(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats


CH  S* / (F) Wonderwood`s Calamity Jane

NFO n 09 23

Born 18.06.2007

Fertile breeding female

GSD Normal

5.27 kilos

Both parents and grand parents tested GSD 4 Normal


Calamity Jane is the beautiful proud mother of our H and N - Litters.

Calamity`s proud and beautiful parents


Calmitys father CH Bailador de Star D`Elendil NFO n 09 23 ( he is wrongly regged. an n 23 He has white markings on his chest + (?) . So geno n 09 23, and feno n 23 (?))   and    Calamitys mother EC S* Wonderwood`s Satis JW NFO gs 24        


Calamity was color judged. She has white on at least 6 bodyparts. Coming from her father  it seems. He has white markings , and a NFO geno n 09 23. Calamity has like her sibling brother much white on her in  several different places. A large medaljon, white spots under both hind legs, under one front paw,  2 large white marks on her lower belly, and a little bit on her cheeck. She has  in addition to taking certificats in group 4 , been judged al along with white from the first show in 2007 as a kitten, and all the way through all her certs. BIV`s and Nominations. All  have been done in group 4. So that was the right color judgement from her first show and forward on as a kitten, youngster and as an adult. Because we showed her in group 4 from her first show on and through to her Champion title + 2 certs for  CAGCIB ( International Champion )she kept all her titles because of that.But for breeding she needed her extra color judgement made for the change in the pedigree, and for the pedigree of her offspring.  So Calamity  was confirmed having a lot of white on many different body parts, and she is clearly NFO n 09 23. That has been proved since her first show in 2007.

Dear Calamity, she has also lost all her earlier information and kitty youngster pics,

due to an earlier web page change.

So AGAIN what can we say, and where to start about this dream of a female Norwegian Forest Cat.

She is so very special in many many ways to us.

Calamity comes from  dear Li at the wonderful cattery S* (F) Wonderwoods, with the loveliest cats imaginable.

Our heart beats strongly for the older type classic NFO like our old cat Ludvig.

We knew that outside Norway there could still be found the older type that was exported early in the NFO breeding history. Some that luckily had kept the pure apperance of the older foundation cats.

Not popular at shows, but to us this is the real thing. The well itself.

And there she was , with the strikingly strong expressive look. Calamity was found after a long time of searching, at Cattery Wonderwoods and Li Sellgren in France.

Calamity is our way back to our Ludvig, connected to his kind, our aim as breeders.

Calamity is a particularly inventive and funny girl, with an amazing sweet temper and a lot of sweet chatting all day to communicate loud and clear about all that concerns her. She wants to talk to you. She is indeed also on a high gear and at a super speed, everything is done twice as fast as everyone else.

Calamity has a truly genuine intense raw look, heavy gorgeous fur quality with lots of guard hairs, and lengths in lovely harmony.

Her head is with a very nice lovely shaped volume and lovey sett ears. Gorgeous tufs.

Calamity has lovely large paws, and a rich color on her coat as well.

A lot more that needs to be written further ahead about her.

Since it was because of her fantastic very typical and great looking  father we found her, and her lovely mother we had met at SWS.

Calamity`s father we found, and there Calamity was, in his first litter with Satis.

That was love at first sifgt simply.

We love to take pictures og Calamity, because she has such a super strong expression and is so very typical to us.

We look forward to her being in full condition, then she`ll have new pictures taken og her super wild look in nature.

Dear Li we are so greatful and honored to have this beloved and extremly beautiful super super classic NFO to remind us every day that the type of Ludvig stil lives on.

And will continue to do so.

Apart from that she is the most sweethearted and funny "little" kitty girl that you want to have with you all the time. And yes she sleeps in the bed with belly up ready  for a cuddle.

Sadly all the lovely pictures of Calamity from our older webpages, is among a huge amount of pictures, so hopefylly we`ll find them all. But new ones will of course be taken onwards.

wonderful Calamity is always close, and if any action, she loves to play like a kitten.

She also is always on a very important patrole.

Then she walks around you to show how important she is, in the sweetest way and very proud.

As son as a playstick is there, so is Calamity.

Our dear dear gorgeous and very special Calamity Jane. Almost 7 years now. She can not go outside. Since she has been off the pill for a long time in hope of a litter this year. She has dated Maximus 3 times, but the first time mabye to short. The other mabye to late in her heat. And we fear that this time, she only layed on the side. She is a bit difficult to date.So we might change to Gregorius. That was an earlier plan , but Debbie went into heat before Calamity in winter 2013. So we changed the plan. >That became Ne Me Quitte Pas :))).

She may also date Ne Me Quitte Pas. But She is 7 years soon, so to wait is a bit risky mabye. And her daughter Nike might be planned for Ne Me Quitte Pas. So we hope for silvertiger Maximus still.

Any way this is a wonderful wonderful dear sweetheart. Sadly in her short summer coat now. But great looking as always :)))). Here she is having a cat nap in the cats yellow play room. They have several. Calamity loves them all.


Our dearest kitty princess Calamity Jane at near 6 years .

She can not go out since we wait for her to go into heat, and date Gregorius.

So here she is on the sheltered top " floor"wooden outdoor sleeping box.

But from this place she`s having control all ways.

To the outside, to the door , the sounds into my working place, to the snack.

And to the birds playing outside. So I just love all her expressions while she is laying there following

every one and everything that moves. She is a bit bored, and would like to go out.

She looks so very very very bossy and cool, but is simply the sweetest kindest ever.

Totally adorable, and with such a stunning looks. So just a few of her looking at birds and cat buddies.

She has several catruns to run in and out of , and of course all the parts of the hose.

Changing depending on where the other boys are placed at the moment.

But she loves to run and to play a hunter, so she looks to the outside for some spring time feelings.


" Deep" snow cold, cloudy, snowing and windy from behind. Calamity chatts and follows happily, but she has better things to do inside she thinks. So a very limited amount of pics of our sweet gorgeous girl.


One more time with new pics of our fantastic Calamity. Here she is very proud, has just come in from

the cold and right up to cuddle and play a bit like she loves to.

And no heavy flash today, so that was lovely.

And she looks so great as usual.


What can we say :))))). Calamity 5 1/2 years.

She is the most wonderful, raw looking  and sweet kitty girl

Here she loved to play a bit herself. Otherwise she loves her kittens, and others so much,

that she wake us up calling her kittens from under our bed. For them to come and play with her,

and all the different toys she has collected on the carpet. She is just adorable and such a kind,

funny and dear girl. Love her so much.


Dear Calamity came outside for some pics. But she went straight in under the Rododenhdron,

where the leaves make a small green rom, snow and ice free.

Chattet a little bit, and then straight back inside to the kittens calling from inside in the closed catrun.

So that will have to be an other day :).

Our dearest wonderful super beauty Calamity. A very proud and happy mum at the moment. And 5 years and 4 months.



Calamity 5 r

Our WONDERFUL DEAR DEAR TEDDY BEAR PRINCESS CALAMITY is 5 YEARS NOW. And all those 5 years have been such a delight. Calamity is my teddybear girl, with her GORGEOUS looks and very special personality.

Calamity is such a social and wonderfully sweet girl. So WE SAY HIPP HIPP HURRAY on Calamitys Birthday. She `s had some favorites chicken, and fish in two ways sushi + steamed with butter. And her plate of shrimps are on it`s way . Calamity can not go outside, she is off the pill So she can only be in the house or in the catruns. But she`s being cuddeled all day, and is busy all over the house.

We love our teddy bear Princess Calamity sooooo much. And wish her many many many more happy years.

Cool beautiful sweet and very funny and dear Calamity. 5 Years now, and she will have3 her birthday celebrations , but had no time for pics yester day. 1 only, and she wanted to play with Kohinoor :) Now waiting for her heat .


Wonderful Calamity, sleepy in bed with her boyfriend Gregorius and her other friends. She`ll be 5 years in June : ) .


Beautiful Calamity Jane. A bit short fur now due to matings, but the most wonderful and super cool grand mother to her grand daughter Lorelei. We cross all our fingers and paws, that Calamity is pregnant with teddy boy gregorius now. Then she`ll have her own babies and really gorgeous kittens. 


Calamity 4 1/2 years. Swwet as applepie, and as cooooool as ever. And with a gorgeous look and temper.

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Calamity is far to busy these days for Christmas pics, but to chat cuddle, be groomes and play a bit is pretty cool.

Her collar has been eaten by Gregoris during their date, so she has only a little bit here and there now. But lovely she is.

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Calamity loves summer, even this cold windy one. But the fur goes on and off , because of the strange temperatures. But she has a bikini on it`s way now I think.

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Our Goregous dear teddy girl Calamity is 4 years young today.

She is celebrating in a happy chatty manner, on her way into her summer bikini.

So very very very sweet as always, and she is a really funny cat, that just loooooves to cuddle, chat and have attention. She now looks so very stunningly cool as a 4 year old.To day is a working day, but she`s had her breakfast the way she wants to, and tomorrow we all have an evening off together, and S-E has bougt favorite snack for her and her best friend Tabitha, also a birthday girl today. AND Calamity will have her shrimps the coming week....

Hurray hurray our SUPER FANTASTIC BELOVED TEDDY GIRL Calamity. We love you so much.


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Calamity is so bausy being a big baby.

She loves to be together outside and play hide and seek, or run around your legs to try to get you to chase her.

She looks at you and talks, so that you ought to understand her intention.

Calamity must be groomed every day now, because of the weather changes, she lets go of her winter coat all at once and sudden, so she must be preppec every day. But here she has been in and out of the bushes and rolled over, to make herself look wild and very cool.

More pictures of her is on our lap top and will be transfered.

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And Calamity with boyfriend Haifa, proud father to her kittens, and still her dear one.

Calamity washes him, and cuddles with him. They are very connected.

Haifa sleeping beside Calamity on the control post. Haifa always pull his belly up for a cuddle, and now Calamity went back and forth over him. Then she gave me a cat wash as well after my work.

A proud girl she is.

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Mother and son.

Calamity and her boy Hieronymus.

During my tea break after midnight, Calamity was being social as usual and was lying beside me on her favorite sheepskinn, puuurrrring loudly with open mouth almost.

And beside her came her beautiful son Hieronymus.

Hieronymus always appears when some one purrrrs, because he`s still allowed to nipple a bit on his mummy.

But this was a sweet way to take some late "family " photos of those two.

They are so lovely, very kind and very social.

Daddy Haifa was sleeping in his favorite basket in the bed room. But often they sleep together in our bed.

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Calamity enjoys being a proud and busy mum this summer, but also she loves to cuddle a lot, talk a lot, and to look super cool.

Since it is both dark and cold this November, this afternoon I took pictures of some of the cats present in one of our middle rooms, and photograped a little bit, trying out the flash.

Here Calamity is in her usual charming mood.

Our lovely teddy bear kitty girl.

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Calamity was on kitty guard today, looking out for the kittens that played.

She`s gaining winter fur now, and she is on her way back in to condition after a long mummy period, giving milk and motherly care to kittens in litter F-G-and her own the H-litter. Aurora, Elena and Calamity all shared the responsibility for the kittens, but now Calamity herself wants to be a kitty baby to us of course.

And today was a day of outside fun and play.

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Images from winter 2008/2009

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Images from October 2008

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Images from 3. November 2007

We welcome our new family member from France

  Like in the planning of a wonderful, deeply scented  and precious wine, we proudly present what for us is this years  event, a joy for the future to come.  Sweet and stunning Calamity Jane, notre petite Chrie coming from Bordeaux - the land of great wines.  And it takes time to create great wine