(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius NFO ns

Born 05.05.2010



GSD 4 Normal


His mother tested GSD 4 Normal at our veterinarian for Genindexe. Also his grand mother tested GSD 4 Normal at Genindexe.

His father tested GSD 4 Normal at our veterinarian for Genindexe.


7.2 kilos and slim at 20 months.

Gregorius is the beautiful proud father of our M-Litter.

We still are trying to understand why Gregorius has died.

He took off after a white male that now and then comes to our house. The white cat survived, but Gregorius was deadly hit by a car following him. We are still a bit chocked. For 7 years, he has only been around the house.

being lazy. So , I will have to write this later.

He was planned for a date with Huriel or Kohinoor. So that is all to sad right now.

*At the moment he`s  as a very slim version of himself , after having been very busy running around some time now dating, waiting , loooonging and having been lovesick with the house most speedy active lady, Calamity. She can run and run like an English Setter hunting birds in the highland mountains. Day and night all over their space, so when she`s in heat it is her calling so loud that we fear the neighbours on the other island can hear her, and she rrrrrruuuuns off.So quite a task for dear teddy Gregorius, who`s usually so calm and relaxed. So he`s in a maraton version of himself. But 7.2 kilos he is.*

So  we guess he`ll put some weight back on and be more of his usuall self,when he`s calmed down, had time to eat kitty food, and back into his more relaxed version.

* * * * *

Gregorius has like Hieronymus also had a thorough health checke to day as well, and found to be in purrrrrfect order all over.

So now he can dream of a sweet kitty girl, that he finds puurrrrrrrfect,.

Great news to all of you that adore, have been impressed and loves our funny sweet nutered CH / PR (N) Myrtekransen`s Ariel NFO w so much.

His grand nevphew Gregorius has been his grand uncles favorite, and has adopted his charme and behaviour, in addition to his lovely parents qualities and loveliness. He even talks as much as Ariel, and in the same manner, but with his gorgeous father Haifas lovely vocal sound .

And Gregorius is allreday on his way to be as big and heavy as his grand uncle, and on top of that with Haifas powerful boning, and Elenas large wonderful paws, great fur quality and loooong tail. And much much more.

So that is why we feel we have a new Ariel in the house, they are so alike in many ways, and we are so very happy about that.

Gregorius will be our teddy bear in smoke it seems, being trained by grand uncle Ariel, the teddy in white.

We look forward to see the offspring of Gregorius. He`s heritage will be filed up by soooo many of our NFO favorites.

So we are very proud and glad.

More information will come, but he`s still just a BIG baby.

(N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius NFO ns, is named after Gregorius Dagson. A famous viking that lived 1114-1161. He came from our hometown, and more spesifically from the area where I grew up.

I used to play with my friends in  the old ruins of his stone church, and went on treasure hunts all around the place and on the lovely little mountain, as soon as I could walk. A really exiting playground. Also in my first home, my bedroom window faced Gregorius Dagson street, so it had to be that name for him. It brings back lovely memories, and Gregorius is a beautiful name for a beautiful Forest Cat boy in lovely silver smoke.


Our dear silver smoke teddybear on his birthday. And 3 years allready.

Looking just gorgeous, and he is so super super sweet and kind.

So happy birthday dear cool kitty teddy boy.  He had lots of cuddle and of course his favorite snack.

And most of all he is a bit love sick, so he hopes for a loving date with Calamity soon :).

She has been to the vets for her check and vaccinations. So he`s waiting.


Beautiful dear dear sweetheart Gregorius out guarding his son Maximus.

Gregorius is just such a sweet teddy boy.


I tried some of our beautiful smoky boy Gregorius also. But dark silver smoke and a strong flash only looks very funny. And funny he is. And the proud father to his very happy minded playful daughter Mouna, that took all his concentration away.

So we was mostly out of focus :). Then Mouna jumped up, and took over his toy .... and played with her dad.


Beautiful Gregorius loves to play with the snow, eat it, roll in it and patrol it, so he had a great time

Now 2 1/2 years. And looking down  guarding his kittens Maximus and Mouna from above the catrun.



Gregorius 2 years and almost 2 months, waiting for his babies, and if there might be a new love date :)))


Gregorius will soon be a father. And is a big big baby still :))))

Gregorius celebrating his girlfriends Calamity and Tabitha`s birtdays the 18 th of June

And he `s preparing to be a father to Tabithas babies around the 23 of July.


Gorgeous Gregorius, here I had to give him cat nip on the carpet for him to roll arund  in and a catnip mouse to make him stay awake for the photos. It`s his cat nap period of the day, so photos was not on his mind, only sweet dreams of his ladies. He` s very lovesick at the moment and sings a lot in his sweet manner just like his father Haifa. A melodious melancolich deep deep singing sound. Super sweet.


Beautiful teddy bear Gregorius, he will soon be 2 years old on the 5 th of May. At the moment fertile slim, due to matings and now on his way in to his summer bikini like his dad Haifa. But a heavy and gorgeous boy he is our dear Gregorius. He`ll now soon be a father for the first time , with his 2 dear and gorgeous ladies Calamity Jane and Byzants :)) .


A sleepy and lovely Gregorius, in his favorite part of the bed :)


Gregorius 1 year and 11 months now. And soooooooo lovesick and very very charming.

He`s been dating Calamity again, and it looked the first days like she was just running all over the place making lots of sounds for flirtation. So we let them date for a while longer now than the other timeds. It seems that her heat is about much sounds and showing off at first. But after some days together we heard the deep tiger jungle scream at last, so we now think that Gregorius might have made it with Calamity. Time will show. But Gregorius is overwhelmed by his own charme of course, and sweeter than ever :))


Super cool and super sweet. Beautiful Gregorius loves a snow bath, to catch the snow and to eat the snow flakes coming down on him from the sky. He`s just our dear sweet teddy bear at 1 year 6 months and a half.


( Please note that Gregorius mother is CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Elena NFO n 09, and not in the pawpeds pedigree system, nor is her father IC (N) Ravnklo`s Zalika NFO n 09 22.

So please note that Ravnklos Caspian ( one of Elenas uncles) is a pedigree "stand in" for his brother and Elenas real father IC Ravnklo`s Zalika, since Zalika is not in the Pawpeds system yet. But they are full blooded brothers from 2 different litters, but the same comabinatin. And therefore with the exact same pedigree. You can find IC Ravnklo`s Zalika NFO 09 22 at cattery  Ravnklo , and in their Miracle litter.

Future breeding plans at (N) Myrtekransen for (N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius NFO ns.

Gregorius is a lovely male for our selected unrelated females.

He might be used for  a maximum of 2 (- to 4)combinations at home we think. Depending if he will be allowed to date outside the cattery. We do not at all like to have many litters on a male or female, or to have many litters at all.We have been asked to lend him out, but  if so that will only be on one occation to a very special cattery and female.To the right combination, or lend back once to where we have ourselves been given a date  for our own girl from.

Girls at home that he will be planned for:

First :

CH S*(F) Wonderwood`s Calamiity Jane NFO n 09 24

NO* Boote`s Amalie Amadeus NFO w


* * * * * * *

2012 Late Spring/Summer.


Gregorius wonderful date from ouside the cattery.

(N) Alneskatten`s Devi Delight NFO n has plans to come  with her dear owner Janne and visit our Gregorius this autumn , in September.

Devi has always been our favorite amonge her mother Amores D-Litter at (N) Alneskatten. Her mother Amore is our Magnis daughter with our offspring Anastasia ( the sister of Ariel and Aurora). Devi is then our "grand child", with Rudi av Ledsaak  as her father.

So Devi is very special in many ways. And she is such a great looking beautiful  girl in shining black, and with a lovely head. Beautifully typed, and luckily her owner Janne has had a liking for our Elena and her son Gregorius. So an important litter to us all this.


We look so forward to welcome her and Janne, and hope Gregorius and Devi will just looooooove each other.

Devis owner Janne, will have the cattery name NO* Villvind, and soon her homepage come and she`ll be linked to our pages.

Good Luck Janne and Devi.

More information will be on it`s way.

Beautiful (N) Alneskatten`s Devi Delight NFO n


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With Gregorius being so dark, pics these days are a bit difficult. I have to use flash or many spots/ or lamps.

So either he becomes unclear, or the eyelids where the light blend him goes up before my camera reacts.

But som that gives an impression of our lovely smoke teddy " baby" I managed.

So he sends off he`s Sweetest Christmas Greetings to everyone. He`s now 1 1/2 years and LOOOOVELY.

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Our wonderful proud new Champion Gregorius. He was sleeping yesterday , but today he came for a walk outside.

Usually we only let him out in rainy or dusky weather, so that he keep close to the house since he`s fertile and has no offspring yet. He never goes longer than around the house, but just to be sure. So I went out to play with him, and he was enjoying the mild autumn afternoon a bit. Gregorius is super cool and so proud of himself, having taken his Champion title on his third judgment in competition. He is such a wonderful and sweet boy.

Gregorius had a great time, chatting and playing with everything that moved. Bamboosticks and pine cones He`s such a lovely big baby.

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Gregorius has been very much in looooove lately, and looooooves his 2 girls Tabitha and Calamity.

Ohhhh he`s so sweet, and at the moment very proud. Pushing his head on everything for a cuddle.

He`s been dating Calamity now, and that is a busy girl, so he had great fun course and a lot of running, and they were realy in looove also. He`s earlier dated wonderful Tabitha also, but she`s a more comfortable date that prefer warm rooms and our bed only.

Super sweet. Now we hope for cool teddie babies from his lovely combination with his Tabitha and latest Calamity.

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Gregorius wanted a short trip outside the catrun today, because he could see from the inside that Juventus had such great time.

So they played for a while, and then Gregorius wanted back inside for a snack. But he loves attention and to eat the soft fresh bamboo playstick tip.

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Grgegorius is a very slow guy. He just go from bed to bed, and then mabye outside in the catrun. Our down in the basement to feel like a cool male. But he is a very comfortable male, and a bit lovesick. Waiting for one of his girls to run soon.

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Gregorius having a lovely time with today`s sunbeams

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Gregorius just had to jump on the table as usual. He`s been in and out of my bed all night. Wanting to cuddle, AND play with my feet.

Because of the kittens now growing, he wants to be the baby again, and has started to do all the things he did as a kitten. So it is a bit funny, that he looks sooooo very serious on pics hi hi...

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Beautiful Gregorius is a big baby still, and loves to cuddle a lot. He`s such a lovely baby from Elena and Haifa.

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Hello cool teddy boy!!!!!

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When I was in London, I was in the shop of The National Georgraphic`s Society.

And there was a gift for Gregorius.

This is (GB) National Georaphic`s George JAG n.

Gregorius loves to sleep with his toy jaguar and grand uncle Ariel of course.

Gregorius is 13 1/2 months now. And to those that also have the toy jaguar from National Geographic`s shop in London, well then you know the size of Gregorius then hi hi. Yes it is a large sized toy jaguar. Like a larger dog.

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Dear Gregorius 13 th months has a small problem. His favorite kitty chair has become to small for him this summer.

He can no longer sitt in it comfortably. There is always  one body part on the outside, or half the body.

So even though he is  only a big kitty boy, last years favorite play chair, is to small this year.

What a big baby he is still. And to large for himself on his old favirite places. hi hi.

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Gregorius has had an eventfull weekend, being to a show, and Tabitha went into heat.

So he`s exhausted, he`s been both dating and showed himself.

Now he just sleeps and eat, and chats.

He is very much in love.

So he was not at all very eager to play at the table today, just relaxing a bit and cuddle.

And he`s growing again............. it seems.

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Gregorius is lovesick, he checkes in on the girls, just in case there should be some sign of a love sick girl.

He`s waiting for Tabitha.

Gregorius 7191 grams at 12 1/2 months.

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Gregorius looks cool but in his heart he`s still a baby boy, and wonderfully sweet and kind.

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Our wonderful teddy bear is 1 year old now the 5 of May.

Happy birthday you gorgeous boy.

We`ll celebrate you all of us, when I`m back from England.

Kitty kisses for our dear lovely big baby Gregorius.

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Yes Gregorius you are super cool and wonderful, and can jump suuuuuuuper high.

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No use fixing Gregorius fur before pics, he jumps into the first bush or throw himself on the ground like daddy Haifa.

Rubbing in small branches and sand into his lovely fur. Oh yes, Gregorius very nice....

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Gregorius just loved that Juventus had his pictures taken on this soft blanket, and he loves the funny toy from Johnny Kjølås cat shop at Stargate. So he had to be cuddeled and played with and taken photos of again.

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Our dear Gregorius is still a big baby at 11 1/2 monts. When he saw that I took kitty pictures of the babies of Byzants, it brought back happy memories  for him.

So he had to enter the kitchen table and be a baby to.

Only that he`s to big and the background fell down in the end by all his playfulness.

So here are some of "baby" Gregorius also, now a big boy but very childish and lovely.

Our heart and joy.

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Our dear sweetheart Gregorius a big baby boy at 11 months.

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Gregorius 10 1/2 months loves to sleep in bed. And at the moment we think he`s planning on growing even a bit more.

He had a break from that  for some weeks and stood still, but now we think he`s growing again. Gaining boone.

Gregorius is a very kind teddy bear, and loves to sleep with daddy Haifa and others in a joyned slumber. Gregorius has passed daddys size some time ago, so it looks a bit funny. Being daddys big baby boy wanting to be a bit kitty baby still.

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Gregorius has been a very busy guy since after the Berak show, because he had to gain back all the lost time not being able to play outside. So you can not reach the door, or  go anywhere in the house without him being beside you chatting.

He`s also been working on his furball, that came out fiinnaly,after getting his hairball food back.

He`s loosing his winterfur and kitty fur now, but is still in lovely fur condition. And as always very fit and agile climbing trees and jumping on rocks. But when inside he just wants to cuddle and eat a lot.

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Gregorius is very proud of his pink tongue, he thinks it looks smashing in smoky silver.

He might even impress daddy Haifa.

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Gregorius is such a kind and big baby still.

8 1/2 months and 6.78 kilos now.

But he loves to be grand uncle Ariels "baby" nephew and he loves to be daddys baby boy also. Elena does not care for him as a mummy any more, but he loves to try and nipple on adoptive mum Calamity still.

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Gregorius at 8 1/2 months, to big for parts of their climbing toy.

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Yes Gregorius, this is snow.

Yes we know it is fun to play with it and turn over in.

Here is lovely Gregorius as usual at full speed playing and talking at the same time.

He don`t mind the snow at all, but find it purrrrfect to fool around with.

His father Haifa on the other hand, will not be outside at all it seems.

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Gregorius is always first out to play, and yes he is the most eagar and chatty one.

He plays with much power and jumps super high.

Normaly I have huge problems taking photos of him. Usually he`s not in the front of the camera but more likely on his way into it, or he has taken it.

So it was very uplifting and surprising that he had a couple of seconds to spend for  the camera to managed his energetic behavior.

But because of all the action around him, he forgot that I took photos.

This was at the end of our walk then, so he had actually steamed off some energi at this point.

Usually he looks rather hyper on pictures, it is rare to have relaxed pictures of him, but in his cuddle mood, he`s simply the softest teddy bear to.

I`ll take more of him, but it must be out and mabye also with the flash since he`s so dark.

But he`s a really happy charmer, and he chatts a lot. Everything he does comes with a comment, just like baby Tabitha.

So here are finally some pictures of this wonderful boy at near 7 months.

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Gregorius at 5 1/2 months

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Sweet and chatty Gregorius, so proud of himself, and at the moment with a double sett of front teeth.

3454 grams at 4 months.

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Cool Gregorius pased 3 kilos at 18 1/2 weeks

Gregorius was tryed to be taken photos of to day.

But he`s long and large like some of the grown up girls, so the table is not enough space for his long jumps.

And of course he is dark, and on top closes his eyes for the camera light, so a lot of phantom pictures of young mister playful, and

on full speed into my camera as well.

So that will have to be for a more sunny day, so that the camera can catch up with all his sudden movements, and he needs a longer "runway".

Or mabye a bit more sleepy than on top gear.

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Gregorius 2.731 kilos at the first day of his 17 th week.

Clearly carries tabby and might carryamber due to lines.

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Lovely Gregorius at 15 weeks

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Beautiful Gregorius 2304 grams at 14 weeks

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Gregorius 13 weeks old

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Gregorius lives on the sunny side of Bergen

Gregorius 1730 grams on his first day of his 12 th week

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Gregorius 1722 grams on his first day of his 11 th week

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11 weeks

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10 weeks

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9 weeks

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8 weeks

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7 weeks

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6 weeks

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5 weeks

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4 weeks

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3 weeks

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2 1/2 weeks

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one week

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CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius NFO ns

Birth weight 135 grams

Breeding male (N) Myrtekransen.

Born 08.05.2010

Gregorius must be weighed again at his vet.

On the 12 of December he was weig to 7.98 at Scandinavian Airlines precise weight before our flight.

His flight cage is of textile and very light, so he was only 2 grams from having been put into cargo.

Our  kitchen weight only works in a precise way  up to 5 kilos and after that it can not be done right.

What we do know is that he is at least over 5 kilos, and then some more, at the begining of his 7 th month.