(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

CH S* Zygot`s Debbie-Doss NFO ns 09 24

Born 28.03.2008

- Oktober 2017.

Our dear dear dear wonderful silver princess went over the cats rainbow last Sunday. Our fantastic kitty girl had been sick for a while with a tumour.

We have lost a fantastic kitty girl that has given us so much joy, beauty and love. We adored her and miss her so much. We have known for a while that this would come, but it is so sad still. Thank you dear dear dear sweetheart kitty princess Debbie for all you gave to all of us. We are so greatful to have had you in our lives .......


Tested GSD 4 Normal by our veterinarian for laboratory Genindexe

3.4 kilos at 4 3/4 years.


Beautiful Debbie-Doss is the proud mother of our

K-Litter and Ne Me Quitte Pas ( a small litter of 2,

due to a very short date to not have a large litter,

and we sadly lost his sister the first week.) We will plan later carefully for a

new litter with Debbie and a handsome boy)


Debbie-Doss beautiful proud parents 


Father S* Zygot`s Sham-Sharang NFO 02 21               and            S* Pax Beatissime NFO ns 11

Debbie has lost all her earlier pictures during a webside change, so hopefully some of  her kitty pictures can be found and filled in one day.


Dear Debbie. Soooooooo super classic, with the most beautiful NFO looks.

Debbie has also los her introduction, so a new one must be made for her.

S* Zygot`s Debbie-Doss comes from dear Annika at the Swedish cattery S* Zygot.

We thought we had lost our wonderful Beliinda in an accidente a couple of years ago.

Our sadness was total, and we could not stop missing her and her lovely eyes that used to gaze back at us in a special manner.

I had funny enough followed a mating plan in Sweden at Zygot`s, and used to look at the kittens from time to time, just to enjoy them and their develope ment.

I early had myfavorite among the 3 girls. Time passed, and she was still free, I thought mabye the the breeder considered her, and kept on looking at this stunning female kitten.

Then Belinda was long gone. We had no plans for a new female at all.

But with Debbie it was now or never, she is a rare beauty with a fantastic head, a deep profound NFO look, an all over lovely harmony and wonderfull fur with a rough texture in delicious silver.

Debbie is so enormously beautiful, and so very classic.

She is our great great  pleasure, and with a temper that is so unique.

We are forever greatful to Annika for letting this beauty become Norwegian.

Every day ( and once a night at least), this beauty wakes us up with kitty kisses.

What a girl she is.

*  *  *  *  *

And HIPP HIPP HURRRRRAY :) )))))))))))))) !!!!!


Here she is out in the catrun enjoying some afternoon sunbeams. It was a bit clouded and with some rain, but then the sun brooke through :))).

So I took her into her son Ne Me Quitte Pas. He is outside to air his behind and being free from the diper. So I was with them taking photos of her, since that is the sunny part in the afternoon. We have had both the eagle and the domestic cat visitor here today. So no trip outside.

But Debbie is just wonderful and so dear  at 7 years. Sadly losing her winter collar now of course. But so beautiful anyway. She is such a sweet tempered and kind. LOOOOVELY. She has had her snack over many days now. Celebrating her new grandchildren and feeling very very special :))))).



Beautiful dear sweetheart Debbie 6 1/2 years.

Celebrating Diana`s birthday and the new cat bench.

Lovely she is.

P8210005 (2)



Our fantastic sweetheart is 6 years today. And

she has had some treats for breakfast, mousse and

snacks. Then she will have some more of her

specialities. Kippers etc. Debbie has a very special

taste in food. So she doesn`t care for the pollock in

stock the others had. Debbie is a fertile breeding

queen, that is the proud beautiful mother to our

Kohinoor, Kolya and Ne Me Quitte Pas. She is so

sweet and kind, with a lovely lovely personality.

All her kittens have also very special personalites.


very very much. So HIPP HIPP HURRAY DEBBIE

queen of hearts :))) .

Debbie does not like to be outside, she was there

when Jolanda was taken by the eagle. And had a

great sorrow for a long time. Jolanda was an adoptive daughter from when she had kittens together with

Fiorenza. But slowly she likes to play outside for a

short while evenings. But when I am with her

outside, she relaxes and play. Not far from me, so

that was easy to take close pics and guard her. She

looked up all the time. And did not want to come up

the little hill to play in the little juniper " forest". But

that is fine. And lovely she is :))) in the early spring


We plan for a new litter with Debbie later. Then we have to plan

that she will have a litter alone, or at the same time as a friend. So that she

does not go into the state of thinking that the grown up kittens are hers and

take them over, while the mother is trying to turn them off from milk.

And by that Debbies own little ones sharing their mummy milk.

So with Debbie we must plan a bit extra, since she is such a kind adoptive

mother as well. AND IN ANY WAY GORGEOUS.


*  *  *

We have pics in between birthdays also. It`s on the index page. But I`ll try to find them and fill in. Debbie does not care that much slowing down for pics, so many are by her pasing or so. Or just a few since she gets borred if she sees something more fun.

She does not like playsticks etc. So to find a toy that keeps her in place is hard

work. Usually its` best when she is guarding the other cats.Most of all she enjoys

looking after and playing with the other cats. Youngsters and friends.

*  *  *  *

Gorgeous dear dear WONDERFUL Debbie 5 years. Here she was celebrating her 5 th

birthday. Having fun all over, and out for an afternoon walk to play and have fun with me and her daughter Kohinoor. She checked the new catrun extesion of course,

and the new litter cat house.

Debbie had her birthday snack as well of course. King Oscars kippers ( her favorite)

and the cat food that she loves. AND SHE LOVES to be together outside to play

and cuddle. We love her so very much, and she has the sweetest temper ever. Such a lovely lovely beautiful sweetheart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Debbie :).

Debbie is going to be a grand mother soon, but she is also planned for herself later.

We had to make a change between Debbie and her daughter this spring.

The slide show version do not work at the moment. So pics all the way downwards.

Beautiful beautiful dear Debbie. My camera must love her, because it takes off with the flash,

making her look very very special. But This was before I took the flash off and found one single little IKEA lead

spott. She loves to play, and had to have some pics anyway. So she`s next without the flash of course.

These are just strange, but shows her beautiful delicate light silver thoug ;) .


Dear dear beautiful, sweet and lovely Debbie-Doss. 4 3/4 years.On her photos I tried one more layer of tape on the

flash, but the result was still to much light going off. So Debbie almost did not want to look at me at all,

and she prefered that we played together much more.

Debbie has such delicat colorings that outside pics might be better,

but mabye I`d I sort out lights and flash. Because in rain or on dark winter days. Extra light is needed.

But she is just such a sweet heart, with the most wonderful temper ever, so very very very beautiful :))))

and so dear to us all.



Dear beautiful Debbie`s favorite thing to do. Be together, go for a small walk behind the house, and she loves looking after and play with kittens. This is an an ordernary day for Debbie. And then to have her plate served with a snack.


Beautiful proud Debbie 4 1/2 years looking after her son Kolya and her adoptive daugther Fiorenza


Dear wonderful kind and sweet Debbie-Doss. Proudly guarding her daughter outside the cat run on her first trip. A lovely cat she is , and a great mum


HIPP HIPP HURRAY it is our beautiful Debbie`s day today. Debbie is now 4 years. And she has had a lot of fun, a breakfast she loves ( her King Oscars Kippers), played outside with me and friend Fiorenza + Slode, cuddeled a lot, and even having her boyfriend totaly in loooove ( so I took Debbie back in for a cat nap in her favorite place when Gregorius cooled off a bit. He`s dated Debbie before and she loves him, but she`s on the pill not in heat, so a bit early . But yes they might be a plan again). So now I have to buy Debbbie her dinner, tuna her other favorite + some cat snack . So she`ll enjoy the rest of her birtday. And we looooooooooove this silver princess so very very muc.

Debbie has little fur now after her litter, and caring for Fiorenzas kittens also. But beautiful as ver and so happy to go outside a bit having fun. Wonderful sweetheart.


Wonderful dear Debbie. Such an impressive and beautiful mum. A real silver princess, and SUUUUPER SWEET.

Not in full condition now, because of having had kittens, and giving milk. But a happy soul and our dear dear girl she is. Soon back in to her lovely fur condition we think. And very beautiful anyway.

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Dear Debbie is really being bored. Unlike the last time we took her off the pill, she has not gone into heat all summer.

It might be that she will not run summer time, that has happened once before.

Hopefully she will soon when autumn arrives.But meantime she must stay inside the catrun and the house.

But she`s such a lovely sweetheart, and loves to play hide and seek with you inside when ever you are ready. She also loves to give good night kisses and good morning kisses, and kitty kisses all day if you want to.

Here she is, a few pics at last, but she finds photography very boring to. Much more fun to play.

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Debbie has a wonderful time being able to go out a bit again after her dating period earlier this year.

Now she just lays in the gras and enjoys being outside to play if she wants to.

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Our wonderful silver princess almost 3 years old now, the 28 th of March.

She is such a dear and very beautiful lovely girl.

At the moment she is out of her normal condition, since she has been tryed mated again this winter.

She had great fun and love the attention and flirt during dating, but she looses all her fur and much weight, but being just as happy. Sadly without results then.

So now we will let her go back on the pill, let her enjoy springtime also outside, and think a bit.

But her birthday will be with her favorite food tuna and cat snack, and she loves to play and also to sleep in the bed. So She`ll be a little princess on her lovely day. We love her so very  much.

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Lovely Debbie 2 1/2 years old.

But not at all interested in a phopto session today.

On a short break ouside from dark clouds, wind and rain, I tryed to make her play a bit, but NO WAY.

So just a few shots of the impatient silver beauty, that  much rather would back inside to cuddle.

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Our dear very very beautiful and  super sweet tempered kind girl S* Zygot`s Debbie-Doss ns 09 24

enjoying her walks in the nature she fits so well into as a perfect backdrop for her silver bauty

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