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NFO n 09 23. Our wonderful winter princess is 4 years today. And celebrating.

Here with buddy Kohinoor 4 1/2 years, down at our little Moshi Moshi seafood «office bar» down at the dock with a view straight into the sea.

During most parts of the year the windows can be opened and fresh sea food prepared and eaten right on the spot.Today it is a sharp wind and it started to snow when we took pics. There are white tops on the waves outside the bay.So, pics in a hurry outside.Huriel and Kohinoor wanted to go back inside. From the window they can look over to the other island. Fishing boats pasing. So they can sit and dream about all the fish, shrimps and seafood coming their way. Some of the best seafood in the world. No wonder they know how to apppreciate it. It is also one of the great dive sites in Northern Europe. But that is more of an interest to us on 2 legs 🙂 .Huriel and Kohinoor have allready had fresh pollock, some sardines with me,and are now waiting for Huriel`s birthday shrimps :)))) HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY kitty princess Huriel . So dear to us all. Amalie was next , but the wind became very freezy with large snowflakes.

Dear beautiful Huriel 4 years.

Dear beautiful Kohinoor 4 1/2 years ( the wind took off the cap)

Dear beautiful wonderful special sweetheart NO Boote`s Amalie

Amadeus NFO w 63 7 years and wonderfully oddeyed. Being very busy at the little Mosi Mosi

seafood » office bar» on the dock. She must always investigate, and she wanted outside,

and she WANTS seafood fresh from the sea. With Amalie the wind became icing cold

and it started to snow. Then the battery ran out. So just a few of our very funny white princess.

Amalie can hear us peel shrimps through walls, and always turns up first for shrimps

Just like great grandmother Belinda grandad Ariel. Climbing up our legs.She could also see the sardine snack boxes of course.So she`ll have some more shrimps with Huriel later.

Sweetheart Kohinoor did not have her birthday pics because of the weather that day.

So she had some on Huriel`s birthday. Next must be Ophelia. But she was sleeping with «mummy» Calamity.

We have had changing weather. So pics outside is not so easy.

Almost everyday the wind blows away chairs, tables etc.

The summer kitchen sink was blown into the water, and must be dived for the coming summer.

So the cats do not like to go out for pics at the moment. Cold and windy.

Beautiful Slode 7 years enjoying his sunbeams and some wind :)))

But it is cold so hopefully they keep some left 🙂 . Here is Slodes son Isak. Having catnip roots.

Huge ones. So he became impossible to take pics of. He just rolled over on the ground all the time.

Yeah!!!!!! Lots of catnip roots, and then to cuddle a lot. Headbanging just like Slode.

And here comes daddy Slode 7 years, and he does just the same. Rolling over on his head, playjumping to catch the catnip roots, chatting and then coming for lots of cuddling.

They are super sweet. Isak’s mother Byzants 9 years now, Slode’s girlfriend, sleeps inside.

So her pics will come later. She loves Catniproots as well, so large roots inside.

Slode with his roots, guarding them so that Isak does not take them all. They eat them aswell.

OHHH hurray, lots of roots for my birthday.

Slodes collar is almost off now, so he looks a bit punky.


They are both 7 years to day, and celebrating. Slode has been down on the dock in the wonderful sun waiting for some fresh fish being prepared, and Amalie had shrimps and crawfish for breakfast.So they are still celebrating and have some more catsnack to come during the day. HIPP HIPP


* * * * * * *


Our fantastic kittens born 26.06.2011 are 9 years today.

HAPPPPPY HAPPPPY BIRTDAY TO Bathseba, Bosporos, Branka, Bolshoi and our very own princess PRINCESS upper prrrrrincessss Byzants. HIPP HIPP HURRRRRRRAY !!!!

Our Super silver princess Byzats had several favoprite meals today. Crawfish freshly cooked on the dock straight up from our shores. And she had chicken in stock/ broth+ fresh fish of course. AND A LOT OF ATTENTION and CUDDLE :)))) from us, her mother Diana, her father Magni, her son Isak and grandaughter Nike.

BIRTHDAY. PURRRRRRRRRRRRS from mum and dad. Diana and Magni, and specially from sister Byzants, nephew Isak and grandniece Nike.

The seagulls were not at all happy today. Gathering in huge numbers chasing

the 3 eagles that arrived. First one arrived. That even «visited» me outside the opened window while sitting inside working on the computer ( I actually think it is the same one that knows me several years back now.» She» is not affraid and comes at full speed if I call for «her» in a special sound. We think this might be the clever » Queen». The female is a bit larger than the male. And this one is very confidente.Not shy).It came over to check in on me, and to check our catrun as usual. Then it flew back across the bay, followed by 2 other eagles coming from the sloppe across the little road ( this is near the house where our cats play and hunt. The eagles often sit on post there also. Hidden in the heater. Then they flew up over the cliffs across, and all 3 were hunting in flight glides , circeling and » hanging» in the air above the bay. Being chased by huge schools of seagulls that filled the air acctually.One from the fish farm told me they had seen 4-5 eagles.It seems to be like we thought.An eagle family. They come every day now. And the seagulls go into large groups, while the hearons gather on the ground. The seagulls are so many that they cover the whole bay area.Quite a spectacle. It all happened very fast. And then it went back to normal. So if one does not know how to read the seagulls and birds, one will miss it. Svein-Erik was in his office right under down on the dock, and did not see the 3 eagles at all. He tought the sea gulls came for a fish feeding.

Beautiful super kind GIC (N) Selteteigen`s Magni NFO ns 24, at 11 1/2 years.

I took him out for some pics, but the wind came in on him from many directions, so his

fur went into a messy hairdo all the time. But he always looks super cool in his winter coat.

great catnip root

OPS the wind coming in from behind, not that fun :))) .

Magni loves to cuddle, and just wanted to run to me and stand by my feet all

the time. Then came the rain as well. So he got his catnip roots with him inside.

Both wind and a shower of rain, and a storm on it`s way.

Time to go back inside to his warm places.

Beautiful buddies Sirius NFO n 09 22 and Ne Me Quitte Pas NFO as 23 were outside playing

today. Haifa and Slode guarding. And guess what Ne Me Quitte Pas LOOOVES.Well, a large catnip root of course. And yes he eats them, all of it. And rolls around all over the rock he sits on.So he was very happy.Then they ran around playing and chatting. Wonderful sweethearts. Sirius has stopped drinking milk. He only wants raw meat all the time in stead :))).

Kolya did not have his birthday pics together with Kohinoor

on their 4 th birthday.But today we tried with grandmother Calamity`s

hat on .And a large catnip root. Then it started to rain. So just a few

funny pics of dear beautiful Kolya. The catnip root was great so he`ll

get it back inside.His sister and Ophelia is next I think.

Well, the eagles are visiting. Sadly my camera was stuck at first in the pc pic. converter, when one of them glided in front of our window and me, before landing on the small island a cross. I do not have a real zoom. So this says something about the size. Actually, looking like a person sitting on top of the large old pintrees in the old wildforest. The the bird and the wingspan is enourmous. So it lookes like a large dragon landing on the tree tops with it`s wingspan fully streched out. I thought it was was only one this time, but they both surrounded the house from the little hill top behind us, where they ofthen sit and hide in the heather before their glide hunting above us and the catrun. This is a typical favoured weather for the eagles. A clear sky and a nice updrift to glide on during their hunts. I could see that there were 2 from the pics. They often hunt together, but changing their positions and meet before they decide and come in an attack both of them. So a greeting from the 2 hunters, that sadly are dangerous / fatal to our dear ones.Impressive, wild and free, gliding over us proudly. Still. Guarding the activites in the house area and catruns.


******A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016******

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Our dear gorgeous CH (F) / S* Wonderwood`s Calamity Jane NFO n 09 23 will be 9 years. And she also has had her hat made, but she had no plans for snow pics today as a greeting to her dear breeder and old family at S* Wonderwoods in France. So the hat had to be hold on to her head a bit from behind. But she was more interested in tasting the snow and to go for a quick walk away from it all straight back inside. Calamity does nooooot like snow :))). But a wonderful super cool great looking princess she is. And very funny. Chatting all the way.

NO WAY !!!! The snow is cold and Calamity is on her way to jump down, and run inside to her warm places.

Happy NEW YEAR from Huriel de la Fôret d`Amalion BE* to her dear mummy Camargue and daddy Viking in Belgium.

And her best nose kisses and sweetest greetings to dear mum and dad on 2 legs, Francoise and Serge at Cattery De la Frôret d`Amalion in Belgium. Huriel has her little Hussar hat on. We do feel that this little princess would love a white horse for Christmas. She loves to watch Cinderella for Christmas :))) Then she runs all over the place chatting to me and to the music.In many stables I have been, cats love to sit on the horses back and cuddle. If we have «3 nuts for Cinderella on » or the Disney versions + Snow white with the dwarfs, she runs along with her friends , and » singalong» with buddy / adoptive mum Calamity. Calamity though being number 1 in intensity and » singing». So a happy new year from our dear beautiful Huriel on a freezing cold day in Norway.

No snow but freezing cold , and Huriel in need of a warm hat :))). This is fake fur of course since we are against the fur industry.

Norsk Casino

Some pics of Solaris and Sirius out playing while we had a break from rain/ or snow.

NB: We use enviormentallly friendly cat sand that does not harme the cats or nature, and can be recyceled. So our cats have » peachy pink «paws on their white parts.

A busy Solaris having fun climbing our pinetrees. A wonderful charmer !!!!!!!!!!!!

Brother Sirius always makes himself look a bit having been doing his own hairdoo. He LOOOVES to roll over all the time everywhere,

into everything while chatting. So, well as always, a bit the way he » likes it», and a wonderful charmer as well :))))).

A very busy Solaris

Solaris busy climbing while Sirius is busy underneath the tree, checking old clamshells.



* * * * * * * * * * *

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Apollonia NFO n 09 22, (N) Myrtekransen`s Ambrosius NFO e 09 23, EC (N) Myrtekransen`s Anastasia NFO w 64, IC (N) Myrtekransen`s Aurelia NFO w 63, (N) Myrtekransen`s Absalon NFO ds 09 23, (N) Myrtekransen`s Ambrosia NFO w ( 64). And from over the rainbow CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Ariel NFO w 61 ( deadly wounded and killed by the eagles) and sister CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Aurora NFO n 09 24 ( infact an NFO n 09 23. Died in a car incidente, but with deep markings of bird/eagle claws on her body and eaten on, so we are not sure if she suffered an eagle attack and then being lost along its track crossing the road or if it was the other way around).

Any way we wish them all a fantastic day with all their favorite treats. Mummy GIC (N) Blomsterdalens Belinda almost 11 years wish all her beauties all the best and sends off her proudest warmest purs and best kitty nose kisses. HIPP HIPP HURRAY !!!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A wonderful Christmas greeting from Finland from IC (N) Myrtekransen`s Goya NFO ns at almost 6 years and IC (N) Myrtekransen`s Caspar NFO w 64 at almost 8 years. They are both neutered beloved family cats having a great time celebrating with their dear family at home and on their countryside cottage. Thank you so much Anne and Harry fopr loving them so much and for wonderful pics of the beautiful boys.

Mummy Diana, daddy Haifa, grandmother Belinda, and halfbrother Gregorius + halfsister Byzants, niese Mouna and all the rest of the catfamily WISH YOU ALL A FANTASTIC NEW YEAR 2016. Lots of kitty kisses and purrrrs for Goya and Caspar.

Thank you so much Theresa and Pernille`s dear family in Oslo. For a supersweet greeting and for loving dear Pernille so much.

Beautiful Pernille became a proud mummy to a lovelitter this autumn. She was planned for a mating, and decided to choose her own boyfriend on an escape. So lovely Pernille found a short chubby classic tabby NFO typed neighbouring » Casanova» in her garden, and she has become a proud mum to 5 gorgous beauties of a mixed litter. They are all fantastic and doing great. So mummy Tabitha, sister Penelope + halfsister Mouna , and great grandparents Haifa and Calamity, send off all their best wishes and proudest warmest purrs to the fantastic and beautiful kitty babies in Oslo, and lots of nose kisses for beautiful * * *Pernille* * * *.

NB: All of Pernilles mixed litter of «love kittens» have been reserved for their new dear families. They were all booked a long time a go.

Yes, the first snow has arrived, and Ne Me Quitte Pas became

very very busy playing with little snowballs.