(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats



CH (N) Stjernen`s Diana NFO n o9 24

Born 22.08.2005


GSD 4 Normal

5.15 kilos

Tested GSD 4 Normal by our veterinarian at Genindexe

and in addition her parents tested GSD 4 Normal by her breeder

at Genindexe.





Well over 5 kilos at 6 1/2 years.


It is just to sad. Diana had to be nutered. She had a severe uterus infection, that had to be operated immedeately.

Her uterus walls had collapesd.

Diana has been using the pill since a young mature.

Diana is now operated, on medication and very well.

So Diana will live happily a long and beloved life as a beautiful nutered princess, as a girl we love very very

much and is so dear tous all.

Sadly she was planned for a last wonderful litter with Hieronymus.

But we are so happy that she is helped and on her way to recovery, because if not detected early, this would have been a threathening infection.

So we are so glad that we now know she`ll live a long life into the futer with us.

Dear dear wonderful beautiful swweter than sweetest twinkling bright star Diana.

Both parents tested NORMAL on GSD 4. Diana had a full checke of heat , lungs , interior etc. Because of her

serious uterus infection. That turned out to be an abortion. So she had to be thoroughly checked out all over.

Diana`s second GSD 4 test results arrived 18 th of Octobre and  prowed her as a GSD 4 Normal  cat,

and that is compatible with the results of her parents both GSD 4 Normal.

Beautiful Diana is the proud mother of our B and C - Litters

Our fantastic star Diana coming from the  dear, super and knowledgeable breeder Anita at catter (N) Stjernen. Who has shared so much of her knowledge and that we have learnt so very much from.

We saw Dianas sister Camilla and fell totaly for her exquisite classical type and her extremly beautiful wild look, lovely head and great fur quality.

Camilla was then spoken for, so we just had to wait.

Luckily Diana was born on a wonderful day in August.

Diana has some greatlooking fantastic parents in gorgeous Wiwi and the super raw looking fantastic  daddy Simba.

We feel so lucky and honored to have our very own bright star Diana.

Everything about her is wild beauty on 4 paws, and with a look that can take your breath away.

I love to take her photos, she is so expressive and so strong in type.

Sadly show is not that interesting to her, we would love to show her much much more, but Diana is in fact much more a hunting godess.

She practise daily, and is a very  long and very high legged tiger like large female. Born to hunt and go for long walks with you. That is her favorite thing to do besides being cuddeled and playful like a kitty girl.

So at home she is like a lamb and our sweet sweet kitty baby.

Diana is a very " smiling" happy girl, and easygoing to those she prefers.

Diana is in fact our leading female, now that Belinda is neutered, but Diana is not that interested in being a queen.

Diana wants to be admired just like a godess or a star, so to rule is not  her thing.

But she wants jo to be captured by her beauty and great charme.

Diana chatts a lot, and in a very miiiiaaoooo vocal way, loud and funny.

And she rises on her hind legs like a horse, to welcome you intensly with her eagar head into yur hands palm.

So we are the really lucky ones, who get  to enjoy her wonderful company and her stunning spectacular looks every day.

Pure luxury I think it`s called.

Diana loves to have her belly cuddeled, so she pulls it up as soon as she thinks it is a chance for som belly massage. Then she streches her whole meter and then some, and chatts.

How can we thank you Anita, for our unique brilliant star.

More Info about Diana will also come, since her intro also is lost during reconstruction of the web pages.

Diana has a parted ear tip , after her unsuccessful date with Fiskerjentas Sisik in 2007.

Diana did not want to date him,but Sisik did :),  and sadly she had this " souvenir".

Diana wanted to go home to her dear Magni and Ariel. Her 2 forever boyfriends at heart :).

*  *  *  * *

Our fantastic "Forest Godess" princess Diana celebrating her 10 th

birthday in August. Sadly Diana does not at all go outside anymore.

She is terrified of the birds, though this day there were only seagulls waiting for me to feed

them to keep away the eagles. Diana has met the egales, and gets very affraid if outside.

The first time I noticed, was when on a walk some years ago for pics, and then came some

sharp birdsounds. Right after the eagle came from the rocks across in a glide. So I had to take 2 cats under my arms and run behind the third close into my legs. Diana went straight into the

juniper bush when she heared the birdsound and started mumering with

almost tears in her eyes. I have pics of it. Then we understood she must have

met them outside while hunting, and has had very bad memories of that.

So this time I made a flower nest for her to sit behind to feel safe inside, and enjoy

the catrun with her buddies. In fact she looks up at the seagulls a bit stressed. But then it was

ok. The seagulls also make a lot of noise when the eagle/ eagles arrive. So she is right

having that instinct. Anyway Diana being 10 years, she had all her favorites. Shrimps , meat,

grilled chicken and a catsnack. And she is a wonderful gorgeous kind NFO beauty.

Dear dear sweetheart princess Diana ( Diana does not want to be bossy and rule,

she just wants love and to cuddle).



NFO n 09 24.

HIPP HIPP HURRAY gorgeous DIANA is 9 years today. We love her so very very much. She has

had some of her snack for breakfast, but will also have shrimps and fish now after my update.

And she`ll have a large fresh catnip root to eat and sniff on. She LOOOOOVES that.

I took Diana for a walk with her daughter today in the lovely autumn sun.

Diana does not like to go out so much any more. She prefer to feel  safe at home in her

favorite places.

But she has had great fun, and guards her daughter Byzants like a baby. So she was

more busy with that than pics. As one can see, her " baby princess princess daughter

came running after mum " calling " like a kitty baby and chatting all the time. Very funny

and sweet.

So a lot of pics of Byzants, and some of beautiful Diana being very busy as a " mum" .

But she is just wonderful and super kind. A dear dear princess :))).

Sadly we were " attacked" by swarms of mosquitos in the face and areound our eyes,

so we had to run back. But some nice pics of them though.

Diana on her second trip. We hoped that the mosquitos had forgotten us.

But they came back of cours.

P8210012 (2)



Our dear sweetheart is 8 years today.

She has had treats, canned tuna and some nice snack.

Shrimps any day now aswell.

She`ll have her vaccines the coming days, so no trip outside on her birthday.

But here are some quick new pics in the catrun until we have more time to take

a nice trip after her visit to the vets. Huriel loved to show off for attention behind her.

She had grilled chicken as a snack afterwards :). AND she had plenty of the plant the

cats loves so much. It turns out that where we have thrown out the cat litter earlier,

it now grows lots of Nepeta Cataria. Catnip plant. Having seeded itself after having

been in their favorite cat toy pillows called " Stinky", and then been swallowed we

think. Very funny. And now we know.

She is FANTASTIC and very sweet and  kind.



Beautiful Diana soon 8 years, and having had fun twice the latest weeks with coming outside with me and her friends.

Today both her old lover Magni, and her new beloved boy, young Maximus, that she has taken a sweet interest in lately.


Beautiful Diana almost 7 1/2 and testing out the new camera.

The flash was much too strong, so lamps were needed, and

she wanted to cuddle into the camera so a bit funny pics of our dear beauty.




Diana is 7 years today, and of course we celebrate our wonderful girl.


Our FANTASTIC and SUPER SWEET girl had some baby kitten for breakfast, and baby kitten pate also. And then some fresh meat as well.

She`ll have some chicken and other snack to. And being a great hunter,she`s just been dewormed, so a pill went down with her favorites as well.

Today she was much to large and playful for my photo background. She rolled around over the table and in it and just wanted to cuddle

and play with the textiles.

So then I took her outside, but it has been on and off showers from the clouds in the sky, and one came when we went out. So new better pics of her must

be taken. But A REAL WONDER SHE IS, SO SWEET BEAUTIFUL and a lovely happy girl. 7 years allready. WOW !!!!

We wish our dear princess a lovely evening further , and love her so very very much.


Beautiful Diana almost 6 1/2 years young. Anad so very very very beautiful and super sweet.

Diana og Juventus

Dear beautiful sweet Diana enjoys being outside again a bit, and she loves to come with me and her friends for a little walk. Lovely and very nice :)


Beautiiiiiful Diana, enjoying fresh air and sunbeams. She`ll be 7 years in August, and on this day she came with me for a stroll outside. She was frighteneed by a dog our so last autumn during a hunt, and has not been outside the catrun since then. But she loved it, and then back inside for a snack. She`s always a happy and chatty princess, that loves attention and to be cuddeled and talked to.

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Diana has been very hard to get outside the part of our place where our kittens first stayed. She has taken over Byzants baby boy Isak totally, like it is her own baby Byzants. Diana also cared very long for Byzants , and kept her a baby youngstherhood.

So now Diana wants to be outside a little bit, if Isak is there and back under her control.

So here she is with Magni, her first boyfriend ( still is), and their own grandson after their own daughter Byzants and Slode.

Then it was ok and fine to have fun outside. She went wild after the bamboo plaistick with fresh leaves on it, and looks a bit over eagerly half wild on some pics. She wanted the bamboo for a snack. Her daughter Byzants was outside the catrun, looking in at mum, dad and her son being taken so good care of by grandparents. Isak was first outside with his mum Byzants and Juventus, and then grand mother Diana wanted him back inside.


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Our beloved girl is 6 years young today the 22/8.

Diana has had her meat and soon her shrimps will be ready to eat.

Diana does not at all want to go out at the moment. She is busy with her "baby", her grandson Isak. That she has taken over from Byzants at full time.

So she stays with him all the time, raising and washing him, and plays and chats a lot.

Her beloved Magni was inside in bed because of a clouded sky ( he can not stand the rain, and will rather be inside than risk one drop from the sky), so she wanted back in ASP, to have control of "her baby" Isak, and to cuddle with Magni as well.

Thank you so much Anita for this wonderful, funny ans sweet kitty girl.

She has celebrated, and still has more to come this evening.

Diana is in her summer bikini still, and is doing just fine after being neutered.

We love you so much our kitty girl princess.

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Diana in bikini, nearly 6 years young now.

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Our wonderful Diana loved to be with me taking kitty photos today.

Soooo then she loved to have some pics taken also.

She played , cuddeled and chatted, and was looking at her funny boyfriend Ariel doing all sorts of stuff to impress her from outside the window. Making a lot of noice with his heavy kilos.

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Diana  5 1/2 years old, loves to be with me on work, and she has many favorite places in the room. But this is a very funny one, because it looks like she has her own throne for a chair.

Sadly Ariel has destroyed many of the blitz functions on my camera by having bathing it recently, but here she is on her throne trotting and relaxing. Helping with work further in into the room.

And I took one of her favorite activites, standing on her little climbing tower, helping me to cook,  being cuddeled and getting her snack at the same time. She pushes her head and paw on your sholder as a constant reminder, if you do not concentrate on her.

Such a wonderful girl she is always so kind and lovely, a smiling cat she is. And a real "godess" of hunting and all our wild animals around us.

She has a wonderful deer family as her friends.

Where did all the snow go, I think Diana wonder a bit about that and the bird above making a lot of noice. Just a couple of days ago, it looked like the North Pole, and she prefered to stay inside and be warm.

Here she is almost 5 1/2 years old.

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Her is wonderful Diana at work at 14.30. and it is allready getting darker.

She usually stays with me in the working room, looking at me working, or at any cat that passes underneath her, and she can look over the bay  to the other island and the activity there.

Diana has many favotite places in this area, but she loves a little bit of action, and when snow and cold, it is nice to have an overview with a from the warm inside.

We often do some cooking near by as well,  and she only needs to call and put her belly up fore some cuddle, so no wonder she feels perfectly situated in this place.

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Hurray Hurray. This is our fantastic girl Diana`s day to day.

She sends off her best regards to her breeder Anita Skofteby and her mummy Wiwi and daddy Simba, and also she congratulates her siblings of course.

Diana started right after midnight. She wanted her steamed chicken in its stock and some meat. Also she wanted me to play and cuddle more before bed, so twice I had to get out of bed because she called loudly for attention from her favorite basket in the kitchen.

It has been a grey and dusky rainy day, with a lot of terribly hungry tiny mini moscquitos wanting to eat us all, if we dare to stay outside.

On top of that BIG " baby Ariel wanted to show off he`s "birilliance" in climbing and running in full speed and heavy around on the metal roof in the catrun, so to keep Diana focused on me and my camera was not the easiest thing today.

But here she is with her friends and lovers. Inside the house, and in the catrun.Magni calling from outside the catrun wanting to come back in ( he goes in and out every 10 minutes) or to get her out side, Slode being her new beloved guy trying to charme a bit togheter inside, and a rather comical sprinter lover Ariel in white making a lot of noise from above.

Diana will have more of her prefered food and some snack, and off course a lot of cuddle.

So Happy Birthday.

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Summer 2010

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