Southern Norway. :)))))) This is just great. He is gooooorgeous. We LOOOOOVE cream NFOs. Thanks a lot Jane. It is wonderful to see him having such a great time with you all. Mummy Belinda is up next for pics mabye. But in her funny summer hairdo.


Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Ambrosius NFO e 09 23, 8 1/2 years.

Ambrosius having a great time on his holiday. Being called the King of Hafsund. That fits him very well we think. After all both our families have been in this area for holidays over generations now. And my aunt and uncle met Ambrosius in his leash on his way to the cottage some years ago. They have always had NFO`s , and now a blue tortie British Shorthair.So it is pretty cool that Ambrosius is " The Lion King" of the area. Our own Ludvig was the king in this area for many years.All our cats have always taken their holidays here. All the way back to my grand mother and grand fathers cats ..... :) Coming by boat the first years since the II World War. So we wish beautiful cream lion Ambrosius and his family, A GREAT TIME and A WONDERFUL SUMMER HOLIDAY. PURRRS from

his mummy "Queen" Belinda. That earlier has been spending her summer holidays to the left a cross the bay, and also further out towards the sea on the right side.


Having a great time hanging out with the guys barbecuing. He is living as as a beloved neutered boy in Telemark.Svein-Erik just visited him, and finally remembered to take some snap shots with the mobile phone (sadly the pics are not that clear).He loves his family,his best friend the Irish Setter and the garden territory. And he loves visiting his new buddy, the neighbors little dog . He looks like he is in a relaxed summer style and mood. He is so BEAUTIFUL and LOVELY. Thank you so much to Pernille, Jenny Kristine, Jane & Bent. And off cours his guardian friend/ adoptive mum , the Irish Setter lady. She is very proteciv of him, treats him like her own baby :)))). Thank you all, for loving him so much. WOW !!!!!!! HE IS A FANTASTIC VERY LARGE CREME NFO!!!!!! His mother Belinda at 10 years and 8 months sends off her warmest purrrrs to her dear beautiful son in Telemark. And so do his niece Fiorenza, his grand nephews Gregorius,Sirius and Solaris. And great grand nieces Amalie,  Mouna, and Ophelia and great grand nephew Ne Me Quitte Pas. And mabye at the moment a great grand niece/nephew in the tummy of our Huriel. They all send off all their purrs :))).

There may be more pics on it`s way :)))) .


7 YEARS TODAY. And having a great time in the sun.

She has had a wonderful day with a lot of sun and a warmer summerday than we have had for a long time now. She has had her meat and will have some delicous saltwater crayfish freshly made and prepared by Svein-Erik

outside on the dock in the cats outdoor cafe.

The computer has been at work today. So only a short HIPP HIPP HURRAY


Pics will come later.


Food for Joy Miller`s birthday :))))

SIRIUS NFO n 09 22  and SOLARIS NFO n 02 23 at 13 weeks

2 busy boys having a great time being guarded by daddy Kolya, mummy Fiorenza, grandads Slode and Haifa and best buddy Ne Me Quitte Pas :)))).

Buddy , half uncle and daddy Kolya`s best friend . Ne Me Quitte Pas.



News under : PLANS

It seems that Huriel de la Fôret d`Amalion NFO n 09 23 expects her first kitten/ kittens with CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius NFO ns. As his last litter. Around the 26- 27 of July.






I tried to take them out in a leash. Our old cat Ludvigs larger dog leash actually.That was not Calamity`s plan. She called all the time for " her" babies. So that was straight back into bed. Tabitha on the other hand loved it , and was very good at it. Even after all these years with no training in a leash.

          Calamity             and       Tabitha


Calamity had nooooo time for this. Where are the babies, Nike, Penelope, Kohinoor and Ophelia.

There is Solaris . Calamity cleaning again. And Sirius coming for milk.

Solaris loves the attention, but Sirius only comes for milk all the time.

Screaming for a new bottle of milk :)))). Still.


MIIIIILK , NOW !!!!!!!

Tabitha having a great time, and walked around. And she wanted to jump up and into the fields behind the house of cours, but I had to go inside.

So a few more pics from the catrun.

Tabitha inside the catrun, and sadly with less collar at the moment.

But both Calamity and Tabitha and the others are on their way to their

summer coating.

They have stared the day with all their different snacks of course. 2 types of meat, fish and cat snack. Later Calamity must have her shrimps, and Tabitha

some chicken. We love them so very very much, and we`ll hope they have a wonderful day. Though not outside. Calamity and Tabitha are at the moment off the pill. But Calamity has a great time being busy being a great grand mother to Sirius and Solaris, so she sleeps in our bed with her daughter Nike and grandaughter Penelope+Kohinoor nad adoptive daughter Ophelia. They all take care of the kittens and at the same time behave as Calamity`s kittens as a " litter". So lots of sounds chatting and purring all over. Just like Calamity loves it. Fiorenza looks very proud, but they have taken over the baby sitting. Tabitha has had a heat, but the male was in his diper. She has had her collar eaten off. But she is just wonderful and enjoys her birthday with her daughters and friends. She has taken a great part in the interest of the kittens as well, but is now relaxing a bit after her heat.

I have a pretty busy day today. So just some new pics of Calamity and Tabitha in summer coats.

BEAUTIFUL SIRIUS NFO n 09 22. 12 weeks. Busy outside in the changing weather, waiting for the sun and some action. And a bottle of milk :))) .

Stil a bit cold and windy, with clouds. So Sirius had only a little sun, but fun.

BEAUTIFUL SOLARIS NFO n 02 23. Almost 12 weeks .Having a little bit of sun while outside on a stroll. Wondering about fishing :)))) .


BUT Tabitha has had a very sweet greeting from her wonderful daughter

(N) Myrtekransen`s Pernille NFO n 23. Living in Oslo.

Here is the gorgeous dear Pernille 2 years  and 1 month.

Thank you so much Theresa and family for loving her so much and for such a sweet summer greeting on mummy Tabithas` birthday. SHE IS JUST WONDERFUL.

BEAUTIFUL (N) Myrtekransen`s Pernille NFO n 23. 2 years and

sooooOOOOO LOVELY !!!!!!


Our gorgeous boys SIRIUS and SOLARIS in the S-Litter at 11 weeks.

Having been on a short first trip outside in the sunlight for pictures. That was great it seems. Though a bit cold, with some wind. A bit new and unusal for them. They were both so calm and purrring a lot. They are just LOOOVELY.


PEDIGREE of the wonderful S-LITTER


Beautiful SIRIUS                           Beautiful    SOLARIS



Beautiful SIRIUS 11 weeks.


Beautiful SOLARIS 11 weeks.


Our beautiful S-Litter 10 weeks now. And the camera is back from work in Italy and Germany. They are quite busy though, and mostly want to cuddle, have milk or play during photo sessions. They are adorable !!!!!!!!!! .

Beautiful SIRIUS NFO n 09 22 and beautiful SOLARIS NFO n 02 23


Beautiful SIRIUS NFO n 09 22 10 weeks. Boy.

 Beautiful SOLARIS  NFO n 02 23 10 weeks. Boy.

Our gorgeous springtime boys SIRIUS and SOLARIS 10 weeks now.

Being such sweethearts and lovely. Super social and so sweet.

Being with us all day, and sharing our bed of course. They never wanted to have their own new sleeping place so at the moment they sleep with us on our pillows.

__ The camera has been and is at the moment at work these weeks in Italy and Germany. So no 9 weeks pictures.____


Finally the computer has a short break from working projects. So some brief updates :)))).

HIPP HIPP HURRAY TO OUR GORGEOUS P-LITTER. 2 Years yesterday on the 23 of May.


Mummy Tabitha and all of their family send off their warmest purrrrrrs.

Our own wonderful tiger girl Penelope had all our Rhododendrons flowering on her day, and she had all her different dishes and snacks. She is very busy at the moment with the kittens Sirius and Solaris. She has nearly taken them over. But now she is a bit more relaxed and enjoyed playing with her buddies on her birth day. SO HIPP HIPP HURRAY TO OUR GORGEOUS P-LITTER. All the best of wishes to them all from all of us.


Penelope outside in a leash, not at all fun :)))) .

Some inside at first because it rained again, and she had her catnip roots to enjoy.

She is GORGEOUS, and knows it :). This is what she thinks of taking pics :)).

Our wonderful springtime boys SIRIUS and SOLARIS 8 WEEKS.

They are two wonderful and active boys. Solaris loves meat, both use the kitty litter tray, but Sirius only wants his bottles of milk. Drinking it in his very own way. Getting milk all over himself all the time. They are so sweet.

Beautiful Sirius. 8 weeks having milk all over himself all day.

So he often has a sticky and funny hairdo. But such a sweet heart.

Beautiful Solaris. 8 weeks. He loves only meat at the moment.

So milk is not his only food. And he is such a sweet heart.

Solaris had no time for profile pics as usual,so he needed to be held quickly and to have some of all his forhead fur pulled back a bit. But that was not

at all what he had in his mind. Rather to play with the toy I had :))).

VI HAR 2 NYDELIGE SKOGKATTUNGER på 8 uker nå. Mulig interesse. 

Dette er dessverre Fiorenzas siste kull. Hun har ikke nok melkekjertler ( grunnet melkekjertel infeksjon m. operasjon v. siste kull 2011 ( hun ble den gang grundig undersøkt i alle organer og generelt / ønsket for kull senere av veterinær.Dessverre viser det seg nå, at hun ikke mulighet til å gi nok mors melk, og over tid, til sine kattunger. Så hun steriliseres etter kattungene er avvendt. Dette er siste avkom etter vår CH (N) Myrtekransens` Aurora. Eneste etter kombinasjonen Aurora og CH* Zygot`s Slode. Så vemodig dette. Hun har ikke vært ute siden datter Jolanda ble tatt av ørn, så nå skal hun få gå ut litt under oppsyn da. Som lykkelig kastrat :))).


There is an interest but it is undecided wich one. So feel free to contact.

Sadly this will be the last litter of our dear beautiful Fiorenza. She will be neutered after the kittens are ready to move.Since we now know that she has no milk for her kittens ( due to a milk spray infection 2011, she had an operation taking away the infected mammary glads). The veterinarians wished to save her for later litters ( she charmed them a lot :) ). So she was then thouroughly checked all over at the clinic, and the veterinareans did not want her neutered then). But we now now she only has milk for the first 2 1/2 weeks, mostly only for 1 kitten. Luckily she only had 2 beautiful kittens that are being bottle fed at the moment.So this is sadly her last kittens before being neutered.

For kitten information please use our e-mail on the CONTACT page due to work outside the house, and due to different working hours in the household. You may also use an SMS or leave a message on the answering machine. But e-mail is quicker :))).

Vennligst benytt vår e-post på KONTAKT / CONTACT siden om man ønsker kattunge informasjon. Da vi ofte er i arbeid utenfor huset, i deler av huset uten dekning eller vi har forskjellige varierende arbeids tider. Du/dere kan også sende SMS eller lese inn meldig på telefonsvarer. Men e-post er alltid lest her.


OUR WONDERFUL  SPRINGTIME LITTER  IS 7 WEEKS NOW. Being very busy playing. Or cuddeling. And they come after us all the time, and sleep around our heads in bed. Super sweet.

Fiorenza has no more milk so they both have bottle milk still. But they run to mummy for comfort and try to sip milk of cours. Fiorenza is a fantastic mother, so they get all the love and care they need , though not milk.Food is not interesting yet. But they have started to use the cat litter.



They have taken their first bath / great wash today. Sirius has his own way of drinking from the milk bottle, making him full of fatty and sticky kitty milk in his collar and around his cheek/wiskers. And they both enjoy playing in the kitty cat litter tray with the terra cotta cat sand. So Solaris was peachy/pinkish all over his white parts. AND finally at least Solaris has started to enjoy meat, not only milk. Hopefully Sirius will copy kitty him soon :)))).


               SIRIUS          and      SOLARIS



Beautiful SIRIUS 7 weeks.

Beautiful SOLARIS 7 weeks

Beautiful CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius NFO ns 5 years.

It is a lovely sunny day today, so I tried to take some pics of him outside.

But he was so busy spraing all the bushes around. Tabitha has come into heat inside the catrun, so he was not at all interested or relaxed.

He just wanted back inside. I tried also in the catrun, but he only put himself as close as possible to Tabitha and chatting towards her and staring.

Then I tried inside, but that was with the same result. No time for pics, just longing back to Tabitha. But some I got of him, sadly loosing all his wintercoat now, and inside he must use a diper. But he is gorgeous :))).

Where is Tabitha ....... . There is Tabitha. He loooves her :)))).

And at the moment we are thinking if we`ll make a new (last litter)

/ redo the combination with them or let daughter Mouna or Penelope date.

They gave gorgeous large kittens. We miss Maximus a lot.

Gregorius SOOOO busy, and then straigt back to Tabitha inside.





Beautiful Sirius 6 weeks now

Beautiful Solaris 6 weeks now




De Nantua. France.

He is now SUPREME CHAMPION. Huge congrats to his owner Christine,  at cattery Haakona* CH in Geneva, and her friends Pascal and Pascal at cattery Anokaah * CH. We wish him and his owners the very best ahead.

Istanbuls mother Byzants, father Slode, grandfather Magni and grandmother Diana + brother Isak and niece Nike, all wish him the best and sends off their warmest purrrrrrrs.

*  *  *  *  *  *


5 YEARS NOW on the 5 of May.


Daddy Haifa, great grandmother Belinda, nieces Ophelia and Mouna, nephew Ne Me Quitte Pas and half aunt Fiorenza + Kolya and Kohinoor ( half niece and half nephew) send off their grandest  purrrrrrrrrrsssss. HURRAY.

Sadly it rained both on the 5 and today, so pics will come. From outside or on the table with the S-Litter. When the computer is free. It is now used mainly for work. So only on weekends off , and very late. But Gregorius had all his snacks ( He likes it all. Fish, meat , chicken and cat food :))) . He is very lovsick at the moment and just the most wonderful boy as always. We tried this winter to remate Tabitha and Gregorius ( together with Fiorenza) after the loss of Maximus. But she did not take, then we tried his daugther Mouna and Isak. But the dates may have been to short. So mabye we try Gregorius and Tabitha again, Huriel or Nike ( but she is also in love with his son NMQ, soooo ... ). So at the moment he is quite a laidies friend. And he is a beloved boy to all the girls and every ones buddy it seems.


                                     *  *  *  *  *  *

Beautiful SIRIUS and beautiful SOLARIS

Now they take after different parts of their family.

Sirius looks more like some in our J-Litter and Solaris more like the



I tried photos of them together. But they only wanted to play.

And run around on the backside of the photo curtain.

Beautiful SIRIUS 5 Weeks

Beautiful Solaris 5 Weeks



                              SIRIUS                                                             SOLARIS





sends off her sunniest springtime greetings from herself and all of us here.

To her parents Camargue and Viking , and her dear family Francoise and Serge at Chatterie de la Foret d`Amalion in Vallonia,Belgium.

Sadly all her dates with Pelle Panther, Maximus, Gregorius, and Isak have until now not succeeded. Kolya loves her so , but had a date sooo . We adore her, and we know that one day Huriel will have FANTASTIC NFO babies. So until then. We care for her all day, keep her safe and LOOOOVE her. Purrrrs from Huriel. Here she went onto the kitty sett table.Looking smashing as always. And this is the house charmer. She is one of Svein-Eriks favorites. I love them all, Huriel is very special to me, but Svein-Erik also has his..... So a snap shoot greeting to mum and dad in Belgium. On 2 and 4 legs.


Beautiful SIRIUS 4 WEEKS 660 grams, still growing teeth and chewing on our fingers and everything.

Beautiful SOLARIS 4 weeks and 496 grams also still growing teeth and

chewing on all our fingers. AND he is a super social charmer like his dad. Funny, he is born half a day after his brother, but he is always first into everything.We have now finally received by post boxes of a better milk ( KMR) thanks to Johhny at Stargate Pet Shop in Oslo. So the kittens love that rich milk now.Fiorenza has not enough milk for them both, as suspected.I try to bottle feed them both, so that they share the precious milk from mummy Fiorenza a bit more.

But now Solaris keeps a constant weight and is gaining weight much better.

Lovely Solaris he was almost on his way into a purrring sleep

taking pics. He came right out of mummy Fiorenza`s warm belly before this.

I tried for pics of them both, then mummy Fiorenza wanted to come also.

AND she loves the attention and rolling on the kitchen table so much,

that she rolled all over it with her two babies. That became a happy and fun  event for them,but the pics are a " mess". So a few but sweet of a very proud mum and her 2 sweethearts. The sweethearts of us all at the moment.

The household is all about them and Fiorenza and her friends + family.

So behind the closed kitchen door are Penelope the constant boduguard,daddy Kolya, Calamity, Kohinoor, Nike,Magni, Ophelia,Huriel, Mouna, Tabitha, Slode, even Belinda and Ne Me Quitte Pas.

If a sound, they line up outside. It is just marvelous to see the social behavior and care. BUT it is impossible to have them all over inside when taking kitty pics.

A very proud Fiorenza, but the only calm pic of her was this.

She went into a playful happy kitty play frolic mood. Rolling around and chatting, messing up all the textiles.

ALL photos unclear :))))) .


              Sirius                   and               Solaris    

                                       2 weeks 





Lots of greetings from mummy Diana. And from daddy above the rainbow.

HIPP HIPP HURRAY dear gorgeous (N) Myrtekransen`s Coeur de Lion , IC Myrtekransen`s Caspar, IC / IP Myrtekransens Camelia, (N) Myrtekransen`s

Concordia. Sadly SC (N) Myrtekransen`s Constantin died a couple of years ago from an infection after an incidente. But to the other spring beauties we send of our best wishes to them all from all of us.

Beautiful SIRIUS 3 weeks and 565 grams. Having his new teeth coming now.

Beautiful SOLARIS 3 weeks and 395 grams. Also having his new teeth coming now.He is being bottle fed. His " big" brother takes most of the milk. Before the photos he was having a sip and being washed


Our gorgeous dear sweetheart and teddybear Haifa is 7 years today on the 10 th of April.

He has had a lovely day. Playing outside with me, buddy Slode and Belinda.- Having had his different snacks and chicken in stock + meat+ fish + kitty milk. So he is happy. And with a lot of cuddeling of cours. And looking at his great grandchildren with the Slode, the kittens grandfather. And he has several new fresh catnip roots to enjoy. So thoug it has been a grey, cold and even some brief snowing. He has enjoyed himself a lot :))))))) and he is just SO WONDERFUL. LOVE HIM SO VERY MUCH. HIPPP HIPPP HURRRAY DEAR HAIFA.

So just a few pics from today as a greeting to his breeder in Denmark. We are so thankful for this lovely boy. He is losing his wintercoat now, but most of all he messed up his hairdo rolling over all the time to play and have a belly cuddle.

Beautiful SIRIUS 2 weeks and he was 440 grams on his first 2 week`s day.





HIPP HIPP HURRAY TO BEAUTIFUL  (N) MYRTEKRANSEN`S FELIX, BEAUTIFUL (N) MYRTEKRANSEN`S FRESIA, BEAUTIFUL (N) MYRTEKRANSEN`S FAWN and OUR VERY OWN BEAUTIFUL FIORENZA. WE WISH THEM ALL A FANTASTIC DAY. With lots of fun and a great snack. Fiorenza is happy and busy with her babies, having a lot of attention and she`ll have all the snack she likes :))))) : HURRRRRRRAYYYYY .

A very proud mum Fiorenza. Fiorenza was weighed again in a net with the accurate fish weight before her date this winter and is now 5.1 + kilos  ( 5115 gr).

Sirius NFO NFO 09 22  and  Solaris NFO n 02 23



We hope they all had a great wonderful day !!!!!!!!!!!! Huge Congrats from mummy Byzants and daddy Magni :))))) .

Beautiful Isak ( left ) 4 years now and Istanbul ( here with the smoke son of our Lorelei  pic from Haakona *CH). HUGE CONGRATS ALSO TO CHRISTINE and PASCAL + PASCAL at Cattery HAAKONA CH* with Istanbul`s GRAND INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION tittle, and his new CACS certs towards SUPREME CHAMION SC ( earlier European Champion EC ) .

               Isak                 and                 Istanbul 



Here she is out in the catrun enjoying some sunbeams. It was a bit clouded and with some rain, but then the sun brooke through :))).

So I took her into her son Ne Me Quitte Pas. We have had both the eagle and the domestic cat visitor here today. So no trip outside.

But wonderful she is at 7 years. Losing her winter collar now of course.

Soooo very very beautiful

And here comes her son Ne Me Quitte Pas. He is without dipers, so just a quick visit with me being there.

Pics of Debbie outside will come later :))) .

Ne Me Quitte Pas just wanted to cuddle , chat and charm all the time. He is so sweet. And has had his breeding male check the other week.

Calamity went into heat, but it was over before we could take him to the vets over the weekend. So we`ll se. Calamity, Huriel or Nike.

Just wonderful and lovely. Sweetheart Debbie had her birthday yesterday 28/3, but the weather was not that nice for pics. So pics of her will come. She has celebrated over several days, because of having her new grand childern , so she has been all over and on the lap for extra favorites. At the moment kitty food and some purred catsnack.Isak is losing all his wintercoat now but is also lovely. He loves to eat everything, but today his chicken in stock and some meat was great. We have a white male family cat as a visitor outside the catrun, so the cats are inside at the moment. We have contact with the owners.


CH NO* MIMESBRUNNEN`S ASK NFO n. Our " grandson" after Maximilian.Fertile male. And also to his first CACIB cert towards International Champion.Taken at NORAKS show in Oslo.

And to his owner AnneMa and family and breeder Janne at

NO*MIMESBRUNNEN and his dad (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23.

This is our Maximilans first Chyampion Offspring.

Beautiful NO * Mimesbrunnen`s Ask new Champion

And CONGRATULATIONS to NO* Mimesbrunnen with their first Champion tittle. And to AnneMa and family with their first Champion



Proud parents are:

Mother :(N) Myrtekransens Fiorenza NFO n 09 22

Father : (N) Myrtekransen`s Kolya NFO n 09 23


(N) Myrtekransen`s Sirius  NFO n 09 22 . Bw 129 grams. Boy.


(N) Myrtekransen`s Solaris   NFO n 02 23. Bw 106 grams. Boy .

Beautiful Sirius ( left )    and  beautiful Solaris ( right)


Beautiful Fiorenza with her new born babies 2 days now and she has enough milk

for both of them. So they are very busy drinking milk all the time.

Fiorenza will be 5 years the day after tomorrow, and is now a very proud mum :)))) .

Solaris NFO n 02 23 almost 2 days

SIRIUS 2 days

They will have their ovn kitten pages on the kitten links.

(N) Myrtekransen`s Sirius NFO n 09 22 129 grams at birth. At 12 Hours.


(N) Myrtekransen`s Solaris NFO n 02 23 . 106 grams at birth. At 8 hours. 

Waiting for the Springtime -Litter.

Fiorenza and halfaunt Penelope

Fiorenza and aunty Kohinoor+Magni

beautiful halfaunt Penelope and soon to be a dad ,halfbrother Kolya

daddy Kolya waiting for his super charmers on their way

But the flash is not fun at all.

We are waiting and camping in my studio. Fiorenza has decided that my working studio is her prefered place of giving birth. So at the moment we are all there. With 3 large bags of all her kittens equipment ready for her and the babies. So we have put in easter lights and bright easter red striped tulips, + a bed on the floor for the one of us on guard. Though , the cats have found it to be their new place also. Soooooooooooo ....... spring time babies on their way.

We are now at delivery time :)))) . And she has all the signs. Less sleep for us at the moment.

Fiorenza loves my working place and has decided. This is the place .

Yes we are putting up a camp in the area for  beautiful Fiorenza and her babies.

Penelope is ready

OH YES !!! WE HAVE 3 BAGS READY PACKED for Fiorenza and her babies.

And a brand new cradle.

Wonderful Nike is ready as well. Being Fiorenzas buddy.

Fiorenza has this thing that she loves to drink from a glas. That goes back to her great grand mother S* LenLass Isabella at least. She used to drink of a glas at (N) Blomsterdalen.

And we have been told that this is the case even  now, at NO* Mimesbrunnen, on the lines after our Belinda. Isabellas daughter.

Oh !!!  Here is an other buddy. Ne Me Quitte Pas in his Up and Go diper from Libro


Aunt Kohinoor checking out !!!!

Kohinoor and Ophelia waiting

And here comes Mouna

Grandad Slode is waiting

Fiorenza  having her own water glas

And so it goes at the moment :)))) ............... .


And we start to wait for Fiorenza and Kolyas beautiful kittens on the 21 th of March.

Fiorenza has a small tummy, and it is more full on her right side. So we think mabye 3 kittens. They have started to become very active now, and kick a lot in her tummy.

Finally some new pics of our dear beautiful Byzants in the lovely weather. 8 years now, born in 2007 as our second litter, and outside for a stroll with Debbie and Haifa.

Also Fiorenza has been outside in the reconstructed catrun part.

Enjoing the sun and some fun while waiting for the babies.


Fiorenza is pregnant but also playful and busy. She is not large so this is a small litter we think.


Finally the old " dogrun " catrun has been repared, and is now in full use. With their favorite sun chairs waithing for warmer days or stary nights. Shelfs and climbing pillars will be made later. And then the other catrun will be rebuilt and then later added 2 new ones. AND THEN IT IS ALL WELL :) .

So then I can also start to finnish the newest catrun down stairs. Made this summer. I was just going to put on the chicken wire on the roof in November and finnish it with shelfs and inside the small cathouses. But then we lost Maximus with all the search for him for weeks, and then came the snow and of course the horrible hurricanes that destroyed parts of the up stairs area. And that has been worked on until now. The hurricanes did no damaged to this catrun. So now it can bee finnished also. with a catflap into the down stairs fish halls and their places there.  So looks like springtime is on it`s way.

Parts of the catrun have now been reconstructed, and will be attached to the old dogrun when it has a new roof and shelfs etc. the coming week. And then I can build new ones that can be attached to both the reconstructed part and the dogrun.Sadly the 2 new catruns we had ordered turened out to be like the old dog run, that we do not want more of. So we must order 2 new ones of a different type, more like the ones that are to the left inn the picture. But slowly the cats get their outdoor place up stairs back. It has been a huge and horrible job in terrible weather all winter. There is much left.But up it goes :)))) .

Our proud dear beautiful Tabitha D`Haakona CH* in the new reconstructed catrun part with her 2 lovely daughers Penelope and Mouna.

Penelope. The tiger princess

Tabitha and Penelope

Mouna and Penelope


Mouna the " teddy bear"

Beautiful Tabitha enjoing sun beams and some climbing

Lovely lovely girls Tabitha and Mouna

Beautiful Tabitha, but sadly the flash went off in on one of the pics.


Beautiful  gorgeous tiger girl (N) Myrtekransen`s Penelope NFO n 09 23. 1 year

and 10 months .Here outside with me in a leash for some nice pics. She is Tabitha and Hieronymus tigerbaby.Hieronymus favorite mabye,.She used to always sleep in his tummy area like a baby. And after that she is the "baby" of grandmother of Calamity. Tabitha and Penelope both wish to rule ( much more than halfsister Mouna, she is laid back). So a real tiger princess. Penelope is an active girl, so to be in a leash for the first time was NO FUN. But then she actually walked rather nicely in it. She looks very grumpy, but that is in fact her cool looks. Very tigerish like her dad and then some from her beautiful mum. And with a great fur quality. Anway just some new pics of this lovely beauty. This is the sister of (N) Myrtekransen`s Pelle Panther.

Grandad Haifa looking after his tiger princess grandaughter.


Our beautiful super charmer (N) Myrtekransen`s Kolya NFO n 03 23

He will soon be a dad to his first kittens together with (N) Myrtekransen`s Fiorenza NFO n 09 22. The kittens will be expected and waited for from the 21 of March.

Kolya is losing his winter coat now, specially around the diper area. But some is left for pics in the nice weather with the eagle hunting above us. It was gliding over being hunted by the seagulls. But Kolya was within my arms reach. So we managed in a hurry. Finally a clear day with sun :)))).

Kolya`s wonderful halfbrother and buddy Ne Me Quitte Pas loves to be outside with me when I work on the

catrun. He goes around my legs and hed bang my hands. Here I also took his grandad Haifa with him for a stroll in , around and about in the heather and juniper.  So I had them both rolling around , investigating and playing in my break. They are so very very sweet.

Ne Me Quitte Pas checking out grandad Haifa and playing a cool bluesilver tiger :))) .


While taking pics and fixing the catrun, one of the eagles glided over all the time from all angles, but the seagulls pick it in the tail feathers. sadly my camera did not get clear pics but we could see them being busy all over. As usual.


Our dear beautiful silver _PRINCESS x PRINCESS___ CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Byzants

8 years. On her birthday the weather was not so nice I think, and the last time we

were going out for pics, then came a helicopter above us, so Byzants wanted back inside.

But today was lovely and she has been enjoying the sunbeams while Haifa was guarding and

charming her. Very sweet and a gorgeous special princess she is.


Beautiful NO* AMALIE AMADEUS NFO w 6 years  . Our gorgeous dear dear special white girl ( masking a tortie like her mum or a red with white like her sister. She is such a wonderful girl, very alike grandad Ariel in her temper also. But she also has a wonderful mum and dad, so she may take after them all. She has celebrated many times now, and had a new large handful of shrimps againon Friday. Just as crazy about shrimps as Ariel was. HIPP HIPP HURRRRRRAY Sweetheart.

Sadly she has not gone into heat at all. She is very beautiful. To be in a leash was no fun at all.

She was in a hunting mood, and the seagulls and crows took all her attention, leaving me with almost only 1 possition towards the right. Her ears has once been snapped at by eagles we think.Some years ago I just managed to bring her home from the field across the house on a hunt, with the eagle right aboove her head. Her earmarks looks like a grip actually. But she survived to all luck. This was before we understood the severity, the amount and type of eagles here.

We expect kittens around about the 23 of March between :

(N) Myrtekransen`s Fiorenza NFO n 09 22 and (N) Myrtekransens`s Kolya NFO n 03 23

( Fiorenza has been kept inside the catrun and house since we lost her daughter Jolanda outside in 2013. So no recent outdoor pics of her. But new soon since her collar has started to come back after her date with Kolya :))) ).

Our dear lovely Fiorenza almost 5 years having a great time with a huge new catnip root that

she LOOOOOVES and eats of.  I took some pics last evening in the working room she loves to be in at the moment. 1 with a flash but the rest without. The collar is on its way back, but also she loves being only inside now. So new pics when she wants to enjoy the catrun, now that sunnier days are a head.

Here she can smell a large catnip root coming up.

Jummi jummi, a great snack for Fiorenza.

Earlier outdoor pics are on her side.

Kolya the charming chatty beautiful dad.


Fiorenza our last fertile offspring after our dear CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Aurora. And this is CH S* Zygot`s Slodes daughter. She has a small tummy now so this looks like mabye 3 beautiful spring time kittens on their way. Kolya is the son of our dear CH S* Zygot`S Debbie-Doss and our dear CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Hieronymus ( son of our CH (F) S* Wonderwood`s Calamity Jane and DK Elkington`s Haifa Wonder). Since his sister lost her 2 kittens during birth in the storm, we let her rest a bit, and dated her brother Kolya with the last offspring from our A-Litter lines between Belinda and Sisik in 2007.

*  *  *  *  *  *

We are uncertain of this, but we may expect a kitten /s between CH (F) S* Wonderwood`s Calamity Jane NFO n 09 23 and CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius NFO ns. If so around the 6 th of April.They may have been succeeding 1 time on a very short evening date. It seemed like always ( on the side, on her back etc.). But she hissed at him once. We have tried before with Maximus and Gregorius, but it has not succeeded. And she is getting busy again. Soooo....


Calamity has fooled us many times over a couple of years though, so that is not clear yet :))). She has been difficult to date laying over on her side and even on her back, or been running around all over. And then she plays pregnant for a couple of months. This might be her last litter. She will be 8 years now, so time for her to have a relaxed neuter life off the pill as well. It has taken some time in between litters because of her advanced dating style :)))). Other than that we would have liked 1 more litter but we also think about her and the use of the pill in between kittens. So we felt this was kind of her last chance this year. And we hope for her kitten/ s. If not we may think about Penelope, her granddaughter. Or Huriel.


Sadly it seems like Huriel is not pregnant. So we may let (N) Myrtekransen`s Mouna NFO n 23 and (N) Myrtekransen`s Isak NFO ns 09 24 date. ( Or we may change to Penelope or Ohelia for Isak, if Isak and Mouna do not succced). But Mouna first since she is the only fertile from the M-litter.



And then we find future new males later for Huriel, Penelope, Kohinoor, Ophelia . Gregorius and Isak will be neutered now so that they can live happily as relaxed neuterd boys. Nike may later date Ne Me Quitte Pas. And Amalie has several options but she has not had a heat for much over a year since she was taken off the pill sadly. And only one heat earlier.So now we just have to wait and see. We can not have many litters ,so further plans will be for later.The cats have very short dating periods now. That may not be successful, but we have to wait in case changes will be done. But hopefully we will have a couple of " small " litters. And then we`ll see for next year.




LOTS OF PURRRS TO THEM ALL. Byzants will son have her new pics , if she will go out on a sunny day :)))).

*   *   *  *  *  *  *


She is 3 years now and celebrated her birthday on the 1 of March with a lot of favorite snacks.Tuna, shrimps and catsnack. She is just adorable and so very beautiful.We have celebrated Byzants, Slode and Amalie also.

So she had in fact many days with tasty catsnack. She can not go out though,but in a leash is ok when we finally had some sunbeams. But since I feed the seagulls they came at once above us and wanted their food. That was a bit too interesting for Huriel. She`d rahter go by herself. She has not been  in a leash since I brought her from Belgium to Bergen. But being off the pill and so , that is not possible at this moment. Lovely she is, our beautiful dear dear sweetheart. Sadly it seems that she did not take this time. So we`ll see if Calamity carries for sure. Otherwise Huriel will date Gregorius again when in heat. Or wait for an offspring mabye.


He became 6 years together with (N) BOOTE`S AMALIE AMADEUS NFO w on the 28

th of February. Here is only pics of our happyminded gorgeous dear Slode since he can be outside with me in the clear weather. No rain, storm or snow. But clear with clouds and some sunbeams.He is surch a dear wonderful super

charmer and losing his winterfur a bit now. So sweet, and looking forward to be a granddad again very soon :)))



CH (N) MYRTEKRANSEN`S BYZANTS 8 YEARS on the 26 th of February

and (N) BOOTE`S AMALIE AMADEUS 6 YEARS on the 28 th of February.

Our dear lovely beaties all celebrated over several days. With their different favorite food and snack. Fish, meat of different sorts, shrimps and cat milk.

So we think they all liked that. Mabye I `ll get pics of Byzants outside in nice weather, Nad Amalie also in a leash in nice weather. I`m working on the catrun still. So mabye there later on. But any way .




Our very very handsome silverboy (N) Myrtekransen`s Isak NFO ns 09 24 will be 4 years on the 29 /3.

Here outside with me for a short walk in the nice weather. Cold but sunny and no wind.

He is such a wonderful, and lovesick sweetheart. Always by your feet, standing on his 2 hind legs and chats and cuddle with his head. A very sweet ,dear and beautiful funny boy.

We may again plan also for him now. He only has one beautiful litter. So we hope for more kittens after him shortly as well. Ophelia, Mouna, Penelope ( Huriel, depending on her plans), Amalie , Tabitha or Kohinoor. But we`ll see. At the moment many of our plans have changed the last couple of years. Where he has been planned for offspring combinations with Maximus. So ...

Isak has a straight nice profile that does not show with all his for in the forehead. So I pulled it back a bit :)))) .

Sadly Tabitha went into heat again. That means that we do not expecxt her kittens in February. She must have been false pregnant. They dated only for a short period to avoid a large litter.


But we might expect kittens around The 23 of March between

(N) Myrtekransens Fiorenza NFO n 09 22

(N) Myrtekransen`s Kolya NFO n 09 23



Fiorenza having her cat nip root        and      Kolya out for a short walk with me

Fiorenza has been off the pill and inside since we lost Jolanda. So no outdoor pics of her now.

Our super charmer lovely (N) Myrtekransen`s Kolya outside with me for a short photo session. But the weather is so unpredictable, and it started to rain again. So I took him in side. But some of this sweetheart. Kolya may be a father to (N) Myrtekransens` Fiorenzas second litter . Around the 23 of March ( 65 days). So he is very proud.


And of course there was a second storm . This is an old house for drying up nets, futher out on a famous fishing spot on the islands.

This came and took the rest of the old catrun roof smashing it into bits towards the rocky wall. But it is all being cleared now, and a new one on it`s way + using the oldest catrun with a new roof of chicken wire all over for the wind to pas trough. And then the 2 new catruns attached likewise ( sadly the 2 dogruns we had ordered were the wrong type ( like our old dogrun) , so new ones must be bought. But hey will come. No roof this time only chicken wire and small houses inside that will let the wind pas if we ever see this kind of weather again..



Sadly we have said good bye to our dear dear fantastic silver tiger (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximus. Our silver star has suddenly been taken away from us. Thank you so much to those that finally found him for us.

Maximus was buried with his newborn half sibling sisters Rosa and Rosita.

He had been missing since he did not come when called for on the evening-night of the 3-4 of November 2014. So he has been searched for days, evenings and nights since then. We knew when he did not arrive at once as usual when called for, that something was very wrong. He only took short strolls around the house when dark and quiet, and no eagles. And this was a quitet stary evening.

After all our search he was finally found this Friday 16 th of January by two small puddles out for a walk with the owner. He was still wearing his dipers, so the fish farmer here knew at once that it was our missing Maximus. He had been sudden and fataly hit by a car. And was found near by the side of the road where we had searched many times. But then he must have been hidden by thin layers of snow.We are so glad to have been told were to find him after all this time, and Svein-Erik brought him home, where he was prepared and put to his final rest behind his favorite bench surrounded by lights, lots of sparkles, a small mini Christmas tree and primulas.This is such a great loss. Maximus did not become a father. He dated several times, and was planned for in many years to come. But the girls did not yet conceive and were difficult daters. Maximus lived a wonderful life, just like he wanted it. And such a dear beloved boy .But all to short, and we are left with a deep sorrow and miss him so very very much. Our huge powerful kitty boy, still a big baby, that we almost did not dare to let outside the catrun for more than a short while.

TWINKLE TWINKLE BRIGHT GREAT STAR. Some times twinkle a bit towards  us where we are. Missing you forever our deartest dearest most beautiful tigerboy...........


Long, large (N) Myrtekransen`s Pelle Panther NFO n 23 ( has just ca 2 white hairs on his tail tip geno 09 23). He is now towards 8 kilos and a muscular slim male.

Here with his beloved family. And we all hope so very much that he can be a father AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Sadly it did not work with Huriel the first time. And Fiorenza goes much to sudden into heat, and during our hurricane period of course.  But HE IS SIMPLY THE MOST GORGEOUS FANTASTIC LARGE TIGER BOY. Thank you so much Kristin and family for loving him so much, and for the lovely pics of him with his 2 legged princess.          



We may expect kittens after our 2 gorgeous sweethearts

(N) Myrtekransen`s Fiorenza NFO n 09 22 and (N) Myrtekransen`s Kolya NFO n o9 23.

After having been waiting a couple of years. Due to other matings planned. Fiorenza has gone into heat. And they may date now. Estimated arrival of the kittens will in that case be around 22 -23 -24 of March.


Fiorenza will be 5 years and no one of her offspring in breeding. Many were sold as pets and we lost our Jolanda. And Kolya has no offspring yet. So good luck.

Part of this combination will be like our wonderful J-Litter. And then with CH S* Zygots Debbie-Doss added to the pedigree as a grandmother.

New pics of Fiorenza will come. But Kolya has a tendensy to eat off her collar. He did last time she had a heat a short while ago and he was wearing dipers. So she is halfway back into collar condition :))) . Fiorenza and Huriel are the love of his life. So he`s happy :)))).

Pedi  er                   

              *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

We have had great expectations and looked so forward to the litter of Kohinoor and Gregorius. Then came the hurricane, with no warmth, no light, things being trashed agains the walls outside and the wind " banging" hard towards the walls and windows of the house. Finally Kohinoor went into labour on her 66 day from her second dating day. It all took a while. And sadly the gestational sac bursted and the first kitten went back inside. So after a while we managed to get her out , but sadly she died during the morning. Her sister had had her gestational sac bursted inside the womb during this and we did not manage to get her into life when she was born entangeled with her first sister on her way out. It is all very sad and a tradegy to us and those that had waited and longed so very much for a kitten in this litter. The first born kitten , little beautiful Rosa, died in her loving mothers paws. Having been loved so very much for the short while she were among us. It has been heart breaking to see how loving and caring Kohinoor has been. Calling out for us all to come to her cradle see the beautiful daughter, being full of milk and washing her so proudly. We are all so very very sad. The kittens were 2 fantastically promissing and beautiful silver girls with white breasts and white paws. NFO ns 09 22/23 ( pattern like Kohinoor or mabye classic tabby). So a great loss. Looking a bit like their grandad Hieronymus and their uncle Goya when they were born. Luckily Kohinoor is in super fine shape, and her recovery is now fully restored. Though she misses her daughters.

We will let our dear gorgeous Kohinoor relax a bit. She can not go back on the pill. But she has succsessfully given birth, though the kittens did not survive. So we`ll make plans for her again later.

                                 *  *  *  *  *  *

We have been badly "hit" by the hurricane "Nina". It has trashed

the new large part of the catrun (60 kvm. +), and made it into bits and pieces. And pushed and smashed the walls. Moving the catrun  like a bulldozer meters and into the montain side.

Luckily the old part upstairs in the " Gattostrada" is untouched. So we can close that one ASP, towards the damaged part. The new large one down stairs, made this summer stands straight and is fine. But we need to close of the newer large new part up strairs so that the cats can go outside into the catrun again. Also the newcomer / offspring of the golden eagle couple has understood that the catrun is now open. And hunts over all day from all angles. Even coming directly towards me. So this is at the moment a disaster area.

We lost all electricity for several days, leving us with 8-9 degrees inside the house, no light, no comunication, telephone or internett.

At the moment we just have to look at the damages, and plan to build a new part of the catrun again where it all now looks like a disasterous scene.

P1120005 (2)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Here are a lot of pictures of the large "newcomer", the third eagle.

There is probably a forth. Having been 2 siblings. Most likely the third one we have seen flying around our house. It seems to be 1 of the 2 offsprings that we have seen being testflying this summer with their parents near by. This one or the sibling was seen with parents earlier in November last year. Not so long time ago we could see the two darker parents hunting above us, and with a third behind them. As one can see this is a much younger golden eagle, having large white spots under and over it`s wings. So a youngster that we have not seen before until this late autumn. It has learnt to hunt like it`s parents though. And comes directly at me at full speed looking down on me even with the seagulls snapping at it`s tail feathers. I had to wave and shout ÆÆÆÆÆHHHHH! before it broke of obove my head. Standing right outside our house. Those pics are only unclear pics of sky and the pinetrees + my arm. It comes in sudden glides from all angles, before it lands, waits and take a new detour.Last week they saw Svein-Erik coming back from the shop, and then took off from the island in front of us,in a glide towards him at the door.

It hunts back and forth around our house, above the broken catrun, waiting on the clifs or tops to jump of and glide towards us. It passes our kitchen window, bathroom window to look in at us. We feed the seagulls to help us, but the eagles are only chased away for a short while. And if they are 3, all the birds fly away. They know all to well, that they might some day get lucky once more.If a sudden mistake happens.When he/she hunts as a threesome together with the parents one can clearly understand the effect of that hunt. When one is more than enough to succseed. It has also started to hunt at the break of  sunrise now, knowing our routines if we work late.


Since I do not have a zoom, this shows that it is actually right above, in front

and checking out in glides, circles and dives around and towards me. Passing again and again in front of the house.






                 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Here is Kohinoor surrounded by her family and friends. Kittens daddy Gregorius, grandad Haifa, grandmother Calamity,Tabitha,Magni,Mouna,Kolya, Huriel, Penelope, Ophelia, Slode etc. And all is at it`s place. And of course grandmother Calamity Jane is ready in the newborn baby kitty basket cradle.When the kittens are about 3 weeks, a new larger childbed will replace it with more space, food and a kitty toilet.


Grandmother CH (F) / S *Wonderwood`s Calamity Jane

has moved in and is fully prepared :)))). As always.


We are waiting for (N) Myrtekransen`s Kohinoor`s first babies

with CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius. Here Kohinoor sends off her greetings for a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015. But was all the time interupted by a very playful Huriel on the table or under it.Kohinoor has a larger belly now, not to large, so we`ll see.

GOOD LUCK dear beautiful Kohinoor.

And here is her friend the busy princess Huriel.

Sending off greetings as well.

But she was super busy all over. Up, down, around and playing all over. She is wonderful. And hopefully she will also have babies the coming years. But she did not take after here dates in 2014.

She is having great fuhn though :)))))) .

I tried to calm her down with grooming, but that lasted 1/2 second

and off she went all around again, chatting.

Yes something looks more fun on the floor. Fiorenza lurking.

Playing with christmas Indian gifts from my sister and parents , and the comb. Making her hairdo a bit fuzzy rolling around.

Happy New Year from beautiful Huriel


                   A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015.

A New Year Greeting from a hike by foot to the top of 1 of the 7 Bergen mountains. Ca. 390 meters above sea level.Rather fresh and windy,with snow on it`s way. And Hurtigruta coming in from the northern parts of Norway



                        *  *  *  *  *  *  *


      THE COMING week,in the beginning OF JANUARY 2015.

       Between (N) Myrtekransen`s Kohinoor NFO ns 03 23

           and CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius NFO ns


     We start to wait the following days 6-10 / 12. Depending on how many days Kohinoor carries and which day she became pregtnant. (N) Myrtekransen`s Kohinoor NFO ns 03 23 has a lovely belly and all is fine. So we have started to prepare for Kohinoors firstborn babies.


                                                                     *  *  *  *  *  *  *

WONDERFUL BEAUTIES AMBROSIUS, AMBROSIA, APOLLONIA, AURELIA, ANASTASIA, ABSALON. And our dear Aurora and Ariel. Mummy BELINDA proudly sends off her best purrrrrs and sweetest thoughts with her best wishes for her beloved grown up " kittens".


                                    *  *  *  *  *  * .


   (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 2 1/2 years and a slim 7.5 kg boy. Neutered.Here he is visiting AnneMa`s daughter Maren in Oslo. He loves that since she lives with her student buddies, and he gets a lot of even more attention.He`s been visiting since he was a kitten and loves to be pampered.

Thank you again dear AnneMa and Maren for super sweets photos of your dear lovely boy Max. This time without his son Ask. Max is a proud father to 11 wonderful NFO offsprings before he was neutered. So he lives with Ask.



               We also have to congratulate our beautiful and lovely

                        (N) Myrtekransen`s Ophelia NFO n 09

She celebrated her second birthday at 2 years on The 12 of November.


HUGE CONGRATS TO ALL OUR DEAR WONDERFUL BEAUTIES IN THE O-LITTER. Sadly I was a bit busy, and the computer at work. So greetings are a bit delayed with the K and O litters.

This was our host litter at MALENE`S on Askøy, Bergen.

We wish them all ALL THE BEST.

Ophelia herself had a great day with her buddies.Sadly I did not dare to take outdoor pics of her because of the eagles.  She is such a beauty, and a

wonderful dear sweetheart to us all. HIPP HIPP HURRAY!!!!!. Ophelia likes almost everything, but she had her favorite grilled chicken in addition to other snack. She likes that much more. Not so much shrimps or fish. But best of all is to play with her friends and to be the " baby" of Calamity.

Love her so much.

Ophelia is extremely photogenic , but has no interest in being it at all.

Sad to say, I only managed these few. Then she just wanted to play " off " the table. And of cours this was a rugged carpet bought just for her paws to strech on. Ophelia loves to put her paws back and forth onto these , so I was happy with just a few before she " took" off with her carpet down to the floor with her best buddies.Such a sweethearted kind graceful panther. Just like coming from the fairtales. She always jumps on my / our bodies at night. Washing our hands and arms before curling up with Calamity, Nike and Penelope. Can You imagine how sweet that is :))). Beautiful beautiful Ophelia !!!!!

Fantastic panther girl Ophelia on her new cat carpet.And of cours she share the 3 cat beds that were bought for the O and K litters.But the funny part is that the two other beds had to be ordered from Ophelias birthplace, Askøy. Mean time they share the one fury cat bed, and Ophelia has been given a cat rugg to paw all ower until more fury cat beds comes over from  her home town Askøy:))))).

                           SUPER COOL PANTHER OPHELIA


Ophelia`s new cat rugg is so popular, that we have to get at least 2 more. :))))


Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23

and here with his beautiful son NO* Mimesbrunnen`s ASK NFO n.

Maximilian is a great dad. Still a slim neuter and 7.5 kilos. He is very busy

trying to get the food that Ask gets. That is not neuter food :))). Ask is growing into to a gorgeous young male. Now 5.5 kilos at 11 months.

Thank you dear AnneMa for a lovely greeting from our beautiful dear boy Maximilian  and his gorgeous  grandson Ask. Sooooooooooooo ....sweet .



* *  *  *  *  *  *


after beautiful CH S* Zygot`s Debbie-Doss NFO ns 09 24 and

CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Hieronymus NFO n 09 23.



(N) Myrtekransen`s Kohinoor NFO ns 03 23 and (N) Myrtekransen`s Kolya

NFO n 03 23 celebrated their third birthday on The 20 th of November.

They had all the snack they like the best and lots of cuddeling of cours.

On their birthday I could not take them outside, but I`ll taken these inside instead. Now it is dark early in the day, and the eagle is back several times a day from dawn until sunset. Hunting above our house and it`s surroundings.

The sheep has been taken in from their fields, so now it is very close and hunting aggressively in this area. It has no fear of me or us at all.

So inside pics for Kolya, and Kohinoor.

Here they have had their new kitty bed. Warm and fury, and a small " stinky" pillow, filled up with catmint. Kolya was much to busy with the new

catnip toy, and Kohinoor was busy with Amalie in the background, wishing for both the new catbed and the new green catnip pillow.

But they both say hello to their brother in Bergen. HELLO and HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Kasper NFO n 22.


             Beautiful Kohinoor                   Beautiful Kolya


Kolya was very busy and managed to get fireweed seeds + branches all over his head and into one eye, so it came on to the photos, but he is a lovely super charmer.


Kolya busy , so almost all pics are unclear. And I managed to take one

of myself with the dried fireweed branch.




Kolya loves his new fury bed.




Here comes silver princess Kohinoor, much much to busy having control of

Amalie, that wanted to jump into the bed and take over the catnip toy :))).


So just a few of Kohinoor, she just jumped out of the bed to check Amalie.

She is such a wonderful female. And as charming as her brother of cours.

Needless to say. Our huge problem is back. All day !!!!!




Now 3 years and a happy and dear neuter.

Best wishes for our dear boy. AND HUGE CONGATULATIONS on

his BIRTHDAY The 3 of November. Lots of nose kisses from all of us.


Our fantastic long and large boy (N) Myrtekransen`s Pelle Panther NFO n 09 23. 6.5 kilos as a slim youngster before 11 months.

This is pics of wonderful Pelle Panther this summer, and some older photos. He`s swo very very cool, and so very very handsome. A great large Norwegian Forest Cat male. Coming from such fantastic and beautiful parents.

And YES, we all hope that this beautiful boy will be a father SOON....... .

Thank you dear Kristin and family,for loving him so very much. And for keeping him fertile for us / or our friends , so that his qualities may become

gorgeous NFO babies ASP. :))))) . Thank you so much for sharing wonderful pics of a wonderful large NFC boy.


unnamed (1)unnamed (2)unnamed (3)unnamed (4)unnamed (5)unnamed (6)unnamed (7)unnamed (8)unnamed (9)unnamed (10)unnamed (11)unnamed (12)unnamed (13)unnamed (14)unnamed (15)unnamed (16)unnamed (17)unnamed (18)unnamed (19)unnamed (20)unnamed (21)unnamed


JULIUS and JAQUELINE. WE HOPE THEY ALL HAD A FANTASTIC DAY. Lots of PURRRRS from mummy busy charmer Fiorenza.

Sadly we lost our dear dear dear Jolanda ourselves last autumn.


HIPP HIPP HURRAY to all the J -LITTER beauties !!!!!!!

Celebrating on the same day as great grand mother Belindas day.





She is 10 YEARS TODAY.

Belinda having had her shower. And is being dried and groomed.


                      Our lovely large white kitty girl


Drying a bit having a visit from her great great grandson

Ne Me Quitte Pas. Whom she allows everything.

Though being the Queen still.

 Then we took a walk with Penelope. But Belinda just wanted back inside to dry up her coat  a bit more

On her way at full speed to go back in and up on the kitchen table.

Waiting for her snack. That will be shrimps, crab and tuna + catsnack. And a lot of cuddle of cours. HIPP HIPP HURRAY BELINDA.



Almost dry, but still a bit humid and flat in her coat.

But just gorgeous. And managing on her 3 functional legs.

Lots of best wishes to our gorgeous

beauty. And our first NFO female. A fantastic cat . Love her so very much.Thank you so much Marianne, Linda and Frank at cattery (N) Blomsterdalen for this white beauty that is so dear to us.


Sadly Kohinoor went into heat on the evening 6/11.

So she had a false pregnancy. Luckily her infection has not returned at least.

*  *  *  *

These photos were taken on a short stroll when she seemed pregnant

Poor Kohinoor, of course the rain came suddenly.

So just a quick stroll and some new photos of her in her lovely "on its way" wintercoat. And then back inside.

And we had a short visit of one of Svein-Eriks super cool " project" boats.

It is of course called New Watercat Artic Pilot, and came in all new on it`s first trip directly from Finland before reaching it`s final destination on Svalbard. Guarding the shores in the rough seas there, further up north.

Great looking boat and a cool water _cat_ boat :))) . Good luck sailing the shores of Svalbard.

My thoughts are WHAT a boat to take open ocean free dives from :)))) .



Gorgeous large (N) Myrtekransen`s Ludevico NFO n 09 23 ( white tail tip) almost 3 years.  Sadly neutered. He is the beautifiul son of our beauties Tabitha d`Haakona *CH  and CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Hieronymus.

But he is having a great time as a neuter with his new buddy Milo the Pyrenee dog in Førde. Thank you dear Hilde and family for loving him so much. He looks great.

And here is Ludevico`s active sister Penelope. 1 1/2 years.

From our second and same combination as Ludevico and our L-Litter.

Penelope is very active. So many pics were just bodyparts or fur. She was

playing with Ne Me Quitte Pas. And they were teased by the magpies.

A busy tiger girl

Sister and brother. Wonderful offsprings after Hieronymus and

Tabitha. Penelope has more of Tabithas lighter color shade. But

they are both so beautiful.


Beautiful Slode 5 years 8 months. Enjoying being outside to play and

go for a stroll with Penelope, Ne Me Quitte Pas and Haifa. I only managed photos of Slode and Penelope. The others were busy all over and into bushes.



An autumn storm along the coast. With huge waves, a stired up ocean and seafoam up in the air.Here we are on our way back from the city center after having been at the fish market in Bergen. Looking at lots of plentiful fantastic fish and shellfish.This time they even had a porbeagle that unfortunately had just been caught in this area. As a bycatch. They are not allowed being fished, so only sold if they are caught as bycatch.



HIPP HIPP HURRAY !!!!!! To beautiful NOIR, beautiful NIKOLAY, beautiful NATALIA and our own dear beautiful NIKE. Mummy Calamity Jane and daddy Isak wish them all the best for their birthday.

Our own special princess princess PRINCESS Nike, will have her shrimps, and then some. But she LOOOOVES shrimps. She is such a lovely silver princess, and she still might get a sip from Calamity along with buddy Ophelia. So best wishes to all the beauties. We love them so much.

Beautiful silver princess Nike 2 years today and so LOOOOVELY. She has had shrimps and will have some more. But today it is grey and rainy, and with mosquito attacks all the time. We had to run from them, and then came the rain. So pics on another sunny day. But she is such a beauty and later planned for Ne Me Quitte Pas in the future. Love her soooooo very much ..... Isak and Calamity are so proud.

Rain and mosquitos, we better hide in a hurry.


Early this morning an other sail ship passed the bay on it`s way to Bergen. A lovely shilouette. It is always nice with sail ships







This is the fantastic daughter IT* Orme sulla Neve Venere NFO n 09 after our dear offspring (N) Myrtekransens Hektor. Thank you so much Fabiana and Andrea at cattery IT* Orme sulla Neve Italy,for a wonderful summer greeting from "our" gorgeous " grandchild ",your beauty Venere living in beautiful Piemonte in Italy.

Calamity and Haifa are so proud.


Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Hektor NFO n 09 22 now neutered.

He is enjoying his neutered life in beautiful Italy as a very dear familycat. He has given wonderful offspring with his beautiful girl friends PennyLane and Regina.We were on our way to book one of them, but had to wait sadly. So now Hektor is having a great and relaxed time as a neutered being pampered all day. He has the look of Calamity, while Hieronymus looked more like Goya mabye , and Helene also like Haifa a lot. So he is just wonderful. Thank you so much Fabiana and Andrea for a super summer greeting from our lovely dear boy Hektor. Mum and dad, Calamity and Haifa + half sister Nike and half brother Gregorius send off lots of purrrrs to Hektor and his beautiful daughter Venere.


The Club Med. Five -masted sail ship passing our bay and window. One of the largest sailing cruise ships in the world. Too large for " our Emerald Bay " tough.


The rosehips. Autumn fruits of roses. Svein- Erik brought them because he knows I love them. And a new under wather camera test. My freediving watch is a bit out of order at the moment. Showing only time spent. I`am not " allowed " to freedive alone too deep. In the Red Sea I was below a scuba diver group. Waving at them from about - 20-25 m. Upwards. With the crocodile fish at the bottom level that I visited ( we have old pics of that. Freediving for 2 weeks). Long time ago. But my new camera can not pas  - 12 m. of depth. Since it also is a camera for pics above the surface.Now I was bellow 10 + m. in a place with its dephts taken from earlier freedives. When the watch was working. The camera only goes down to 12 meters. I need a reapair of it.And to keep to places known to be no more than 10 m under surface. But deeper down I met a large cod that was interested in me. Great fun.I thought I had been taking pics of it. Turns out there are only pics of the shadow and a deeper level. I also hoped to find the funny crabs I saw earlier this summer. Sitting on their favorite places in between the rocks. And even seahorses.... But well some pics of more fish, and it was busy today with strong currents arriving. Great though. This time I had my frog fins on. But I need to find more of my lead for the belt, since my up drift is too strong, so that I have to work hard to get down. But that is an important balance though. More pics from freediving mifgt come,until the predicted bad weather arrives by the end of the week :)))) . And of cours Ne Me Quitte Pas and buddy Kolya were very interested in the plastic diver below air torpedo.


Camera test. It is much colder now. So shoes and a hood were needed. It was low tide at the moment. With a current coming in and a lot of smaller micro organisms beside small fish, what looked like schools of sprat swiming around me and a small cod etc. So the camera works.It has several functions for under wather photos. Some gave too dark pics below 4 meters on a micro function. But the action function took more light into the camera, and that gave pics of beautiful small and busy fish. Refreshing !!!.



The weather forecast predicted nice wearther yesterday.So I took a couple of hours rowing on a boat trip out into the open ocean. The Nort Sea . And here are some pics also of my other " friends ". The wild sheep. Having fixed the squeaky sound of the row lock, they came to greet me. Very sweet with lots of BHÆÆÆÆÆÆ sounds. They had a nice time jumping all over the rocks in the nice sun. Eating heather it seems. They are so beautiful. Hopefully the eagle/s have not taken to many of their lovely lambs. One of the golden eagles flew right over me yesterday, while sitting by Svein-Eriks office cabin for a coffe before starting to row. It lowerded towards me, gliding very close above my head. Looking down while tilting its head. Sadly my camera was on load.It was clearly hunting. Looking straight into my eyes. But a seagull came after it`s long tail fethers, so it took off. We had put the cats inside.It was easy to see that it was the golden eagle.And it had probably been hunting the area of the wild sheep behind us first as usual. The lambs are larger now, and many has been taken closer to home. So now it turns up here again. And seems to know me well.  We have seen documentaries about the speices from Norway, Austria, France, Scotland ( Norwegian golden eagles brought over), Germany the Himalayas and  Mongolia. So the behavior is the same it seems. In this area it hunts for sheep, hare, mabye young deers ( that has been seen other palces?) , the otters and birds .So I went out in our rowing boat for a trip. Hoping to get photos also of the eagle that uses this straits as a fly way. But I only met the wild sheeps, seagulls and the herons that seems to have come back a bit this summer. They inhabit the bay again, so we see ( and hear) them all day. The golden eagle took many, but now some are back.The herons follow me on trips as well as the seagulls. That is so nice. AND I have discovered that the camera Svein-Erik gave me actually can take underphoto pics down to 12 meters below surface. So I tested it a bit. Some of the wather pics are just my hand put right below surface in shallow wathers. AND it worked. So now I`m going to take a dive for more underwather photos since the water is nice and clear :))).

Here are some sweet " friends" of mine. The fantastic wild sheep enjoying the sun.




Kohinoor so wonderful. She will be 4 years in November. So she is off the pill, and can not go out for pics.

But she is so sweet.

Cool cool COOOOL tiger kitty princess Penelope. She is just gorgeous also.

And of cours our fantastic Huriel. Penelope`s friend.

Our white princess Amalie loves herbs mint and rosemary it seems :))). She is so beautiful and special.

Waiting for heat.

Beautiful Huriel always chats and wants to cuddle a lot.

Amalie has had close contact with the eagle. At first we thought Joy had made her first cut in the ear. But now after we found out about the eagle, and the way her wounds are made and placed, that is more similar to an eagle. Also I chaught Amalie running after me in the forest above the cliffs , and the eagle gliding over her. So I rushed to her and carried her home with me. But that was an horrific experience. That was at the same time as with Juventus. At that time we did not know what kind of an eagkle it was. We were told that the white tip eagle was the most common. So she has been very lucky.

The ( sea) gate way to the North Sea and the secret " Emerald Bay" :)))).

This time I took the rowing boat in the opposite direction. And rowed at a nice speed 20 -30 minutes or so, from our place. That is out towards and into the North Sea. On my way I found a strange place, it looked like steps of stone coming out of the sea with small fish swiming around it. Leading to a " closed"  "entrance door" into the rocks. Just like " Narnia" or " Harry Potter", or the Norwegain "trolls". Or like I`ve seen other places. Closed doorways into castles.Very funny how nature by geologi has made shapes to fill our fantasy. Just great. But beside fish and ocean,this is wild sheep ( viking sheep)country. I met a smal flock eating by the shore, but our boat squeaks a bit at the moment in the row-lock area . So when I came in too close to take pics they turned their way. Usually they come to greet and look. They are such fantastic marvelous animals, so very beautiful,and this is their place. So then I`ll wait for next time and took off out towards the North Sea. One can always hope to se a whale :)))) . But the the weather changed a bit, thunder sounds coming from the Bergen area. So I went back in shore, and found the  beautiful " Emerald bay". Afantastic shell sand bay with crystal clear wathers, where we have been many times to dive and swim. This beautiful bay is enclosed by stones and rocks. That is why our small rowing boat gets in here. And it is sooooooo.... beautiful. That will be my next freedive. Planned for a nice sunny day. But for today, it is back home to the cats, and Svein-Erik has brought fresh mussels for spagetthi cozze al bianco. Purrrrrrrfect :). Tomorrow the weather cast has predicted a lovely sunny day in the west. THAT... means rowing out into the open ocean of the North Sea. Freediving there and in the " Emerald Bay".

The cats will have sea food :))).



HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BEAUTIFUL SWEETHEART CH (N) STJERNEN`S DIANA NFO n 09 24. HIPP HIPP HURRAY gorgeous DIANA is 9 years today. We love her so very very much. She has had some of her snack for breakfast, but will also have shrimps and fish now after my update. And she`ll have a large fresh catnip root to eat and sniff on. She LOOOOOVES that.

I took Diana for a walk with her daughter today in the lovely autumn sun.

Diana does not like to go out so much any more. She prefer to feel  safe at home in her favorite places. But she has had great fun, and guards her daughter Byzants like a baby. So she was more busy with that than pics. As one can see, her " baby princess princess daughter came running after mum " calling " like a kitty baby and chatting all the time. Very funny and sweet

So a lot of pics of Byzants, and some of beautiful Diana being very busy as a " mum" . But she is just wonderful and super kind. A dear dear princess :))).

Sadly we were " attacked" by swarms of mosquitos in the face and areound our eyes, so we had to run back. But some nice pics of them though.

Some more pics of Diana with her friends.

On the second trip even buddy Debbie-Doss came along to celebrate.

A chatty Debbie-Doss enjoying playing a bit with Diana, Byzants and me.

hmmmm some fish for me later ?????

Mummy Diana waiting for her " baby princess" Byzants. Chatting all the time.

There you are my " little" " kitty princess". Now we can go for a walk.

Diana on guard.

Mum Diana and her daughter in the fields behind the house.

Beautiful Diana my dear sweet heart. She can also chatt a lot, but mostly inside from her favorite places. She has a summer coat now.

Yeah there is mum Diana. Daddy Magni is inside.

Muuuuuummmmmmmmmy !!!!

Diana was also very busy eating gras, branches and heater. So a lot of funny pics of her eating her green outdoor snack.

Diana landing on a new stone to guard from.

A super busy mum and also so cuddely and purrrrring. But guarding her

relaxed daughter and me.

Silver princess daughter CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Byzants NFO ns 09 24. 7 1/2 years old. Relaxing, chatting , purring and charming her mother.

And washing her super long and bushy snowshoes.

Diana thinking yes you are my baby, while looking at her daughter Byzants.

Byzants was sipping milk from Diana for a looooong time :))).

Diana having more green snack in her " mini"  juniper forest

And yes SHE IS JUST WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful sweetheart CH S* Zygot`s Debbie Doss NFO ns 09 24 6 1/2 years. Enjoying sunbeams on her new bench.

And then comes her super charming lovely son Kolya for attention aswell.

Hmmmm ... Debbie thinks , yes I made him :)))) .

Of cours our wonderful and funny Gregorius arrives to test the bench, headbanging into the camera and turns over on his back. So he enjoys the new cat bench.

Gregorius headbanging his head and cheek, while rolling over cuddeling and chatting.

He takes the whole bench.

Mister cool !!!! looking at his father Haifa on the ground.


And here comes Gregorius son Maximus. He also needs the whole bench to strech out.

Maximus enjoing the bench

Maximus needs the whole bench for himself and streches out relaxed and happy about it.

HIPP HIPP HURRAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SWEET LOVELY GIC (N) SELTETEIGEN `S MAGNI NFO ns 24. He is 10 years now. And celebrated his birthday with us on the 8 th of August. He had a great Magni day and had a lot of his different snack inside and outside with us. Sadly we did not get fresh herring or mackerel, only canned versions of mackerel and tuna. But he had an other favorite as well. Magni LOVES my crepes/pancakes. With lots of egg yolks, vanilla and butter. So he had that and was outside "helping" on the dock and playing with his buddies. We have had such warm weather lately, that all his fur started to come off in huge amounts, on his way to his short summer coat.But he has stopped now with colder days this last week. So some pics of a very busy Magni on his birthday. He was to busy for pics. He only wanted to play with his buddies, check if we had put some new food on the plates, and checking out what we did. Chatting ALLLLLL the time :)))). He is the sweetest most wonderful kind kitty boy. We love him so much.He is so very dear to us.

Beautiful dear teddy tiger girl Mouna. HIPP HIPP HURRAY to our tiger teddy bear girl. She celebrated of cours with her brother, so that is further down the page. But she had no pics on the day. I only managed Maximus.But no pics outside this time. She was sleepy inside. On Magni`s birthday she was to busy playing with half brother Ne Me Quitte Pas, and then went to sleep in the shadow under Svein-Erik`s office cabin.

But anyway here is an other favored place. In bed, she loves that. And to sleep on top of you. She thinks that she is a tiny little baby kitten.But she is a HEAVY girl. So when she jumps on you to cuddle and put her mouth to hang on to your arm skinn like a kitten while trotting, that is somthing that you just have to get used to. Mouna is like a teddybear tiger big baby. She is just fantastic. Often both Mouna and mummy Tabitha lay side by side on top of me. That IS heavy with 2 purring large girls that headbang, trotts with powerful paws, and make lovebites and kitty nose kisses. Just wonderful. And then usually half sister tiger girl Penelope arrives as well ................ . Pluss Pluss.

A wonderful sleepy Mouna, but she woke up for pics.She has some very funny positions. And can lay on her back with her legs relaxed straight out and her front paws beside her ears,and her lovely tummy up in the air. She is so sweet.

Cool gorgeous Mouna and her cool gorgeous father Gregorius

Gregorius 4 years and 3 months had a great time playing with shells and wanting to cuddle, but then the mosquitos came in large schools. Around our eyes and ears, so then it was time to go inside. But he is a lovely and proud father to his offspring Mouna, Maximilian, Maximus and Ne Me Quitte Pas. And HE IS LOOOOOOVELY.

This is various parts of the bay. A great place to row and to freedive. It even has shell sand many places making the wather look almost light green and wonderful to dive into.

Other parts offer walldives with drop offs and one can sometimes find oneself in the midst of schools of mackerels,  or herring, and many times several pollacks or cod.  . And of cours one can meet crabs ( I just saw a couple of crabs mate in the green bay), lobster, shells and other ocean inhabitants. Also sharks and some times dolphins. So a great place for sea lovers.


Actually down in the old fishhall we have the old shark hooks on the wall. They used them to hold up the large fish body for preparation.They were used when they caught porbeagle, thresher shark, greenland shark etc. We do not use them of cours, since we support the banning of shark fin fishing. But it says something about the size of the sharks they chaught along these shores. The sharks may pass :)))outside in the sea.Smaler and larger ones. This summer people were scared of a joke about great white sharks arriving these shores outside Bergen. That was not the case, but earlier observations and catches of mackerel sharks, blue sharks, grey sharks are very well known. We have friends that have friends working at the university with marin biologi. They do not dare to swim here if on a visit hi hi :) . We still do though.....  But we also have had plans many years now of chumming,to see if somthing may appear out in the open ocean. But not in our small rowing boat :)))) .



The Tall Ship Race 2014 passing our bay on a warm foggy day.       Leaving Bergen after great celebrations at the port of Bergen.

                                    What an event.


Bergen celebrated in a great way this weekend. That was on the birthday of Mouna and Maximus. They were cared very well for at home, and we took a small trip to the city centre to visit this great event. The city was closed for cars, so one could walk everywhere.And we even met a very cool cat out on his patrol ( WE NOW KNOW THAT HE IS A WELL KNOWN CELEBRITY and his name is LARS TARZAN. He is much loved and " owns " his part of Bryggen. I met him at his best buddies place. Sleeping among lots of gem stones, before he goes back to his mum as usual). That knows his way around and into The Rosenkrantz Hotel. He is famous for having learned when to visit the buffet at lunchtime :)))). So the friendly staff brings him back outside after having been visiting. Supersweet. So a warm Bergen city full of ships, sailors, " pirates", " vikings" , people from all over the world. Enjoying ships, all kinds of sea food , music and a stroll in this beautiful city. Wonderful and recomened of cours. Sorry about some unclear pics. My camera was put on to a wrong program and without flash.

Here is a link to where one can follow Staatsraad Lehmkuhl , The Ship, on it`s way into the port of Bergen. The crew is singing. They pass my old bathing place on the side of the tip of Nordnes in Bergen. From where I used to swim along the shores of Vågen. When we lived in the city center. And I even had a studio with my dear friend, on the docks where the ship stays. With an exciting view. And of cours Svein-Erik has been spending nights at " Bjørnehiet" on board and on the deck of The Staatsraad. So a lovely event in any way :)))) .Great.

Just skip the add on the link. But a sweet video it is , from Bergens Tidende BT 2014 :))) .

Hør Staatsraaden synge Tall Ship Race Bergen 2014





And of cours we have a great delight in buing our fish at Strandkaien fish AS

when we are in the Bergen city center . But nowadays we are also very much impressed by the new fish market in Bergen. Great sea food. Super fresh !!!!! pics willl come.





    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR M - LITTER 2 YEARS on the 25 th of July. Huge congrats to the wonderful dear tiger beauties Maximilian, Mouna and Maximus. We know Maximus and Mouna had a lovely day with their snacks. And Maximilian also.

And HIPP HIPP HURRAY and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY also to our gorgeous Q- Litter bluesilver tiger boy NE ME Quitte Pas . He became 1 year yesterday on the 28 th of July. So he had his favorite snack and a joint celebration with his halfsiblings Mouna and Maximus. Together they have had lots of cuddeling all day as well. Dear and wonderful all of them.

Beautiful Maximus out for a walk first busy all over and then he wants to play and cuddle. Mouna will also have her pics ASP. But she was sleepy in the shadow.

Big baby still. And SUPER COOL.

Our beautiful mister "strange", he is super social. He comes to stand with his head into your feet and is like a bodypart sometimes. But then his halfsiblings are the same as well. Kolya , Kohinoor ,Mouna and Maximus . He is connected to them both, so he is like all of them together. + mummy Debbie and daddy Gregorius.Supersweet.Best budddies are everyone, but specially Kolya, Maximus, Kohinoor, Penelope and of cours grand dad Haifa.

CH S* Zygot`s Slode 5 1/2 years needed to take some new photos to send to his wonderful grand child and greatgrand children in Sweden and children and grand children in Norway. Here he proudly sends them all a summer greeting hoping for some fish for dinner :))). He is just the sweetest cat, and gorgeous. He is always with us, but usually go to sleep under the boat or in the cathouses + bushes. So this time I finally had the camera ready just for him, since it is clouded and he wants to play.

Seafood please !!!!!

Isak is just one lovely and active boy. Also so very social, happy minded and chatty like his mother Byzants and daddy Slode. He is in his summer coat now, and in his diper haircut. Super cool and just lovely.Here he is helping to fix the rowingboat.

Slodes son Isak also wants seafood.

Isak has taken his bath once, so here he is looking at me freediving. That he could not understand :))) .


                        A WONDERFUL SUMMER


The cattery has taken a short holiday at home in this wonderful weather in the westhern part of Norway. We are freediving from our own dock, and around the bay / ocean area. Waiting for the Tall Ship Race to enter Bergen. This is one of the best dive sites in Norway/ Scandinavia/ Northern Europe. So very beautiful with a great sight in clear wather with shell sand , gorgeous colors and such fresh salty wather. Sadly our old Canon underwather camera, only takes paper photos.Otherwise we would have been sharing pics. But Svein-Erik plans for a new camera to show the beautiful world underneath this northern sea.

We have both been freediving since many many years back. In Norway many places. South and west coast.Italy ( Tuscan coast .Maremma/Giglio) and Egypt ( Sinai Peninsula). These days we enjoy to dive with only our bathing suits on in our own famous dive area :)))). Usually this wathers are quite cold and will require our wetsuits  3 mm. for the summer/ atumn and my thicker  7 mm. Mares Antartica for wintertime , then with lead belts on..... . So this is just super :))) . The film The Big Blue is great, and the books of Carlos Eyles are super to learn about freediving.

+ some diving books on the techniques.


My freedinving mask, and testing my old Apenist watch.It needs to be used a bit. We have several fins, but these normal ones concerning length and put right on to the feets, are great for short dives.

1-2-3,and ready to go !!!!!!!!. First into the wather.Of cours in freediving you need to be in the wather to start the MDR reflex, dipping your face. Relaxing and focus on breath before breaking the surface downwards,+ get rid of the snorkel.Unless you wish to stay close to the surface. So hello fish, crabs, shells  etc. Here we come for a short visit.

Svein -Erik gave me this beautiful old Norwegian flat oyster that he found.I put it back into our bay, but I took pics for my work.

Right beside the end of the concrete dock, our blue silvertiger prince Ne Me Quitte pas was busy playing in the fireweed like as if he was a panda bear in a bamboo forest. He was realy working hard " paws on", building himself a shady " little nest". Making  lots of sounds with branches cracking and him wrestling with the plants. And then lurking at the freediving with his halfbrother Kolya. He was busy back and forth between Ne me Quitte pas and the dock,looking into the bucket with the oyster and seaweed.


Beautiful silver tiger princess and one of the sweet bosses, Kohinoor. Always around checking and caring for everyone. She has full controll like grandad Haifa and is just the sweetest thing.Kohinoor is now 3 years 7 months and wonderful. Here she has a full belly and a dirty nose from her hunt in the gras.She has just had a " fresh " meal for herself.

Proud beautiful sister Kohinoor and beautiful super charmer brotherKolya relaxing in the heat.

Both are 3 years and 7 months now.

Here Kohinoor is relaxing in front of all the catnip bushes. That is a great place to take a

small catnap.

Lovely Isak 3 years + and nearly 4 months is out on guard and on patrol. He is in his short short summer coat+ the dipers hairdo. But he is just sooo super sweet.

A busy Isak, but here comes grandad Magni to checke up and greet.

Isak is the boss now with Haifa. And Penelope was a tricky one to day. Just

running all over and into the gras. I had no chance of climbing around at her speed.

A gorgeous tiger princess.

Here the very busy teasy Nike had to take a break as well. After playing with her friend Penelope, and having had a snack from Kohinoor.

Penelope the tiger, on her way rapidly out of the way. And on to a new stone or place.

Isak has given up and is on his way to relax in the shadow :))) .

Beautiful proud Tabitha a large proud " lionesse " queen now 4 years. Such a beauty.

She has a wonderful summer coat also :))) .

Beautiful busy teasy and long silver tiger princess Nike at full speed all over. Great grandad Magni guarding.

Dear wonderful super kind and sweet Magni soon to be 10 years early in August. Guarding busy great grandaughter Nike from the top of a cat house. He is warm, because he still has lots of fur on him :)))) .

Magni always follow me closely. So here I tried to take pics, but he just came to me for a cuddle. And walks around my feet and chats. Super sweet. Mabye well`l get his older friends

Belinda and Diana outside also. Belinda just runs up and down the basement and prefer afternoon walks. Diana loves to have controll from her shelves inside together with her their lazy daughter SUPER PRINCESS PRINCESS XXXX Byzants. So as soon as they decide, I `ll take some pics :)))) .

Tabitha outside the catrun. Having catnip plants and guarding her daughters Mouna and Penelope , + her adoptive daughter Nike. All our plants have dried up while I was away, but the catnip bushes are growing :))) .

Tabitha with her friend Calamity. They have shared litters and are born on the same day.

Calamity adopted Tabitha right away when she moved to us as a kitten. Now Calamity keep Tabithas daughter with Hieronimus like her own, and Calamity is the grand mother, so she keeps Nike, Penelope and Ophelia as her babies. They all take a sip now and then.

Even Mouna is babylike still, but she is more mummy Tabithas girl. But sleeps with them all.

Wonderful gorgeous long and tall " Tiger teddy " queen Calamity now 7 years. She is just fantastic, and a bit sleepy in the sudden heat at first. Then she got the catnip plant and root. She is losing her fur every day now. Getting summer short.



Yummy, catnip flowers

6 years now, beautiful beautiful funny sunbeam lover Joy is with me looking at small fishes nesting in the seaweed. So sweet !!!!!!!

Hello hello little fishes

Beautiful Joy 6 years now, enjoying her sunbeams. I had washed her, because the lovely white part of her coat gets so greyish when she rolls over all the time. So she became almost dry, but right after she was rolling around on the sandy places again :)))). She loves that. Almost dry on some pics, and then dry but rolling over into sand and pebles the next. But a very beautiful tortie she is. AND A GREAT SUN LOVER. So snacks and summer sunbeams for beautiful Joy to celebrate her 6 th birthday.

Beautiful Nike 1 year and 10 months, and beautiful Penelope 1 year and 1 month. Outside with Svein-Erik + me, Kohinoor, Gregorius relaxing  in the bushes, and Haifa + Debbie guarding/ playing. Nikes grandad Slode also always comes with us, but he was in the shadows under a bush. They had a wonderful time outside. With Nike`s mother Calamity staring intensly from inside the catrun :))) at her daughter and 2 grandchildren Penelope and Kohinoor. With Huriel and Ophelia beside her. They are like siblings and do everything together. But only some can come out, so today Nike had a lovely time ,already in her short summer coat like her dad Isak and mum Calamity. She had a great time rolling over in the gras and among pebbles, so her hairdo was full of sand and branches. But a lovely summer girl :))) . Grand mother Byzants has not lost her full coat, so mabye she is next for photos.


Kohinoor beautiful as always. She lookes very much like grandad Haifa. Though a girl


Nike and Haifa. And Debbie guarding all the time. And being cuddely and chatty as always.

Beautiful Debbie on guard. She has adopted Penelope+ Nike, so she follows everywhere.

She is just lovely. Almost 6 1/2 years.

Penelope busy and beautiful, looking like her father, but being more like Haifa in her body.

Broad and heavy. With her mothers rich fur.

Haifa " pumping iron" :)))) .

Haifa always does some funny things and chats.

Nike is a long girl like her mother Calamity and father Isak. Daddy Isak is always around. But at the time inside the house for a break.

A wonderful summer greeting from beautiful daddy (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23 and his beautiful young son NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Ask NFO n ( 4 months on pics from May. 4 kilos at 5 months). They are gorgeous and such close friends. And daddy Maximilian almost 2 years now neutered, takes such great care of his and his sweetheart Devi Delight`s young busy panther boy Ask.6 months now. Here they are visiting AnneMa and Hasi`s daughter Maren in Oslo, while they were on a holiday. She is often a " cat/kitty sitter", so Max knows his way around in her flat. Thank you for lovely pics Maren and AnneMa, and for loving them so much.


Half siblings having a great time with us in the sun. Debbies 3 kittens Kolya 3 1/ 2 years, Ne Me Quitte Pas 11 months and the only daughter Kohinoor 3 1/2 years. They love to play together and Kohinoor, Kolya and grandad Haifa at 6 years,loves to play with and raise youngsther Ne Me Quitte Pas. Debbie was outside herself, guarding from the shadows. Kolya and Kohinoor are offspring after Debbie and Hieronymus, and Ne Me Quitte Pas after Debbie and Gregorius. So grandad Haifa is grandfather to them all. And loves to guard and play. daddy Gregorius is more lazy, leaving the upbringing to siblings and grandad.Haifa is always with them and us. Here he is busy helping Kolya+Kohinoor raising Ne Me Q Pas. Ne Me Quitte Pas is trying to lurke and wrestle with everyone. Such a big baby. And just as chatty as his half siblings Kolya and Kohinoor.

Kolya often have the looks of Hieronymus, but with a different head, and he also resembles the father of Debbie. So he is a lovely mix. With gorgeous tufs coming from both mummy Debbie and daddy Hieronymus.

Kohinoor having full control on Ne Me Quitte Pas while relaxing in the shadow.

Busy Ne Me Q Pas, and Haifa taking a break from wrestwling with his grandson.

When Haifa thinks " game over", he sets himself on top of Ne Me Q Pas. And takes a break, while Ne Me Q Pas follows and wait to play more. Having a great time. With Kolya Ne Me Q Pas is more like an adventurer, following up on everything he does. Chatting. Kohinoor loves to wash him and to play. It is so sweet. Debbie mostly greets with nose kisses, greets, guards and chatts.

Ne Me Quitte Pas following cool grandad Haifa. Beautiful sweetheart Kolya in his summer / and Libro dipers  coat ( our males in dipers get a shorter cut where the dipers are placed) watching seagulls.




They had their birthday on The 18 th of June.

So we have to pick a day together with Joy for the celebrations now that I am back. I was away for work at the time, so the girls had a great time with Svein-Erik. BUUUT .......

I know that Calamity wants her shrimps as usual, so we`ll choose a day for them all. Beautiful Calamity can not go out. She is off the pill. But Beautiful Tabitha may get new pics among beautiful wild summer flowers :)))

*** AND****

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BEAUTIFUL FUNNY SWEET JOY. 6 years on the 27 th of June. She had a lovely day, with sunbeams and her favorite snack. And new pics will come. She rolleed over a lot on the ground, so all her white was grey from the sand. But a wash and it wil be nice on a sunny day for pics :))) any day now.And very beautiful she is.


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to JANNE and DEVI at CATTERY NO* MIMESBRUNNEN`s in Oslo, and of cours the owners of (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23, ANNEMA and HANSI in Hurum,with their A-LITTER in cooperation with (N) Myrtekransen .

***BEST IN SHOW LITTER on Sunday at NORAK***

Arthur EX 1 + BEST IN VARIETY TOTAL / BIV-TOT. both days. Ariadne EX 1 both days, Andras EX 1 Sunday EX 3 Saturday, Ariel Ex 2 both days, Amir Ex 3 both days, Ask EX 2 and Ex 3 Sat-Sun. Alva Ex 2 both days.

With all over great judgments by Anne Køhn both days on this wonderful litter. And by Geir Edvardsen on Sunday.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO ANNEMA and HANSI with a WONDERFUL LITTER and FANTASTIC KITTENS after your dear boy (our beautiful offspring) (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23 with IC (N) Alneskatten`s Devi Delight NFO n. Maximilian is now a neutered male.

But he has gorgeous offspring in 2 litters.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

WE ARE NOT CERTAIN that Huriel expects. Sadly. Due to busy days we must just wait and see.

Between Huriel de la Fôret d`Amalion BE* NFO n 09 23

and (N) Myrtekransen`s Pelle Panther NFO n 23



And we are not sure if we expect kittens between

CH S */ (F) Wonderwood`s Calamity Jane  , NFO n 09 23

and (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximus NFO ns 23


( Maximilian is a pedigree stand in for brother Maximus, not yet in Pawpeds).

New plans will be made if not.

Mabye with Gregorius. Or they try again.



1 year on Friday the 23 of May. Our best wishes to our lovely P-litter. And we hope they had a wonderful day.


Beautiful Pelle Panther, beautiful Panthera Petra,beautiful Pernille, beautiful Pavel and our own beautiful Penelope.

Lots of purrrrs and kitty kisses from mummy Tabitha, Penelope and halfsiblings Maximus + Mouna, and of cours from grandmum Calamity and grandad Haifa. Sadly daddy Hieronymus sends his best wishes from behind the cats rainbow. But his babies are such a great gift from him.

Beautiful Penelope at near 1 year. She is on the pill, but almost went into a small heat, so no new outside pics for her on her birthday. But a great day in the catrun with her buddies. Having both stewed and grilled chicken, some meat, and in the evening some shrimps. And lots of cuddeling. A great and busy Penelope day :))). She is just fantastic. We love her so much.

Her gorgeous large brother Pelle had a wonderful day also we know. And it looks very much like he is going to be a dad in July :)))))))))))) . HURRRRRRAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Huge Congrats from us in Norway to Helene in Denmark and Hektor in Italy.

Sadly our dear Hieronymus is only in our dearest memories. But he was gorgeous. We hope that Helene and Hektor have a fantastic day in Denmark and Italy.

Here are some greetings for them from mummy Calamity Jane and daddy Haifa, and niece Penelope and half grand nephew + grand niece Ne Me Quitte pas + Ophelia.

We hope that mummy Calamity at 7 years will be a mother again this year.

But she sends off her warmest purrs and greetings to beautiful daughter Helene and son Hektor.

Happy Birthday Helene, and Hektor. And our dear Hieronymus.

We miss him ( Jolanda and Juventus + Ariel) horribly

Haifa is very busy all over raising grand children Ne Me Quitte pas and Penelope.

Helene and Hektor may be a grand aunt and a granduncle this summer, we suspect that Huriel de la Fôret d`Amalion BE *expects her first litter with Helene and Hektor`s nephew (N)Myrtekransen`s Pelle Panther NFO n 23.

Niece Penelope sends of some purrring greetings from Norway to aunt Helene in Denmark and uncle Hektor in Italy.

My last pictures of daddy Hieronymus last late September 2013

Fantastic daddy Hieronymus above . Luckily we still have his tiger daughter Penelope, silverprincess Kohinoor and super charmer Kolya.

After all we have his offspring. And lovely memories of a great and wonderful tigerboy. But also now always being very affraid of them being out of sight / arms reach. Hopefully this may never happen again. It was a great loss. Him and his daughter ( and Ariel +Juventus his friends). Pure nature can be very dangerous, so it is important to learn how to live with it.


Lovely Magni almost 10 years having a great time with his best friends.

Haifa raising Ne Me Quitte pas, and Magni looking. They love to play with him. And Haifa loves to play and wrestle with his grandson.

Ophelia and Penelope

Beautiful Ophelia has found a nice spot to lurk on Ne Me Quitte pas and Penelope. Her best buddies.

Ne Me Quitte Pas NFO as 23 almost 10 months. 5 kilos. Here with grandad Haifa NFO ns

Son of Gregorius NFO ns.

Haifas grandaughter Ophelia NFO n 09, after daughter Godiva NFO n 09.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Penelope NFO n 09 23 ( this is Pelle Panther`s sister)at 11 months playing outside with grandad DK Elkington`s Haifa Wonder NFO ns now 6 years. They had a great time in the lovely sun.

Penelope has her daddy Hieronymus eyes, but is already broader in type like Haifa and mother Tabitha. Hieronymus was large but longer and higher in type after his mother and half of his father side. So very strange to se his tiger princess develope, with his beautiful tiger gaze as a dear reminder. I can play with them outside, if very careful, and I have to check all the time up in the air. As do her guardian grandfather Haifa. But he loves to come and play and is very protective of his grand children,very sweet. They must share his scent or someting. He knows.


We wish Godiva, Gasparian, Goya, Gauthier and our own lovely Gregorius all the best.

And hope they had lovely birthdays.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Gregorius celebrated his day being very busy and love sick. We have some girls that went into heat, and Maximus tried to date Calamity again. But we may change to Gregorius next time.

So he had his treats which are cat snack mousse, minced meat, sardines and some fish in stock.

And he his just gorgeous this black smoke prince. A proud dad to Maximus, Mouna and Ne Me Quitte Pas. Here he is with me and buddy Kolya for a tea break on a favorite spot on the dock. Rolling over in gras and sand ;) making himself look very " pretty" full of it all.

Beautiful blue silver tiger boy Ne Me Quitte Pas NFO as 23. 9 1/2 months.Having a great time in the sun during my coffee break. Being super sweet playing and chatting.


Our dear beautiful Huriel has just come back from The Møre coast and her romantic date with Pelle Panther NFO n 23.

And Huriel has a new dear friend in Pelles best buddy/ sister Frøya(she calls him her brother. So sweet). Huriel enjoyed a lot sleeping in Frøyas bed,being a Miss Kitty princess with her new friend Frøya.Pelle Panther on the other hand was about 6,5 kilos some time a go. Now mabye more, but he is only 11 months. So a large tiger boy for Huriel`s date. His vet is also a breeder, has remarked many times that he is a very large NFO boy for his age. And by size first thought to be a Main Coon. She knows cat.II very well from shows and her practise:) . So we all hope for large beauties in July.


Huriel is very busy with her boyfriend Pelle. Here the 2 lovers are having a romantic meal together. So very sweet.Pelle to the left, Huriel to the right. Here he is 11 months old. Huriel is 2 years and 2 months now. She used to care for and play with him as a kitten last summer/ autumn 2013 . Now she is having a great romance with him. And it all seems very successful We need to start collecting names on R-. Pelles sister Penelope is by the way one of her favorite friends.

Huriel may even send a greeting back home to Belgium. Her parents  ( on 4 and 2 legs may be grand parents this summer). I have an other wonderful pic of Huriel being cuddeled by her new friend Frøya. But I want clarification before letting it on to the pages. It is so sweet 2 " princesses".

Thank you so much to the Eid family,for taking such great care of our beautiful Huriel on her romantic visit.

Pelle is a large youngster on large paws . 6.5 kilos some time a go said the owner. Now he`s 11 months. And growing.

Beatuiful black panther NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Ask NFO n has a great time being taken well care of by his beautiful father (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23 ( now a proud neutered dad to his son Ask and siblings and the (N) Mardolls litter). Ask lives with AnneMa and Hansi at Hurum / Drammen. He was prebooked, and will live as daddy`s boy and a family boy with AnneMa and Hansi. Also for show breeding later.

He has been to the vets for a visit, and thought to be as large and heavy as his dad. So they said a lot of nice things about him. CONGRATULATIONS ANNEMA and HANSI , with a great offspring after your ( our) dear boy Maximilian. Thanks to beautiful IC (N) Alneskatten`s Devi Delight and Janne at NO* Mimesbrunnen. Best wishes for daddy Maximilian and son Ask for many many years to come. We are so happy that Maximilian has given such wonderful offspring in the east.

      *  *  *  *  *  * 

Good news from the Møre coast and Pelles  Eid family.

Huriel and Pelle are mating.It seems to be very succsessful now.

So we might be expecting very very beautiful kittens 1 week of July.

Between our dear beautiful Huriel de la Fôret d`Amalion * BE NFO n 09 23


(N) Myrtekransen`s Pelle Panther NFO n 23

Pelle will now be a closed male if Huriel is pregnant.

Then he will be neutered after that.


Huriel has taken a Widerøe flight to Midwest Norway and is now dating. 

Pelle has finnished his breeding male health check again, so both were ready for the date.

We all cross fingers and paws for wonderful beauties 1 week of July.

This is the first litter of both cats.

Pelle will be neutered with in a short time.

Thank you so much to the Eid family for taking such good care of our dear Pelle and his beautiful girlfriend Huriel, and for taking such great care of their romance :))).

Our dear Huriel has already setteled in very well with the Eid family and Pelle Panther.

So we hope they go into a very romantic mood :)))) . Again good luck to the Eid Family.


*  *  *  *  *

ALL THE KITTENS in OSLO after our offspring Maximilian, with our offspring Natalia and IC (N) Alneskattens Devi Delight AT CATTERIES (N) MARDOLLS and NO* MIMESBRUNNEN are SOLD and HAVE MOVED TO NEW HOMES.

Beautiful NO *Mimesbrunne`s Amir + Arthur+Ask

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Andras+Ariel+Alva

+Ariandne and the last sip of milk from beautiful mummy Devi before moving. Jannes photos of them at 14 weeks before leaving.

The beautiful (N) Mardolls kittens Azlan+Ask + Aiza + Zappa.On earlier pics, and 1 by Aiza`s new owner in Stavanger.

No KITTENS available at the moment.

*  *  *  * * 

A WONDERFUL and SWEET GREETING from Frøya and Pelle.

Having a great time on their Easther vacation in the Norwegain mountains.

Pelle is now 11 months and an active fertile large and beautiful young male.

We hope so very much that he`ll have a date before neutering. He is LOVELY.

And so is his best friend Frøya :))). Beautiful picture. Thank you so much dear Kristin.

Beautiful Ne Me Quitte Pas NFO as 23 almost 9 months. Here he is on his favorite upper shelf in my working room being busy " working". He always comes to look, cuddle, chat a lot, play a bit and then take a cat nap.

And then came half sister Mouna. This is her favorite place while I work as well. And wants excactly the same treatment. To cuddle, chat, look,play a bit and take a cat nap beisde her half brother. They share the same dad Gregorius, that by the way also likes the same place and treament :) .... Obviously a family thing hi hi hi. Usually Mouna goes round my legs and throw her self on the ground while chatting, and Ne Me Quitte Pas streches his wole body up my legs waving his paws for attention. If Huriel , Calamity , Ophelia, Fiorenza and Nike also come a long, then there is a lot of paw waving,playing and attention seeking behavior on the shelves. So they keep me company :) .


Beautiful blue silverboy (N) Myrtekransen`s Ne Me Quitte Pas NFO as 23 . 8 months.

Son of CH S* Zygot`s Debbie-Doss and CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius.


He wishes EVERYONE a HAPPY EASTER !!!!!!!!!!

Daddy Gregorius was sleepning bed, but son Quitte Pas was very much awake and ready to send an easter greeting.

I took beautiful black smoke daddy CH (N) Myrtekransens`Gregorius NFO ns for a walk also. He will soon be 4 years. And is a proud dad to his offspring.He was head banging into everything, rolling over in the small heather and juniper bushes, and on the rocks. So his hairdo became full of branches, plants, mos and dew.Chatting all the way and eating heather tips. Just wanted to cuddle a lot. He is losing his winter coat as well, so collar and such are almost gone now. And super sweet. Sometimes he looks so much like halfbrother Hieronymus. But in black smoke and with a slight difference. Just lovely.


Our dear dear sweet beautiful teddy bear is 6 years today on the 10 of April.

We wish him all the best. He has had his breakfast snack. And later today it will be his favorite. Grilled chicken and meat. And a lot of cuddling. He is such a wonderful boy and very dear to us. We tried some pics , but it was a bit windy, and he just chased leafs and played at full speed. But cool and playful as always. He proudly sends off his greetings to all his lovely offspring and grand children.

Haifa had catnip roots, so he forgot his tongue and looks very funny.

Here is Haifa with his grandson Kolya. I took them both out to play in the sun. They were enjoing themselves a lot. And both loves attention, and they are so sweet. Kolya is losing all his collar and winter fur now

*  *  *  *  *

Gorgeous (N) Myrtekransen`s Pelle Panther NFO n 23 ( geno n 09 23. Has just very few white hairs on his tail tip).

Here he is 9 months and very large and beautiful already. We hope for  one of our girls to go into heat now, for his litter  here at (N) Myrtekransen.He is a wonderful family cat , that has been kept as an external male for us, and for a friend of the owner. They can not have kittens now, therefore we are open to a new solution for this large fantastic boy after our dear Hieronymus and Tabitha. Sadly Huriel went quickly into heat, and also ended it very fast. Not being able to keep her heat for the flight / travel. So we are thinking. He is much to beautiful to not have offspring.  He was by the vets concidered to be a large Maine Coon by his size on his visit , and the vet said " she could not belive his age" ,because he was so large for his age. So a wonderful large youngster he is.



Some late afternoon photos today. And a very quick layout.

I will try to get Tabitha`s page back into normal.

Tabitha and her 2 daughters Mouna and Penelope + adoptive daughter Kohinoor are waiting for the barbeque outdoor season to start for real. Meanwhile catnip roots are very popular. Here is Mouna 1 year and 8 + months.

With halfsister Penelope 10 1/2 months


Mouna with beautiful mum Tabitha. She will be 4 years in June

( I do not know why her page does not come up now.

But I `ll find out). Tabitha gets bored with takings pics, but loves catnip and

to cuddle a lot.

Tabitha looking at the birds outside, but also wants the catnip root.

Catnip roots are soooo YUMMY


Beautiful Mouna

Beautiful Penelope

Beautiful Kohinoor also wanted to cuddle and have catnip roots.

But she was so busy looking at the birds outside.

Kohinoor is 2 1/2 years.

Kohinoor and Penelope sharing a catnip root

A very happy Kohinoor

Action outside the cat run.

And then came Penelope again.

Beautiful mum Tabitha finishing her photo session

Walking the silver tiger

Tabitha and Gregorius son Maximus. A very large boy at 1 year and 8 months.He is the brother of Mouna , and Maximilian in Drammen/ Hurum.

He is a fertile male. We had hoped Calamity expected with him in around 3 of April. But she came back into heat earlier. But gorgeous he is. A kind heavy silver tiger boy. He is as large as he looks on the pics. And muscular, heavy boned and powerfult bulit but slim. Getting more and more broad,now on his way into summer coat :) .

Beautiful Maximus and beautiful cool grandad Haifa. Haifa will be 6 years on the 10 of April.

Our cool beautiful heavy silver smoke teaddy bear. AND the BOSS.

We are testing out my " sheep" like hairdo as a photo bait :) . It works in fact. And attracts attention towards Sven-Erik and me bird watching.But here I have my large red working dress back on. It works better with the dark blue outdoor dress I use for walks. And NB:  this is of cour not useful as a normal presentation of oneself :))) .

Svein-Erik can not do the "sheep hairdo", he is not sheep like. So then it is only me as photo bait :) .


So last week we had the eagle/ s coming every day, several times a day. We had a very nice weather here in the west, so it even appeared on my walks down to my " new " friends ( the lamas now back outside again), and I myself was also looking for wild sheep / sheep all the way on my trip. The wild sheep / and sheep in this area are giving birth to lambs now. But they have large areas to feed and move on during the day. Then suddenly I also could see that the eagle pair hunts together,collaborating , part and meet up again in the bay. They know where the herds of sheep are, and take flight directions straight to them and then circle above , looking down, gliding and narrowing  There are 3 different places. And the eagles partet to each " air gate" with airflows and drifts ( one mountain valley and one long narrow strait) and on on two sides. Hunting and gliding over the sheep herds. Up and down and around.Then the next herd ahead, and then over our bay and our house. Looking down at us. Both Svein-Erik and me . When I was out on my walk, one of them came towards me at full speed,since I talked to it. It made a huge turn circling above, and then came straight at me with folded wings in an air dive. Last time it did that it came and breaked off hanging in front of me ( then I managed closer pics before it was to low and on its way back up), and S-E behind me. This time I had to say OHHHHHHH !!! and wave. Sadly those pics are just blue sky and some electric wires because of my arms waving. A lady was walking behind me beside her bicycle, so it took off up in the air. But it followed all the way back home to meet its friend/ partner that took the other way over all the sheep fields by the strait. So I was in no need to see the falconry show with eagles that I was invited to see on an old castle near Graz in Austria. We have the same, and more then enough.

Then they meet here. And we saw them many times, and when detected by the seagulls. It is such a noise and action. The eagle that followed me, chased a wild goose over the hill top above the bay. It screamed but manage to fly into safety on the little island. So plenty of action. And that is why we can not let the cats outside the house without guarding. On the 1 of april I also found some part remains of Jolanda. Very very sad. Some fur and tiny bones. We will burry them. It was just up the hill. And found by luck now befor the gras grows. I have surched there many times since autumn 2013.The rest of her is probably part of an eagles body now. Very strange. But the eagles have scattered different animal body parts all over this area. Probaly also further south along their " gate ways in the air". The marked bird I found was a homing pigeon. The owner was notified by their organization ( via UIB/ Museum of Stavanger -). We always have monoculars and camera on stand by. I have asked for a new camera :))). My " ROUGH" camera can not focus very well on action photos in nature outdoors. At the moment this is the situation. But we take precautions for cat safety. From where I sit now, on the computer. The eagles often pass our window even. Cross the bay, take off from our roof, lursk behind the hill. Once the whole belly , caudal/butt, legs , wingspan, color, fur, eyes ,head could be seen within and arms reach in the window frame. In an upwards turn following a hunt flight dive down towards our part of the bay ( that was the White-tailed Eagle ). The Golden Eagles are those that are a pair. So if you look down only a second, you may miss this. This is how qick and quiet it is. We have lost many opportunites of great photos while working. But .......... .

At least we know how very close the come near to us. These pics are from several days, locations and both of the 2 Golden Eagles in each direction. The one with all the seagulls is when they are chasing the eagle into the pinetree forest. It was sitting there for a long time while they were flying over making a lot of noise.



Beautiful proud parents are:

Mother :IC (N) Alneskatten`s Devi Delight NFO n


Father : (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23

( now a neutered male).

NO* Mimesbrunnen A-Litter PEDIGREE


With great weights. Ask is 1900 grams allready :). The weights were done / documented by Jannes veterinarian at the begining of their 12 week.

This BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BLACK SMOKE GIRL is available for the right owner or family. For show and breeding:


NO* MIMESBRUNNEN`S ALVA NFO ns .Black smoke . Female

___________ SOLD _____________

NO* MIMESBRUNNEN`S ARIANDNE NFO ns . Black smoke. Female.

__________ SOLD________ . She looks so much like our Goya. From our G-Litter. The brother of grandad Gregorius :)) .

*  *  *  *

I took some of the cats out today. In the nice weather having coffe outside. For some pics of Isak. Guarding them. With Svein-Erik also from his place.

Beautiful Kohinoor 2 1/2 years

Beautiful Ophelia 1 year and 4 months

beautiful half sister Penelope 10 months

and beautiful halfbrother blue boy Ne Me Quitte Pas 8 months


3 and 4 years today and yesterday !!!!!!!!!

We wish beautiful Istanbul, Izmir and our own dear dear Isak  the very best for their birthdays that was yesterday, I have switched the dates. But our fantastic boy had a great day with lots of treats, he likes all kinds of food. And loves attention and to be cuddeled. So he had a great day and evening yesterday. With a beautiful stray evening to enjoy without the egale. Here a few of our beautiful dear happy minded boy. He was very busy looking after Penelope , head baning into bushes and rolling around all over So almost impossible to get him into focus.But lovely he is.

And then we wish Felix, Fresia, Fawn and our own Fiorenza a SUPER DAY. Great with lots of fun.

Beautiful special Fiorenza started by midnight,

having a mousse snack.

She can not go outside. She has been off the pill.

And she is as charming as ever. Here she is in one of her favorite places initially sleepy but given a catnip root to enjoy. She eats on them and gets very happy and excited :))). She LOOOVES catnip. I have picekd her a large cat nip root to play with and enjoy. She is our

only offspring fertile after Aurora. So a bit special.

She is suuuper tiger like her mother, and funny like both dad Slode and mum. She is a cool mix of both.



Our fantastic sweetheart is 6 years today. And she has had some treats for breakfast, mousse and snacks. Then she will have some more of her specialities. Kippers etc. Debbie has a very special taste in food. So she doesn`t care for the pollock in stock the others had. Debbie is a fertile breeding queen, that is the proud beautiful mother to our Kohinoor, Kolya and Ne Me Quitte Pas. She is so sweet and kind, with a lovely lovely personality. All her kittens have also very special personalites. AND WHAT A SUPER SUPER LOOK . We love her so very very much. So HIPP HIPP HURRAY DEBBIE queen of hearts :))) .

Debbie does not like to be outside, she was there when Jolanda was taken by the eagle. And had a great sorrow for a long time. Jolanda was an adoptive daughter from when she had kittens together with Fiorenza. But slowly she likes to play outside for a short while evenings. But when I am with her outside, she relaxes and play. Not far from me, so that was easy to take close pics and guard her. She looked up all the time. And did not want to come up the little hill to play in the little juniper " forest". But that is fine. And lovely she is :))) in the early spring sunlight.


WE DO NOT HAVE KITTENS at the moment.




Proud parents are:

Mother :IC (N) Alneskatten`s Devi Delight NFO n


Father : (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23

( now a neutered male).


NO* Mimesbrunnen A-Litter PEDIGREE





NO*Mimesbrunnen`s Alva NFO ns


NO*Mimesbrunnen`s Ariadne NFO ns

_____ SOLD____

NO*Mimesbrunnen`s Ariel NFO ns


NO*Mimesbrunnen`s Andras NFO ns


NO*Mimesbrunnen`s Ask NFO n


NO*Mimesbrunnen`s Arthur NFO ns 23


NO*Mimesbrunnen`s Amir NFO ns 22



Well I have been out on an excursion to the " eagles nest " on the other side. A new place across the bay where the eagles take off from towards us.

That was giving even more new information. A lot of new skeletons. And sadly 3 + of them skulls from otters. So now we know also what happened to at least 1 of the the otters that came to seek refugee in our cat houses, and wanted to move inside the cat runs. At the time of Ariels tragic death in late autumn 2012. I even found parts of sheeps wool in the forest at the " summit".

This is the beauty of it all. Fantastic mountain shapes diving directly into the cresting bay.

This is  a lovely freshwather lake behind the near forest and into the near forest. Where the deers, hare , woodcocks , owls and other wildlife live. And where our cats love to go.

A victim. I could just follow the electric instalation piles.

And under and around of them was as suspected due to sightings of hunt dives, a lot of

rests of animals. Smaller ones.


This is one of the otter skeletons. There were several.

Earlier in the bay we had at least 4, the wildlife experts told us.

Well here at least 4 of them are dead and eaten. Only bones left.

Ohh dear my deer. This fantastic deer eneded here. With its horns into the tree. I changed it for photos.

We had once a whole family coming to eat blue and red berries by our house. A male, a female and a babydeer.

This we think is to large for the eagles, and it is not allowed to hunt and shoot here. So ...

Some wool from a sheep.

Our two young banditts at work. They are rarely clear together clear in 1 pic at the time.

Penelope  NFO n 09 23 and Ne ME Quitte Pas NFO as 23.

Penelope 10 months now and Quitte pas 8 months.

I think everyone can understand why we can not take day time photos outside of them.

We have lost more than we can now close to our house So a few while playing inside.Not as nice as nature pics, but at the moment safer.

Half brothers Ne Me Quitte Pas and Maximus

3 gorgeous half siblings looking at me working on the computer. Penelope 10 months has the same mother Tabitha as Maximus.

Ne Me Quitte Pas 8 months has the same father Gregorius as Maximus. Maximus is 1 1/2 year.

And yes Penelope is a girl :))) .

Maximus  NFO ns 23 1 1/2 year. Fertile breeding male.

Son of Tabitha and Gregorius.

Ne Me Quitte Pas NFO as 23 . Fertile future breeding male.

Son of Debbie-Doss and Gregorius. He was a bit sleepy.

Penelope NFO n 09 23. Future breeding female.

Daughter of Tabitha and Hieronymus. She looks so grumpy and funny. Super sweet.

So som new pics of cats at work :))). "Helping" a lot.


WE DO NOT HAVE KITTENS at the moment.




Proud parents are:

Mother :IC (N) Alneskatten`s Devi Delight NFO n


Father : (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23

( now a neutered male).


NO* Mimesbrunnen A-Litter PEDIGREE






Female. ____ AVAILABLE_____ .


Black silver mackrel tabby. Male.

______ BOOKED_____


Black smoke . Male.

_____ BOOKED_____


Black smoke. Female.

______ AVAILABLE _____


Black smoke. Male.

_______ BOOKED______

NO* MIMESBRUNNEN ARTHUR NFO ns 23. Black silver mackrel tabby. Male .

______BOOKED ______


______ SOLD_______. Daddys boy :) .


FANTASTIC and active ALL OVER :)))).

Proud daddy (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23 sends off a "High Five" to all his GORGEOUS kitty children in Oslo .

At Catteries (N) Mardolls and NO* Mimesbrunnen.

With the beautiful ladies (N) Myrtekransen`s Natalia NFO ns 22 and IC (N) Alneskatten`s Devi Delight. Being a neutered male now, he is very proud of his precious offspring. Now he is a big cuddely silver tiger teddy. That loves attention.

(N) Mardolls Aiza NFO ns.

This is our FANTASTIC " kitty grandaughter" born at Cattery (N) Mardolls . Oslo/ Langesund, Norway.

She is living in Stavanger , Western Norway, with Roar.

Future Show and Breeding female.

Aiza is  the daughter after our beautiful Natalia in Oslo/ Langesund and lovely  Maximilian at Svelvik / Hurum. She is just GORGEOUS.And growing a

lot says Roar. 2.5 larger in size now allready :)))  since being broght to Stavanger.

Here she has arrived in her new home in Stavanger with her Roar. And she gives us heartbeats. She is SO BEAUTIFUL. A fantastic black smoke princess.

Good Luck Roar and Aiza.

Here the proud father

(N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23. Neutered.

Here he is doing his favorit thing. Being cuddeled with on AnneMa`s lap.

    *  *  *  *

(N) Mardolls Aiza is halfsister to Jannes A-Litter at Cattery (N) Mimesbrunnen in Oslo.

WE DO NOT HAVE KITTENS at the moment.

The WONDERFUL NO* Mimmesbrunnen A-Litter in Oslo at 9 weeks and sooooo BEAUTIFUL:

There are only some available / undecided. The others are BOOKED and SOLD. So PLEASE CONTACT




NO*Mimesbrunnen's Ariadne . Female.Smoke NFO ns . 9 weeks


 NO*Mimesbrunnen's Alva . Silver smoke. NFO ns . Female .9 weeks

____ AVAILABLE _____

NO*Mimesbrunnen's Arthur .Silver mackerel tabby NFO ns 23 . Male 9 weeks


NO*Mimesbrunnen's Andras .Black smoke . NFO ns Male . 9 weeks

____ AVAILABLE _____

NO*Mimesbrunnen's Amir . Silver classic tabby.NFO ns 22  Male.

____ BOOKED _____


NO*Mimesbrunnen's Ariel . Smoke .NFO ns . Male 9 weeks.

______ BOOKED ________


NO*Mimesbrunnen's Ask .Black .NFO n . Male .9 weeks

_____ SOLD_______

*  *  *  *  *


Here Svein-Erik came back from Bergen, having his shopping bags with him, and by that Haifa ran out the door quickly between his feet while being down in the basement. I was in the phone above them with AnneMa. But somehow I felt earlier by all the activites from my view,that the ravens, the crows and the pica picas were a bit " funny" near  to our house. Waiting.So I had my little camera ready in case. Then suddenly THEY took off from the other side. Straight towards the house, taking a turn after having had a direction towards the island with the old wild forest . She/He/They often hide inside. Then I took photos. But that was from the window, and they were in a hunt dive towards Haifa by the door. So I just had to run, with my heart jumping wildly. The camera, I forgot. When I came out they were hunting towards us, passing, and took off in an other direction when I ran upstairs. This is how qick it is. And no doubt. They hunt. I have many photos of the clouds because a hunt glide strike goes so very fast. I`ll try to get the multiple action function on, so that the camera just goes off into many pics after each other. Because these will come back hunting again. I have not yet decided to wear one of Svein-Eriks Gecko Gear speedboat helmets, or to fuzz my hair even more to look like a wild  sheep. Because I may that way attract them, AND get a good close up if they think that am a real wild sheep. I have almost no zoom, so I need to be right under.They both really look down on me and into my eyes with their heads tilting back and forth, before they " dive". That dive might be estimated to 150 km an hour.  So I may have to begg S-E for a camera with a qick zoom. Since it is me they come after always. S-E is tall with no fuzzyy curly hair at all. He does not look like a wild sheep !!! . But I look more like the wild sheep version on 2 legs :))) . So my job this.

Our cats on the other hand must NOT AT ALL be outside. Not even their shadow.

So until next time. News is that there are two. In addition to the White Tail Eagle. Makes at least 3. No wonder there are sheep and animal boones all over the cliff hang . This all went so fast.

If one did not look out for it, and be placed like this.It would really go unnoticed.

On the last pic, they have decided for a direct direction towards us. One can see the turn, and then I had to run. Fast to Haifa and S-E ... . Haifa was put inside, but they came and they passed us , and went off further ahead.

This is all within seconds. Haifa knew them, he ran to the outdoor cat house and  ran to me as soon as he saw me coming for him. So this is how dangerous it is.


The NO* Mimesbrunnen A- Litter at 8 weeks


Wonderful  NO*Mimesbrunnen's Arthur .Silver mackerel tabby

NFO ns 23 . 7 weeks ______ BOOKED _____ 1121 grams

Wonderful NO*Mimesbrunnen's Amir . Silver mackerel tabby

NFO ns 23 .7 weeks _____ BOOKED _____ 1036 gr.

 Wonderful NO*Mimesbrunnen's Alva .Possibly silver macrell tabby

NFO ns 23 .7 weeks _____ AVAILABLE _______ 977 gr

 Wonderful NO*Mimesbrunnen's Ariadne .Smoke

NFO ns.7 weeks ______ AVAILABLE _____ 854 gr.

Wonderful NO*Mimesbrunnen's Ariel .Smoke

NFO ns. 7 weeks 2 days ____ BOOKED _____ 1060 gr.

 Wonderful NO*Mimesbrunnen's Andras .Black smoke.

NFO n. 7 weeks ______Available_____ 984 gr.

Wonderful NO*Mimesbrunnen's Ask . Black

NFO n.7 weeks _____ SOLD _____  ( Daddy`s Boy). 1145 gr.


Our dear Huriel de la Fôret d`Amalion NFO n 09 23

is 2 years today. SHE IS GORGEOUS and SUPER SWEET.

And She is also one of Svein-Eriks " girls". We love her so much. Here she says hello, and sends off a greeting to Francoise and Serge, her mum Camargue and daddy Viking. And mabye a flirting sweetheart look to Pelle Panther on Møre as well ;))

HIPP HIPP HURRAY also to our beautiful NO* Bootes Amalie Amadeus NFO w 63 ( oddeyed). 5 years the 28 th of February.

She is such a beautiful and lovely girl. Our only cat after Ariels line. So she is just wonderful. Here the seagulls are making a lot of sounds outside the catrun. So she was not at all playful today, but only ears backwards to all the noise. But a white beatuy with purrrfect hearing she is.


Beautiful (CH) Myrtekransen`s Byzants NFO ns 09 24 (21)

Our silver beauty Byzants 7 years. And WONDERFUL.

Super princess princess +++ and her wintercoat coming of as well. In huge amounts. She prefers soft beds and to cuddle a lot. But she enjoyed a short trip with me, but the crows came all the time. So I took her inside. She`s such a dear sweetheart.

Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Ne Me Quitte Pas NFO as 23. 7 months and such

a great charmer and so sweet. I had only him and Slode with me.

The eagle had passed earlier with the ravens. So super quick with him and Slode in front of me and Svein-Erik behind in the office. A photo greeting and straight  back inside.

Beautiful CH Zygot`s Slode NFO n 09 22. 5 years just gorgeous and so dear

He is loosing his winter fur now in huge amounts. But he has a little left though collar is nearly off. He was checking the air all the time in several directions.

So just super quick this, and right in front of me.

WE DO NOT HAVE KITTENS at the moment.




Please follow the link below to get directly to Jannes lovely NFC web page. With lots of information and beautiful photos of fantastic cats and kittens.

The NO* Mimesbrunnen A- Litter at 8 weeks


 NO*Mimesbrunnen's Arthur .Silver mackerel tabby

NFO ns 23 . 7 weeks ______ BOOKED _____

NO*Mimesbrunnen's Amir . Silver mackerel tabby

NFO ns 23 .7 weeks _____ BOOKED _____

 NO*Mimesbrunnen's Alva .Possibly silver macrell tabby

NFO ns 23 .7 weeks _____ AVAILABLE _______

 NO*Mimesbrunnen's Ariadne .Smoke

NFO ns.7 weeks ______ AVAILABLE _____

NO*Mimesbrunnen's Ariel .Smoke

NFO ns. 7 weeks 2 days ____ BOOKED _____

 NO*Mimesbrunnen's Andras .Smoke.

NFO n. 7 weeks ______Available_____

NO*Mimesbrunnen's Ask . Black

NFO n.7 weeks _____ SOLD _____


Both wonderful and 5 years today.




WISH THEM ALL THE BEST. Our computer has been updated, so we have to get used to the new version. And that was on Byzants day.


HIPP HIPP HURRAY TO OUR DEAR GORGEOUS ONES:  BATHSEBA, BOLSHOI, BRANKA, BOSPOROS and our own DEAR DEAR BYZANTS. She has treats the ways she likes it. Often every day, and many times a day. After all, SHE IS A " REAL SILVER PRINCESS+ PRINCESS...." :)))).So Byzants had a wonderful day, and inside in the bad weather,having treats and much love. That we know is purrfect for her. But mabye she will like to take photos outside now, with a milder climat on its way. AND WE WISH THEM ALL WONDERFUL DAYS AHEAD.

*  *  *  *  *

AND even more lovely pics of our fantastic offspring Pelle at 9 months. Having a great time with his beloved Eid family on Møre, and being taken all over for all " his holidays ". So he is a beloved boy as well. On these pics he is 9 months.

AND GORGEOUS. + busy like his sister. Thank you so much dear Kristin, for really doing some har work taking photos. We do know the speed of his tiger sister Penelope. Pelle looks even more like daddy Hieronymus then her. But they are such great versions of their to fantastic parents and family. WOW HE IS SUPER !!!!!!!!!!! .

Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Penelope NFO n 09 23. 9 Months and so beautiful.

I took only her and grandad Haifa out with me for some day time photos. She was of cours very playful, fast and allover. So I could just take her + the guarding Haifa. We had to run around up the hill and into bushes.

I had to be quick, because it did not take long before the first raven came over "telling" that the cats were our. Then came the next ..... . The raven and a crow are still outside the office window calling from the top of an electric wire. But lovely photos and some running around the bushes we managed :))) .

She has her fathers eyes, but now looks also so much like her uncle Tibor, and her mum as well. Or even her great great grandfather on Haifas side. She looked like a copy of Hieronymus when born and little. Being his favorite baby, though he loved them all. They were like Ariel and his grand daughter Amalie together. But now she looks like so many of her ancestors. Very funny and developing of cours.She is still like Hieronymus, but more broad in a way, with his type and eyes, and she is long but looks like a young boy.She is gorgeous anyway.

Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen Ophelia NFO n 09 1 year and 3 months.

I took Ophelia outside with Magni also. Because they love to sleep by the heater, the collars have started to go off now with warmer weather. So I have to hurry for pics of them, before it all comes off.

But she is so wonderful. And I wished for a few outdoor photos of her lovely expression. But it was rather obvious that the eagle was near by. The raven couple came over us all the time, and then they went back and forth to the little island in the bay. That place is like an old forest with dense vegetation and very old trees. The eagle often stays there before take offs. So the ravens looked like they were " telling " that we were out again. So I had to break and take Ophelia and Magni back inside the catrun. I can not take risks. But a few of our black beauty as well. But at least Ophelia looks up, and knows the ravens actions. Now we wait for the eagle/s to turn up mabye. ........... .

Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Pelle Panther NFO n 23 (n 09 23. Has just a very very few white hairs on his tail tip so feno n 23 and genotype n 09 23).8 months and large and heavy. His veterinarian , quote owner " Did not beleive her ears " when told he was only 8 months, and thought he was a Main Coon. He is well over 5 kilos for some time now.So he`ll also be a large boy , like his father Hieronymus and  and mother Tabitha. His sister Penelope is also a large girl allready.

He looks FANTASTIC. And OHHHHH we see so much of his dear beautiful father

Hieronymus in him. We will try to make a combination before he will be neutred

this spring. He is a dear beloved family boy.

That will be with NO* Boote`s Amalie Amadeus NFO w 63 ( odd eyed)

or beauty from Belgium , Huriel de la Fôret d`Amalion BE*

Her Pelle is with his beautiful best friend Frøya. They are just wonderful :)))

Thank you so much dear Kristin for such lovely pics on busy days, and for loving our dear Pelle so much.

8 months on pics ( ?)

Pelle with his "best buddy sweet sweet princess Frøya". Wonderful.

WE DO NOT HAVE KITTENS at the moment.




Please follow the link below to get directly to Jannes lovely NFC web page. With lots of information and beautiful photos of fantastic cats and kittens.

The NO* Mimesbrunnen A- Litter at 7 weeks


 NO*Mimesbrunnen's Arthur .Silver mackerel tabby

NFO ns 23 . 7 weeks ______ BOOKED _____

NO*Mimesbrunnen's Amir . Silver mackerel tabby

NFO ns 23 .7 weeks _____ BOOKED _____

 NO*Mimesbrunnen's Alva .Possibly silver macrell tabby

NFO ns 23 .7 weeks _____ AVAILABLE _______

 NO*Mimesbrunnen's Ariadne .Smoke

NFO ns.7 weeks ______ AVAILABLE _____

 NO*Mimesbrunnen's Ariel .Smoke

NFO ns. 7 weeks 2 days ____ BOOKED _____

 NO*Mimesbrunnen's Andras .Smoke.

NFO n. 7 weeks ______Available_____

 NO*Mimesbrunnen's Ask . Black

NFO n.7 weeks _____ SOLD _____

Some are sold + booked + on hold .But some are undecided.So please feel free to contact Janne by using the link on the banner above.


The NO* Mimesbrunnen litter at 6 weeks

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Arthur NFO ns 23 6 weeks ___BOOKED__

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Amir NFO ns 23 6 weeks _BOOKED_

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Alva 6 weeks NFO ns 23

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Ariadne NFO ns 6 weeks

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Ariel NFO ns 6 weeks ____ BOOKED____

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Andras NFO n ( ns) 6 weeks

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Ask NFO n 6 weeks _ SOLD_

Medio February when I came back from work over the Alps:

"Die Luftwaffe"

Busy days the half part of the cattery has been at work, and took the camera out on a trip over the Alps :))))

But today when I was back home, talking to breeder Janne at

NO* MIMESBRUNNEN,THEN WE SUDEDDENLY AGAIN HAD 2 EAGLES coming in ( Golden Eagle/Aquila chrysaetos) + ( Haliaeetus albicilla /White tailed Eagle).

Both of them circling our house, roof and both of us.Above me, and later also Svein-Erik. Hunting in circles above us. Looking down passing us. Luckily Janne suggested sports function for photos of them . They are so difficult to get photos of we know for some time now. We only have dotts, behinds and traces in the snow from hunting landings.So now finally after over 1 1/2 years of photo hunting, I managed to frame one of them ( Aquila chrysaetos) into these unclear photos. Without a zoom. Then one can understand how large and close in fact. We were checked out as prey we guess :) . It is now clear that we have both of the largest eagles in Norway hunting around above our house. With their friends the ravens and crows following. Waiting for what they will catch. ALL OUR CATS WAS of course inside. But here one can see why we can not take outdoor photos of the cats any more :(((((( . Then they arrive at once.

On its way towards me and Svein-Erik behind me outside.

Preparing an air dive .

Checking out if there are someone to hunt and take away.

I look like a sheeps head from above, so I might ought to use a helmet mabye hi hi hi ;))) .

Checking in on me, looking down.

Diving in front of me. Taking off , returning for a new dive.

Passing over the small top beside the Gattostrada.

Taking a new turn. And looking right at me.

The crows gather and wait .............. .

Here is from an other afternoon now in late February.At early dusk. It ( She)came in over us (with the rawens) in one fast glide flight, sitting on the roof and behind on our little hill top. That she often lurks take off from. And then after having been sitting by the catrun a while with the ravens and crows chatting and waiting, took off to the other side with them,to glide very low over the tree tops there. There there are hare and mice aswell.The ravens and crows seems to " tell" on the cats to the eagle that the cats are here ( they looked from inside their catrun). Then it went hunting in sircles and dives on its last attemts before the arriving darkness. One could hear them from across the bay, chatting to the eagle. With a lot of birdsounds.This is how we have seen it here often to search for our cats. At this hour it is very dangerous and difficult to see. And if it has an good air flow. It can sitt still observing for a long time and take off very silently. Like a huge dark shadow and hang almost still in the air above the house, us and the cats for a long time. Looking down. Once I stood under " her" talking to her. She just came closer in on me tilting her head from side to side looking direct at me. This was right after Ariel. I " asked" her to move. Obviously that did not work with this proud queen. Here one can understand a bit about her wingspan. If She sits on the electric wire instalation top, her wings streched fully out, covers the whole horizontal wood beam top of it. In a hunt dive flight we saw her with wings spread straight out to fly and dive to the side and straight down below. There she took a small pray with her. Those pics of her touch and go landing place I took last February and is further down the this side. And shows her size and hunt abilities in the traces left in the snow.

So finally some unclear shots of one of them, it all goes so fast. But no longer only pics of wings, feet and bloddy prey marks in the snow.

They come all the time now

A couple of days after I took the pics of the eagle coming towards me after my return from over the Alps.It came back of course. Over the tree tops hunting. So I follwed. But it tok off in a rather difficult direction for me to run around in. So instead I took a look where it was before that. And I do not need to comment I think. This part of the forest was full of bones under the trees all the way along the cliffs and into the forest part, so I followed and found a place to store pray. No wonder it checks me out. My fuzzy  hair may from above look like one of it`s favorite pray. Wild Sheep.

Lots of bones and skulls were found. From different animals sadly. The view from its / their bone nest, is directly towards our house.


*  *  *  *  *




Mardollls e-mail :



Telephone :

0047 +  Tlf.nr. + 47 477 02 789

All the other 3 siblings in the this litter are booked.


NB: The (N) Mardolls have no homepage, so please just feel free to contact them directly by e-mail or TLF.


____ HAS INTEREST_____

*  *  *  *

*  *  *  *  *

Beautiful super cool silverboy

(N)Myrtekransen`s Isak NFO ns 09 24.

A beautiful very proud grandfather to the FANTASTIC (N) MARDOLLS KITTENS.

He is such a sweet and funny charmer, and very chatty as

well. Here he is getting some fresh air without his diper on.
But it is such a freezing day with a real icing bite in the wind.

Isak mostly closed his eyes or turned away from the wind. And Tabitha, Kohinoor and Huriel as well.

So they just packed them selves together. And no action.

Isak looking at his view. But a bit to cold

and windy.

Beautiful Tabitha, she just wanted back inside to a warm bed.

Beautiful Kohinoor wanted to come outside, but then she found out how cold it was. So that focused at all. And the birds were outside the catrun. She was with Jolanda, when we lost her. So a bit veary now, of the seagulls and the sounds of the crows.

But here she can see a very small and beautiful bird with its beautiful red breast. I ran inside to find some nice bread for him / her. And that was so interesting.

Then her lovely friend Huriel came to play and look at the bird.

The catrun works very well. It can be very windy though.Still some more to do. And later the now oldest catrun part leading to it will be rebuilt as well.

I plan for a new extesion later this year. More like a triangle towards the yard. That also can be connected to the small fence now out of use. And with a small tilted roof on to protect from rain and to let the wind pas. But for now. The old dog catrun is built into the 2 newer parts that are connected to the other catruns in the old Gattostrada. So they can run around and around the dogrun and go in and out to look at each other. With little plastic houses to sleep in . Nice and dry. So infact we have several catruns put together. And that is great during day time, when the eagle may appear. I now plan for the one down stairs as well. Then they can go in and out of the halls down stairs.

Halvsisters Mouna ( left)1 1/2 year and 5.4 kilos and Penelope (right) 7 months love to sleep belly up if we look at a movie. This is on my lap. Mum Tabitha also often comes up and Calamity of cours. Then they all lay side by side. Even Haifa tries to have his belly up side by side with his offsprings  ( or alone)on his favorite sheep fleece ( The favorite fleeces of Haifa changes. But any one I wear, or if on his own in the sofa beside Svein-Erik is wonderful. But at the moment  Haifas` favorite is this blue silvery one. That his granddaughters now have taken. Both my lap and his favorite fleece.

Huriel out on climbing actions in the catrun

Here with Maximus that had his dipers on, but the  last pics with it of. They are so used to it now.

Beautiful Huriel

There are some carpentring and fixing up to do

after the horrible storm( s ) we had . In fact I was up in the air holding on to the wooden pillars, while the walls bent in at the same time. It sounded like an old wooden sailing ship being in a full storm , bending at 3 places.Quite an experience. That is also why I now have added long super heavy iron pillars horizontally at the bottom that runs all the way connecting heavily between the catruns.It does not look cat run fancy at all.But here in our place, IT WORKS :))) And I made some attached hatches at the bottom of the pillars. That keeps the pillars and roof a bit down to  earth. Since it all is like a great sail in a way.So it keeps us from being an old sail ship cast out into the wild Northern Sea at a full storm again. So to all of you that have NFO`s . This is what it might be like in Western Norway. Not at all very cat show like :)).

But it stands at least, a bit more croocked though,works and most important . It keeps the eagle away. And also it is such a delightful special magic place on mild and star bright nights :)). And super fine on normal weathery days in the west.

Maximus and Huriel loves catrun fixing.

So they follow happily.

Maximus is a proud uncle at

the moment. But now he wants to

have girlfriends also :).

Still growing. Our large sweet teddy bear.

*  *  *  *



*  *  *  * 



*  *  *  * 

Breeder and owner Janne at NO*Mimesbrunnen takes weekly pictures. So one can follow them on her own home page.Here are her photos of her kittens at 2 weeks. Eyes opening and colors changing .And there

has become a new Ariel in the " family" :))).


NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Arthur NFO ns 23

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Amir NFO ns 23

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Alva NFO ns (N)23.

Has Interest.

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Ariadne NFO ns(n).

Has Interest.

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Andras NFO ns ( n ?)

NO*Mimesbrunnen`s Ariel ( renamed?)NFO ns (n ?)

NO*Mimesbrunnen`s Ask NFO n (?)

And a very proud newly neutered daddy Max :))) Maximilian. Photo taken for Janne by owner AnneMa.


And here also Maximilian`s first born beauties.

The GORGEOUS (N) Mardolls kittens at Nina and Jons cattery (N) Mardolls in Oslo.

Born on The 1 st of November 2013.

Mother: (N) Myrtekransen`s Natalia NFO ns 22

Father (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23


Mardolls Azlan NFO ns and Mardolls Ask NFO ns.


Both the twins are gorgeous black smoke silver beauties.

Here the whole (N) Mardolls Litter of 4.

They have had a color check, so colors may change. But for now.

(N) Mardolls Azlan and Ask . NFO ns .The black smoke silver twin boys to the left. And the only girl (N) Mardolls Aiza NFO ns, light black silver smoke , in the middle. _ BOOKED WEST NORWAY_. Brother (N) Mardolls Zappa NFO n 23. _BOOKED OSLO_, sleeping to the far right.

*  *  *  *  *



the HANDSOME MAXIMILIAN ( now neutered, but a proud father he is to his 2 litters in Oslo).

Norsk Skogkatt - Norwegian Forest cat NO*MIMESBRUNNEN's


This is a direct link to Janne and her female cat IC (N) Alneskatten`s Devi Delight`s lovely and new webpage at cattery

NO* Mimesbrunnen .

Here one can find the beautiful NO* Mimesbrunnen kittens. The A - Litter.

With lovely pictures taken of the babies by the breeder herself, Janne.

Janne says that the NFO codes are at the moment preliminary. And may change since the silver and smoke takes time to develope.

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Arthur NFO ns 23. Boy

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Amir NFO ns 23 Boy.

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Alva NFO ns 23. Girl _ HAS INTEREST_

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Ariadne NFO ns .Girl _HAS INTEREST_

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Andras NFO n Boy.

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Anzar NFO ns. Boy

NO* Mimesbrunnen`s Ask NFO n. Boy

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

A wonderful Chrismas Greeting from BEAUTIFUL (N) Myrtekransen`s  Pernille NFO n 23 in Oslo. 7 1/2 months.Having a great time in her home on the slopes of Holmenkollen , Oslo. So she has a splendid view and may "follow"  the famous skiing competitions there :))). She was and is still a busy playful girl. And so lovely.

Thank you dear Theresa and family, for a super sweet greeting from our dear Pernille.

Mouna says hello. 1 year and 5 1/2 months and 5.2 kilos now.

Here with her beautiful Beligian friend Huriel.

She send her most loving purrrrs to Francoise and Serge in Vallonia. At Cattery De la Fôret d `Amalion BE*


Calamity has been busy all daychatting and runing all over calling us for attention and to play. But when I finally put her on the shelf and the ladder. She was much to busy looking at her " babies" Penelope, Kohinoor, and Huriel playing. So only 1 pic, then she was on the floor again playing and running :))). Sorry Li at cattery Wonderwoods in Bordeaux. Calamity is so into playing and cuddeling. And LOVELY.

Beautiful Ophelia 1 year + 1 month. She says HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MALENE and RITA, and her mother GODIVA and sister OLYMPIA on Askøy. And to her father IC S* Milda Ma Tilde`s  Speed Igor and Edvind and Kåre at cattery (N) Stølsgarden on Manger. She is such a gorgeous black and white. Super kind, and sooo lovely.

*  *  *  *



LOTS OF PURS FROM QUEEN MUM BELINDA TO our beloved ones : APOLLONIA,ANASTASIA,AMBROSIA, AURELIA, AMBROSIUS, ABSALON. Our warmest greetings to them all, and best wishes for years to come. We hope they all had a wonderful day :)))) .

*  *  *  *  *


Thank you dear Janne for wonderful pics of your new

little wonders :))) .Colors and patterns may change,

but silvermackrell tabbies, silversmoke, and solid black seems to have arrived at NO* Mimesbrunnen.

Hurray Hurray :)))) .



1 mackrell tabby NFO n / ns 23, and 6 in black or smoke NFO n / NFO ns.  The right color and sex will come. 

With proud parents IC (N) Alneskatten`s Devi Delight NFO n


(N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian.

At cattery NO* Mimesbrunnen in Oslo .

Daddy Maximilian now a happy proud neutered family boy.


Devi and Maximilan have become proud parents to 7 beautiful

kitty NFO wonders at Jannes cattery NO* Mimesbrunnen. Oslo.

Some pics with unpatiente cats today.

The candle lights distracted a bit. And the winter cat nip was not fresh enough. And it was much more fun with the others bellow on the floor playing. Grandmother Calamity was ready for a greeting, but then took a trip into the catrun to play. And it was finally a dark afternoon, so Haifa was outside the catrun for a walk.  Great great grandmother Belinda is not allowed climbing shelfs on 3 legs, and she had her beauty cat nap. So just a bunch of some quick greetings :))) and purrrs.

Proud grandad Isak sends his warmest greetings to his daughter Natalia and his own grandchildren at Mardolls.

Uncle Maximus sends his loving greetings to his new nises and nephews

(not interested in pics today, he did not have time. And the winter cat nip roots were without scent it seems. Boring :) )

Aunt Nike sends her best greetings to her nephews and nise

at Mardolls.


Great grandmother Byzants sends her loving purrrs to her new great grandchildren at Mardolls. ( losing her collar now, since she only stays by the fire :)) : )


Grandmother Tabitha sends all her love to all her grandchildren

in the east. AND of COURS to her breeder in Geneva. Christine at D`Haakona CH* .Not at all time for photos from on the shelf. Only unclear play pics. Sorry, new ones planned :)). Off the shelf. She is wonderful.

Penelope 7 1/2 months and on her way to 4 kilos ( 3.8+).

She just had to come up and play, and says hello to

her newborn relatives :).

Great great grandfather and great grand father Magni sends his warmest greetings to granddaughter Devi`s babies and to Natlias kittens. He wishes the best of luck to all his great great grand children and his great grand children. Like daughter Byzants, loosing his lovely collar now due to being very comfortable by the fireplace :)).

Magni also send his breeder many purrs. And he is such a lovely boy.

Being very proud. He loves kittens and play with them.

Huriel just wants to say hello and wish all her dear ones

A HAPPY NEW YEAR. And plays.

Great great grandmother Diana proudly purrrs and says a warm hello to her great great grandchildren at Mardolls.

Diana sends her loving purrrrs as greetings to breeder Anita at cattery (N) Stjernen. Diana is a real beaty and sweetheart.

Sweetheart Ne Me Quitte Pas says HELLO to YOU ALL.



A Christmas fairytale landscape in Bø , at Bjørkestad. Telemark in Norway 2013.

Sadly with no more proud NFO cats strolling around on the farm of my aunt and uncle`s at the moment.

This is the beautiful fairytale forest of my dear aunt and uncle.
It is the home to mooses, foxes, lynxes , scqurilles, birds , deers and now and then a bear. But mostly earlier to older NFO`s and their beloved dog friends.

At my parents family house this year. A new boy had arrived .  White, on paws, and with a long white tail.

This is the belowed pure white oddeyed  neutered boy , Lillepus.

Such a wonderful kitty boy.Beloning to my brother and his dear fiance. Lillepus is of half Turkish Van and Domestic breed. Making him into such a Turkish Delight. A real sweetheart. Born on the same day and year as our own dear Isak. So very funny.

IC (N) Myrtekransen`s Goya NFO ns

Sending his coolest Christmas Greeting.

Being very serious at almost 3 years and 7 months. :)))

Thank you so much Anna and Harry. WHAT A PIC !!!!!

Thank you soooo much dear Siv. For a gorgeous couple of cats and dogfriends.

Here our dear beauties Elisabeth and Fresia have " time out" with

their dear Leonbergers. Ginara and Polly.


Thank you so much Fabiana and Andrea.

For such a lovely greeting from beautiful Italy.


what a fantastic litter you have after your fantasic

PennyLane and the last litter after our dear beautiful Hektor.

SO our best Christmas purrrrs to the gorgeous ones :))).



Born on The 1 th of November 2013.

After beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Natalia NFO ns 22

and beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23

at CATTERY (N) MARDOLLS in Oslo ( and sometimes at their place in Langesund. Telemark).

The Mardolls KITTENS Litter PEDIGREE

Beautiful (N) Mardolls Aiza girl NFO ns 23


Beautiful (N) Mardolls Ask boy NFO ns

Beautiful (N) Mardolls Azlan NFO boy ns

Beautiful (N) Mardolls Zappa boy NFO ns 23

Beautiful IC (N) Alneskatten`s Devi Delight NFO n expects the last litter from (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23 at CATTERY (N) MIMESBRUNNEN

Devi Delight lives in Oslo with her dear " mum" Janne at cattery (N) Mimesbrunnen. Her cattery homepage is on it`s way.

Maximilian will be neutered before Christmas. Being a proud father of 2 WONDERFUL litters.  Here he has been pampered a bit, and looks like a very proud male, a proud dad to (N) Mardolls gorgeous silver kittens, and waiting for his last lovely beauties on their way at New Year. Congratulations and good luck to Janne at (N) Mimesbrunnen.

Combination litter Pedigree at (N) Mimesbrunnen

Proud large beautiful daddy (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23. Love sick but relaxing with his dear family in Drammen Hurum.

He is the proud father to the wonderful silver litter in the east of Norway

with 4 WONDERFUL SILVER KITTENS at CATTERY  (N) Mardolls in  Langesund ( Oslo).

The beautiful silver babies after (N) Myrtekransen`s Natalia NFO ns 22 and Maximilian.

Natalia herself lives with Nina and Jon at CATTERY (N) MARDOLLS. In Langesund and sometimes Oslo. Please feel free to e-mail us if You are interested in one of his babies. The bookings have started, and there is interest. So just use our e-mail. And we`ll send it ahead to Nina and Jon at cattery (N) Mardolls.

Again thank you so much AnneMa. For a typical and wonderful pic of your dear boy.

Maximilian will be neutered now before Christmas. And live as a family boy and a more relaxed life as a dear neuter with his dear family.

Mouna and Penelope "working" .

Here Penelope and the last pictures I took of our beloved Hieronymus.

Right before I left for my work in Austria. She looked so very much like her dad from the days she was born. With slight hints also coming from Tabitha.

But  she was his favorite baby in the litter, and even let her try to nipple a bit :). So agreat great loss. But luckily we have Penelope. And also Jolandas` mother Fiorenza. Mouna her gorgeous halfsister, is of cours super cool, and her mothers daughter. She is a very much my cat, but very funny and chatty. She is determined and happy minded.

And like a fantastic female version of our old Ludvig.

Mouna is a female teddy bear .

Penelope and Ne Me Quitte Pas playing with Mouna

Fiorenza a great charmer as always. And talks to you in her sweet voice ,

just like  her mother Aurora.

Kolya is very much in love with Fiorenza . All the time...


you wish blæææ. Fiorenza thinks he is stupid

Huriel on a favorite spot for a few seconds. Then she was all over speeding with her buddy Penelope, and Kolyas` grandad Haifa can feel the action behind him

Fiorenza cool as always

Fiorenza and her friend and earlier "mother in law " Calamity

Calamity has busy days playing with the speedy Penelope and

Ne Me Quitte Pas. And is stil a mother to the 2 larger " babies" Nike and Ophelia.And she is busy having control over everything we do.

She runs and chats, and sleeps up on us with her friends. This is the large cat playroom up stairs. were she is very busy. Back and fort with toys from one room to the other. Calling and footballing.

Calamity in control of the my working laptop. No wonder it gets lots functional hick ups. At the moment stuck in on 1 window.Here she is listening to early spanish baroque music. She loves it when we wistle. The she sings and sings . LOUDLY.  Calamity and Mouna is great fun with some Disney movies, Mozart, The Little Mole and some Abba/ Benny Andersons Orkester. Then they chat and sing along.

Here she has the chair on her own. Usually she must lay down with tummy up on the lap, on top of the sheep flee. Sometimes with both Tabitha and Mouna at the same time. So I have to sitt in funny manners to write.

A normal day inside when stormy and rainy.

It is playing and checking inside and outside , into the catruns, sometimes they look back inside from the outside in the cat run, to run back inside again. In case of more action, or some snack.

So dark dark outside. And the horrible eagle at daytime.

But inside they have great fun " working" / = playing+ spying all over. This is just one of their places. But if we are in a room . They always follow.

Fiorenza is awfully busy chatting and charming. And waits for her steamed chicken brewing on the stove in the cats working room.

So here they have full control over all our actions in this house part :).

Now also from through the windows sitting outside in the new catrun extension. So often they sit an look at each other on each side of the window. Very funny.

And they are just such great company

Here is a large kettle boiling slowly. Full of delicious cat snack.

Ne Me Quitte Pas was renamed, and loves his new name more.

He PURRRRRRS and chats back when named.

Finally he has started to take an interest in dry cat food.

He loves to play. Here with half brother Kolya.

Kolya and halfbrother Ne Me Quitte Pas

Beautiful Kolya

Beautiful Ne Me Quitte Pas. With fatty chicken stok all over his collar and

the place he last washed in with it. He LOOVES chicken steamed in stok.

These two boys are always around, when something is up.

Following your every move. Looking and chatting.

And Kolya also do computers a lot ...

Gregorius is the beautiful proud father to Maximus, Mouna and baby Ne Me Quitte Pas. He is relaxing in his up and go dipers.

Haifa is the proud father and grandfather. the BOSS.

Here is an other proud grandad, Slode. He is the father of Isak, granfather of Nike, and a grandfather on the motherside to Natalias kittens at (N) Mardolls. Haifa is the grandfather on the fatherside. 

Slode is ery busy playing into the camera.

And always such a lovely beauty. Ophelia , Godivas daughter from Malenes. Haifas grandaughter, and the niese of Gregorius.

Isak is such a sweetheart as well. He is a wonderful happy minded chatty boy. That does not  mind his Up and Go dipers, but LOOOVES attention. Even though Slode does not want to be the boss. Isak is much more willing to take part " ruling with Haifa. Isak gaining winter his wintercoat.

Ophelia the grandaughter and Haifa her granfather.

She loves the chair Mouna has taken, and lies near by, waithing for it. She knows she looks great on pure red aswell. It is normally mostly hers.

Her mother Godiva and sister Olympia lives with Malenes . Malenes family with mum Rita and family on Askøy.

Now the cats found it time to take of the " bright " cat studio light.

So that they can go back to their business. And waith for the new snack to cool off. Purrs and purrs.

Beautiful silver " princess+princess+princess" Nike 15 months. Getting her collar and winterfur. She still takes a sip of Calamity several times a day if she can.

Big baby Maximus flirting from above

Our beautiful playful and fullspeed kitty Penelope 6 months. And she has daddy`s chin :).

Our beautiful black panther beauty panther Ophelia almost 13 months

Here are the first pics of our offsprings Natalia and Maximilians




They are born on The 1 of November 2013 at cattery (N) Mardolls .

They live in the south east of Norway.In Oslo and Langesund in Telemark.

There has already been interest in the litter before even advertized.

So please contact us  to put you in contact, or Nina and Jon at (N) Mardolls,

if interested. I`ll put up the right e-mail and tlf.nr. as soon as we have verified the right ones to be used. So that one can contact directly the Mardolls Cattery, oneselves. But they have no web page yet. So our web page will give some information a long the way :))) .

At least 3 have noted themselves.

The beautiful mother (N) Myrtekransen`s Natalia NFO ns 22

( Natalia 10 months on these pics)

The beautiful father (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23.

He has been allowed 2 litters in 2 other catteries befor being neutered.

( Maximilian on his 1 year birthday pics)

The (N) Mardolls Litter at (N) Mardolls.

Born the 1 of November 2013.

Mother: (N) Myrtekransen`s Natalia NFO ns 22

Father: (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23


Colors codes and sex may change. But it seems to be one large boy and 3 sisters. AND TWO of them are real TWINS :)))). The silversmoke girls.

So please contact us on e-mail And E-mail and TLF. Number will be given to JON and NINA in the (N) MARDOLLS CATTERY in the south east.


(N) Mardolls ? .NFO ns 23 Male ? . - (N) Mardolls ? NFO ns 23 girl ?

The twins. They are both smoke and shared the same placenta

(N) Mardolls ? NFO ns Girl ? - (N) Mardolls ? NFO ns Girl ?

The silver smoke twins. 2 Gorgeous girls.



Kolya inside the old dog catrun.

He is getting a lovely winterfur, with a collar like a small lion.

So new pics on their way soon. Here he is wondering about Haifa on the catrun roof with me.

 CELEBRATED THEIR BIRTHDAY the 20 th of NOVEMBER. But we have had a storm, and work + the horrible eagle that we do not wish to attract outside at daytime. So no PICS outside that day.

BUUUUT of kours they have been celebrated a lot.

They both like all sorts. So they had both fish, steamed chicken, tuna and lots of cuddeling. They are bothsuper social and cuddely. So this is normal all day anyway. Love them both so very much.


Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Panthera Petra NFO n 23

Andrea has sent us this fantastic and wonderful greeting from our BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL Petra. WOOOOW she looks like a pretty " skautroll".

Thank you for a lovely greeting ,and for loving her so much. She likes attention, and this is one of the ways she knows to get it. SUPER sweet.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MALENE`s GORGEOUS M-Litter, our host litter that was born on Askøy. We hope they all had a great and fun day.

And wish Orpheus, Opus, Olympia and our Ophelia all the best.

Though here in the West, we have had stormy, cold,dark, grey and rainy days and evenings. But one can have fun still.

Our beautiful gorgeous and dear (N) Myrtekransen`s Ophelia has been testing the almost finnished cat run extesion, and found it great even on windy and rainy days. Though  a bit windy and dark for good pics. But she also has a new cat climbing " tree " inside, that she loved to see me put together. It was so popular that we`ll have to get one more one the other end of the sofa. It is deep wine reed, so Ophelia jumpt right into the bed box part, and found it to be a great color for her. And today she had her special treats. Tuna, steamed meat and some raw fish. She is such a lovely girl. And with such a lovely temper. Very much like Elena, or her father Speed Igor as well, and Haifa of cours. Pics are not good. Clouded and grey, and a wind coming our way.

But here is the lovely beautiful Ophelia. 1 year to day. Helping out.

Ophelia was outside with her friends, and bellow is the very busy

Penelope, that she loves to play with and " bring up". And they share Calamity`s attention. Ophelia, Nike and Penelope still are allowed to sip together like siblings now and then.

So though a year, she is still Calamity`s adoptive " baby".

Penelope is here there and everywhere. Helping "cleaning up ", bits and pieces in the catrun.

Fiorenza waiting for a jump over the others. Being bored in the rain.

Thank you dear Eva and Jasper at Cattery DK Zalethco in Denmark.

For a lovely autumn greeting from the two dear beauties.

Beautiful mother IC (N) Myrtekransen`s Helene NFO n 22 at 3 1/2 years.

and her wonderful wonderful daughter, Calamity and Haifa`s granddaughter and the cattery " grand child" in Denmark.

DK Zalethco`s Black Beauty NFO n 22. 4 months.Black Beauty is kept by the cattery DK Zalethco itself. And GORGEOUS she is.

Huge congratulations to a WONDERFUL DK ZALETHCO litter with FANTASTIC kittens after our dear Helene.

Thank you so much for taking such great care of our NFO troll Helene, and for loving her so much.



Our dear MAXIMILIAN AND NATALIA from (N) Myrtekransen, has become proud first time parents at CATTERY (N) MARDOLLS in Langesund, Telemark / Oslo.



They have made it all possible keeping him fertile for 2 planned litters before neutering.




*  *  * **


Our dear dear Queen is 9 years today. And has been celebrated of  cours. Tuna snack, then her prefered pureè, and yes Royal Canin baby kitten pellets. And she was outside with me and some of her friends. She is just wonderful, and the boss still of course. Belinda has a funny hairdo on her one side, because of her stiff leg. She lays down mostly on one side, so she wears off fur some places on that side. But otherwise she is a healty busy lady being happy being together, and having her regular routines. Every morning she is waiting on top of the table ( climbing up on 3 legs), or on a chair to say hello and cuddle. And then food. We are so grateful that she is our dear dear beautiful flower. In plentiful.  AND BELINDA HAS BECOME A GREAT GREAT GREAT GRAND MUM, to  (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian`s NFO ns 23 newborn babies at cattery (N) Mardolls in Langesund / Oslo , Norway.

Huriel de la Fôret d`Amalion BE* Nfo n 09 23 . 1 year and 8 months. Out having great fun all around me. Teasing and gallopping. Having been to the vets for her breeding check as well.  So ready for future plannning. Her second check since the first was a while a go.

(N) Myrtekransen`s Kohinoor NFO ns 03 23. Almost 2 Years, and has already been checked for breeding. So we`ll think about her plans also.

GIC (N) Selteteigen`s Magni NFO ns 24. 9 years and near 3 months. Out guarding, but mostly being with me. If I`m on the outside he wants out, if I go in he wants back inside. But he also had a great time playing with Huriel and Kohinoor. He loves to play with the girls. Magni has become a proud great great great grandad to a a lovely silver litter after our (N) Myrtekransen`s Natalia NFO ns 22  at cattery (N) Mardolls in Langesund, Telemark/ Oslo.

Magni and Fiorenza

(N) Myrtekransen`s Fiorenza NFO n 09 22. Being inside, but having fun  with a smelly catnip root that she loves.

(N) Myrtekransen`s Maximus NFO ns 23 . And 7 1/2 kilos at 1 year and 3 months. He has become aproud uncle these days, to 4 silver tiger baby nices and nephews in Langesund, Telemark / Oslo. At cattery (N) Mardolls. It is a combination with his brother (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23 and our Nike`S sister (N) Myrtekransen`s Natalia NFO ns 22. The same lovely combination we`ll save for later.

He has had his breeding check and is also ready for planning soon.

Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Mouna NFO n 23. 1 Year and 3 1/2 months, out for a walk with me. Mouna

has become aproud aunt these days, to 4 silver tiger baby nices and nephews in Langesund, Telemark / Oslo. At cattery (N) Mardolls. It is a combination with her brother (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23 and our Nike`S sister (N) Myrtekransen`s Natalia NFO ns 22.

She has had her breeding check and is also ready for planning soon.

Joy and Haifa being outside with me. Helping with some catrun extensions. Kolya is amazed bellow by the the sounds we make on the older catrun roof. And the chats and looks so funny. Hopefully it`ll be ready any day now :))) . The cats are not allowed to be outside day time, if we are not very close by them to guard. And only a couple at the time. Because of the eagle being here almost every day now.

Joy 5 years and 4 months

Haifa 5 1/2 years

Kolya soon 2 years.

Haifa waiting for me standing on the ladder. He wants to be cuddeled even more.

(N) Myrtekransen`s Qadir NFO as 23

23 . Debbie and Gregorius lovely son.

He is 13 weeks and, a suuuuuch heart breaker.

Our blue boy Qadir is a bit special to us :)))) .

(N) Myrtekransen`s Natalia NFO ns 22 and (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23 expect wonderful silver kittens at Cattery (N) Mardolls in November.

*  *  *  *

Also huge Congrats WITH WONDERFUL KITTENS  to Fabiana and Andrea at Cattery IT* Orme sulla Neve in Piemonte, Italy.

This the last litter after our dear (N) Myrtekransen`s Hektor NFO n 09 22  with beautiful IT* IceLanke PennyLane  NFO f 09. Hektor is now neutered.

They are just FANTASTIC !!!!. And so fun to see how Haifa`s gorgeous look appears. Some look like our own kittens

*  *  *  *

Svein-Erik is in Finland, and he has been on a visit to our dear friends Anne and Harry with family. He had a lovely stay there in great company. And of course enjoying a lot seeing again the beautiful boys IC (N) Myrtekransen`s Caspar NFO w and IC (N) Myrtekransen`s Goya NFO ns.

Caspar 5 years the son of Diana and Ariel, and Goya 3 1/2 years the son of Elena and Haifa.

Both boys have a lovely life as beloved family cats and neuters. Enjoying the apartment views and the cottage on the country side. Goya is like Haifa, not that interested in shows. But great looking they are and so sweet. Caspar is still the boss.


A greeting from (N) Myrtekransen`s Pelle Panther NFO n 09 23 at 4 1/2 - near 5 months.

Getting larger.Being a dear beloved busy family boy, and growing onto a lovely family tiger.

Thank you so much Kristin and Frøya for wonderful pics and greetings from you both and Pelle, and for taking such great care and loving him so much.

(N) Myrtekransen`s Natalia NFO ns 22 and (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23

Expect a wonderful silver litter in Langesund /Telemark at Cattery (N) Mardolls.

This is Natalia and Maximilians first litter. Maximilian is a beloved family cat, but has been allowed used for two matings in the east by the owners and us. We will link to web pages ASP, when they arrive.

BEST WISHES AND GOOD LUCK to NINA & Jon at Cattery (N) Mardolls and to Maximilian`s owners AnneMa and Hansi at Hurum. They will become " grand parents" in November.

Here are some pics of beautiful and super busy Penelope at 20 weeks

Just a quck few of beautiful and proud father Hieronymus soon 3 1/2 years.

Still growing a bit.

Making his hairdo fuzzy rolling over in the wet sun chair chair and on the wet ground with a fresh catnip branch. He is so sweet.

Beautiful blue silver boy Qadir 7 weeks outside for some quick pics in the grey cloudy afternoon after his pollock in stock meal. A bit dusky and windy, so just a few pics. The photograper has busy days, and will go abroad for work with the camera. So pics only now and then, inbetween, if time. Svein-Erik will be the kitty babysitter, with Quadir sitting on his chest at work. But he`ll take no pics. So just a qick hello from wonderful Quadir. Wondering a bit about the changing weather.

Pernille has moved to her new home in Oslo, and has become a busy family member.

That now has many dear ones to play with as much as she likes. Pernille LOOOVES

to play hide and seek, and to find things. So a family with lovely kids was super..

Thank you so much dear Theresa for SUPER SWEET pics ogf our dear " little " looong tigerbaby.

Jolanda outside on little trip with Haifa and Magni, and with super busy hyper tigerbaby Penelope. I actually had to hold Penelope in the end to try to get som pics, but she is to large now for one hand, so that was not a great success either.

But lovely she is. And of cours dear to her lovely active halfsister Jolanda. Which by the way has become a super sweet funny young lady at 1 year and 10 months.

I only had a short time. So not many pics before going back to my work.

Super cool and all over.

Almost all pics of this gorgeous tiger kitty girl is unclear or she is on her way out of the focus frame :).

Beautiful Jolanda loves to Play with Penelope, her lovely half sister.

Penelope in a close up grip, that did not last long enough for a nice pic :)))) .

Last pictures of the wonderful P-Litter.

Beautiful Pelle Panther almost 15 weeks. And he has now moved to his new family in Møre, Norway.

Beautiful Penelope almost 15 weeks. Is ours. So she`ll live by the coast of Bergen, West Norway.

Beautiful baby blueboy Qadir almost 6 weeks

Jolanda, Nike , Ophelia, Maximus, Kohinoor, Magni and mummy Debbie. Having Catnip plants and bathing in sunbeams. Playing with the kittens.

Jolanda                          Debbie and Penelope

Debbie-Doss and Qadir, and Maximus

Maximus                and                    Nike

Jolanda                           Maximus


Nike                                    Maximus

Magni behind, Maximus,  then grandaughter Nike , kohinoor, and Ophelia happily sun bating in the cat nip scented sun bed :).

Some quick pics of our beautiful blue silver boy Qadir again. 5 weeks being guarded by Huriel and Kohinoor. And he enjoyed sun with no mosquitos :).

Our beautiful P-Litter is at the journeys end. And now they will start to move to their new homes and new lives. Pelle was relaxing after his last vaccine.

Beautiful Panthera Petra 14 weeks. Has moved to Agder, Norway.

Beautiful Pernille 14 weeks. Has moved to Oslo, Norway.

Beautiful Penelope 14 weeks.

Beautiful Pelle at 14 weeks the day after his siblings.

But with him it also started raining again :). So in and out, and back inside again.


1 year old today

(N) Myrtekransen`s Noir, (N) Myrtekransen`s Nikolay, (N) Myrtekransen`s Natalia and our own (N) Myrtekransen`s Nike.

Wish all the beautiful dear ones a GREAT and WONDERFUL day.

Happy Birthday beautiful our dear

(N) Myrtekransen`s Nike NFO ns 09 23. now 1 year.

She has lovely sunbeams, has taken a sunbath in her sun chair.

Had some of her snack, tuna and choped raw pollock, catnip roots and more to come :).

So beautiful and lovely, our silver princess.

Nike is CH (N) Stjernen`s Diana`s ( below) great grandaughter after her daughter Byzant`s son Isak. And mum is wonderful Calamity Jane. So beautiful.


Our dear sweetheart is 8 years today.

She has had treats, canned tuna and some nice snack.

Shrimps any day now aswell.

She`ll have her vaccines the coming days, so no trip outside on her birthday. But here are some quick new pics in the catrun until we have more time to take a nice trip after her visit to the vets. She had grilled chicken as a snack afterwards :). She is FANTASTIC and very sweet and  kind.

Huriel loved to show off for attention behind her.

AND she had plenty of the plant the cats loves so much. It turns out that where we have thrown out the cat litter earlier,it now grows lots of Nepeta Cataria. Catnip plant. Having seeded itself after being swallowed when chewing on their cat toy pillows called " Stinky", and then it has been spread the natural way.



Cat nip roots are " wonderful". And has a strong intense smell.

Huriel wanting attention on the outside. Climbing up and down. Doing gymnastics. and of course she came back inside aswell. For catnip and a chicken treat.

Beautiful Ophelia loves the strong scented catnip roots a lot, and to cuddle.

Beautiful Pelle Panther 12 weeks.

BOOKED Møre . Norway

Beautiful long Pernille 12 weeks, and in in between dusky rain.

Beautiful Panthera Petra " The Little Troll".12 weeks also in between the dusky rain. And under mosquito attacks .

And then just a very few of a busy beautiful Penelope.

Before the rain started over again :)))) .

Booked (N) Myrtekransen. Bergen, Norway.

Little baby Cadir was also outside for the first time at 3 + weeks. On his woolen blanket. In the dusky clouded rain,and surrounded by hords of the

hungry lokal very agressive mosquitos.

So needless to say. It was a very short trip also for him that day.

Just a quick few of beautiful Qadir 2 weeks. Before the light was fading. We have absolute deadlines for work. So photos must wait.

(N) Myrtekransen`s Mouna NFO n 23. The halfsister of our P-Litter.

Busy days, so I only took the boys today. ( And Mouna sitting there)

Daddy`s girl (N) Myrtekransen`s Penelope NFO n 09 23. 11 Weeks.

___ Booked  (N) Myrtekransen. Bergen, Norway.____

(N) Myrtekransen`s Pavel NFO n 23. Pics at 11 weeks.

Has just moved to his new family . In the evening turning 12 Weeks.

. Merkesvik Askøy. Bergen, Norway

(N) Myrtekransen`s Pelle Panther NFO n 23.11 weeks. Booked Møre, Norway.

And beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Ophelia NFO n 09.



He is 9 years today on the 8 th of August. Having had his favorite treats a small trip with his daughter Byzants and buddy Haifa. We tried fishing herring and mackrel. But no fish caught today. So tuna and tinned mackrel in tomatosauce as a snack.  SO HIPP HIPP HURRRRAY lovely Magni. We wish you all the best.

Fresh raw herring and mackrel " sushi" / tartar will come .

A sweet summer silver kitty nose kiss

(N) Myrtekransen`s Natalia NFO ns 22 ( almost 12 months)

and (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian NFO ns 23 ( 12 months)

Maximilian has had a visit on his terrace in Drammen from his girl friend

Natalia from Langesund. With her two legged "parents" at ( (N) Mardolls).

And the meeting went very well. They like eachother :)))))) .

Beautiful Qadir NFO as 23 .1 week

____ BOOKED ____

Beautiful Pavel NFO n 23 . 10 weeks

Booked. Askøy, Bergen. Norway.

Beautiful Pelle Panther NFO n 23 . 10 weeks

Booked. Møre, Norway.

Beautiful Penelope NFO n 09 23 . 10 weeks ___

Booked (N) Myrtekransen. Bergen,Norway

Beautiful Pernille NFO n 23 .10 weeks .Booked.Oslo , Norway

Beautiful Petra NFO n 23. 10 weeks

Booked. Agder, Norway.

*  *  *  *

Maximilian with his new toys on his birthday. 1 year young :))).

And he looks a bit like great grand mother Aurora or mabye even Haifas` grandmother. Tigra.

Our beautiful P-LITTER 9 weeks.

Three are booked.

One more will be booked.

But feel free to ask for information.

Beautiful Petra 9 weeks ____ BOOKED ___ South Norway

Beautiful Penelope 9 weeks

Beautiful Pavel 9 weeks _____ BOOKED ___  Askøy, West Norway

Beautiful Pernille 9 weeks

Beautiful Pelle Panther 9 weeks ____ BOOKED____ West Norway

We have newborn KITTENS:

HUGE CONGRATS TO Debbie and Gregorius and

THE WONDERFUL NEWBORNS that have just arrived.

Our beautiful Q-LITTER

Proud parents are:

CH S* Zygot`s Debbie-Doss NFO ns 09 24

CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius NFO ns



Beautiful boy (N) Myrtekransen`s Qadir NFO as 23.

___________ BOOKED ______

The kittens came during the night and into the morning. It took a while poor dear brave Debbie.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear beautiful M-LITTER.


They share their birthday with Gregorius first litter. Our dear wonderful M-Litter.


(N) Myrtekransens`s Maximilian NFO ns 23 on his birthday. 1 year and 6.5 kilos.

Thanks again AnneMa. He looks smashing :) .

(N) Myrtekransen`s Maximus NFO ns 23 & (N) Myrtekransens` Mouna NFO n 23

They are 1 year today, and JUST gorgeous :)))) .

Wish them all a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY .

Our beautiful kittens 8 weeks

One more will be booked, but not decided quite yet which one.

*  *  *  *

This was a day to Joy`s taste and liking.

Sunny with warmth coming.

She loved it, and enjoyed herself with some of her friends.

That means Haifa mostly.

Kolya throwing himself with his belly up, and loves to charme like

grandad Haifa.

Joy on the lap with sunbeams

Buddy Haifa

The Queen, GIC (N) Blomsterdalen`s Belinda NFO w. 8 years & 8 months out for a stroll, some running and jumping on her 3 legs ( forth is stiff ). Rolling over on the ground, and to do some headbanging into legs, bushes and stone corners + grasing.


Beautiful Pavel NFO n 23 now 8 weeks

Beautiful Pelle Panther NFO n 23 ( fading white hairs on his tale tip)* BOOKED*

Beautiful Penelope NFO n 09 23 now 8 weeks

Beautiful Pernille NFO n 23 now 8 weeks

Beautiful Petra NFO n 23 now 8 weeks . * BOOKED*

Two little tigers. Petra and brother Pelle Panther.

Petra with a few precious afternoon summer beams :))) .

Daddy Hieronymus in his summer coat, guarding proudly his beloved kittens.

He is a great dad. And looooves his babies.

Pavel 8 weeks on his first trip outside

Pernille 8 weeks and first time outside

Petra 8 weeks and on her first trip outside. She was the tird one and did not want to be too long. ____ BOOKED NORWAY  ______

Pelle Panther 8 weeks and on his first trip outside. Finding it a bit scary with birds.

___________BOOKED NORWAY ______________

Penelope 8 weeks was the first one outside. Testing if it was ok for them since we had some sunbeams at last.

Ophelia has busy days with her best friends. And she also loves grandad Haifas favorite sunbed.

Best friend Huriel is always ready to play.

Gregorius is waiting to become a dad again. And loves to roll over the snails on the ground.

Jolanda has great days.She has so much to check and to play with. And loves kittens.

Princess Nike, she still loves milk. And has been stealing BIG time from Tabitha.

She even can stay for a long time many times a day on her mother Calamitys` tummy.

Ophelia seems to have a break from milk at last. But she loves to be a baby sitter.

The looong princess Nike.soon 11 months.

Sweetheart Kohoinoor has a break from plans, and loves to come and play a lot.

Mouna soon to be 1 year. A large heavy girl. With the best fur in the cattery at the moment( within a range of 10 years). A mixture of both parents. Even better than  her great grandmother Aurora with her beautiful fur. And even our Ludvig born April  1987. So a nice touch she is .

Isak the father of Nike, is SUPER BUSY. Chatting and guarding in his summer coat.

Maximus also soon 1 year. And he loves to play with the roots of the potato plant.

*  *  *  *

NB: There might be some changes in the p-litter bookings again.

2 want the same 2 cats, and one more might have an interest.

Changes will be noted as soon as decisions have been made.

** * * 

Malene and Siv on Askøy in Malenes home,are waiting for the lovely mops puppies these days. So the puppies birthplace has been made ready. And guess who has moved in to it. Ready to " help" her mops dog friend with her first mops puppies. Yes, cool panther princess Godiva of course. And Malene and her family have somewhat sleepless nights now and then. Because of (N) Myrtekransen`s Olympia NFO n 23 ( nick named Makrellen), Godivas daughter. Ophelia`s sister. While Ophelia is so sweet, quietly busy and well behaved.Olympia loves to wake up very late, and chase feet or do some climbing in between clothes in the closet. She is raised by her busy panther mum no doubt. Here Malene told me she had been doing all her actions all over, and then appears in bed afterwards sweet as can be, ready to cuddle.

And she looks pretty gorgeous though at 8 months

Godiva waiting for the mops puppies. Daughter Olympia sooo sweet , after raiding.

Photos from Siv and Malene.

Our wonderful kittens ,the P- Litter, are 7 weeks and so lovely.

(N) Myrtekransens`s Petra NFO n 23 now 7 weeks.

Has interest West Norway

(N) Myrtekransen`s Penelope NFO n 09 23 now 7 weeks.

(N) Myrtekransen`s Pernille NFO n 23 now 7 weeks

(N) Myrtekransen`s Pelle Panther NFO n 23 ( has only a few disapearing white hairs on his outermost extreme tail tip). Now 7 weeks.

______ Booked South Norway ______

(N) Myrtekransen`s Pavel NFO n 23 now 7 weeks.

And I just quickly tried photos of our gorgeous tuxedo panther princess Ophelia today.

But she just wants to play in the blankets all the time,or to wash herself.

The flash was not her thing either. But she is growing into a beautiful kitty lady, and more time will come after kittens have grown up on one lovely Ophelia day :) .

6/7 2013

NB. There has been a change of names between Petra and Penelope.

But it seems that the EMS coding allready by mistake was right :) .

Because like thought at first.Petra is more Penelope, and Penelope is more Petra.The change has been a thought for weeks, since they were born, and is now agreed up on.Actually allready made by a slip of the tongue by their EMS codings put wrong and forgotten for weeks:))). Now it is right. Petra NFO n 23 and Penelope NFO n 09 23.

Beautiful Petra NFO n 23 now 6 weeks

Beautiful Pernille now 6 weeks


Beautiful Penelope now 6 weeks

Beautiful Pelle Panther now 6 weeks

Beautiful Pavel now 6 weeks.

Beautiful Huriel 1 1/2 years

Huriel out for a walk with me and her two guardians. Hieronymus and his son Kolya.


Pics will come during the weekend.

Here are some quick early evening snap shots of daddy Hieronymus in his summer coat. With his up and go diper, sleeping with and washing his beautiful "mini Hieronymus daughter Penelope ". She is a real daddy`s girl. Hieronymus loves all his kittens and take part in the rasing+ wants to be my " baby". The kitten family has taken over our bed now. Jumping all over and playing with the bed blanket ++ ... Bringing toys,playing, siping milk, cuddeling and sleeping.

Tabitha 3 years, Magni soon 9 years, Haifa 5 years + 3 months, Slode 4 1/2 years and Kolya 1 year and 8 months enjoying some sunbeams with me. Kolya now almost in his summer fur. With less and less collar, and very playful.

Since the computer is free during Saturdays. Then here are new pics of our little wonders. Growing ears at the moment :) . And developing in different directions.

Some look like Tabitha`s family others like those on Hieronymus side .

Our wonderful P-Litter 6 weeks.

1 girl, Pernille, is RESERVED South Norway. And one more will be booked as a future breeding female/male to Norway.

The choice between them is difficult though. Not quite decided yet.

So feel free to ask .

Pavel NFO n 23 at 5 weeks and 2 days Growing ears. Taking after several.

Pelle Panther NFO n 23 ( n 09 23, has vanishing white hairs on his extreme tail tip.)

Here at 5 weeks and 2 days with a dash of mum at the moment.

Petra NFO n 23 at 5 weeks and 2 days taking after several.

Pernille NFO n 23 at 5 weeks and 2 days

Mummy Tabitha when arrived in Norway. I can not find daddy`s pics in back ups, but they are one the pages as well+ family.

Reserved South Norway.

Penelope NFO n 09 23 at 5 weeks and 2 days with both her mums` and her aunt Helenes great ears:) . And looks much like her father added a nuance of Tabitha.

Half sister Jolanda always loves to check out what kind of fun the kittens have :).

Beautiful silver princess (N) Myrtekransen`s Natalia NFO ns 22. at 10 months.


Natalia is living a life as a beloved family cat at cattery (N) Mardolls in South Norway.

Thank you dear Nina and Jon for a wonderful summer greeting with lovely pics of the silver beauty. Here she is with her very young little best friend on her favorite place in his pram. And ready to go with her dear family on a field trip to a favorite place nearby. Super sweet.



She was 5 years 27/6 ( yesterday), and enjoyed a little bit of a sunny afternoon while I was on a short trip to our suburban town. Here are some evening pics from today, in the rainy dark weather. She has been inside all day after her great time yesterday. So today just sleeping and cuddeling inside. She prefers sunbasking days. She had her snacks and treats after coming in from her her field trip yester day,and also her worm cure ( not that popular :) ). She enjoyed the rest of her birthday having her evening snack and being cuddeled. So she had a great fun day.HAPPY HAPPY 5 year old birthday sweet funny sunshine girl Joy. Wish you all the best of fun dear girl..

Beautiful silvertiger boy (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximus NFO ns 23 at 11 months.

We have tried group photos today. But it was much to strange for the kittens without

the blankets and straight on the table. So they just wanted to go back to our bed and bedroom. But training it was.

Pavel and Pernille

Pelle Panther, Pavel and Pernille

Pelle Panther, pavel and Pernille

Petra.Penelope and Pernille

Penelope     and   Petra

Petra, Pavel and Pernille.        Pernille

Petra, Pavel, Pernille + Pelle`s head.  

Petra, Pavel, Pernille, Pelle P and Penelope coming from in under Pelle.

Penelope and Pavel and Pernille

They all just came at me  for my lap at full speed, so quite impossible to take pics.

Beautiful Pernille

Beautiful Petra

Beautiful Pavel

Beautiful Penelope

Beautiful Pelle Panther

Proud grandmother Calamity

Finally some delayed photos and up dates of our wonderful kittens.

Due to deadlines and more work, and Svein-Erik and I needing the computer for work

only all days.

But pics and weights have been taken. Sooooo here are our little wonders are at 4 weeks.

Pernille is Reserved. And one more will be reserved show/breeding West Norway when decided wich one.

Beautiful Pernille 4 weeks.


Beautiful Petra 4 weeks

Beautiful Pelle Panther 4 weeks

Beautiful Pavel 4 weeks

Penelope 4 weeks



They are so connected to eachother. And we love them so very much.Tabitha being Calamity`s adoptive daughter.

And now they share all their time caring for Tabitha & Hieronymus gorgeous kittens, and Calamity Jane`s grandchildren.

I had work and a new deadline these last days, and we also had a visit to Bergen for Svein-Eriks work from The United States and Russia on their birthday. So no pics, but they of course had their different snack  ( fish /steamed chicken, egg yolks, a little kitty milk ....), a lot of cuddle and they have such great fun all the time with the kittybabies.

Some evening pics of our wonderful girls with the beautiful P-Litter from the cradle.

A very proud Tabitha , a very proud Calamity and a very proud big half brother Maximus, that also wants baby kitten + queen food and kitty milk.