(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Myrtekransen`s Fiorenza

NFO n 09 22

Mother: CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Aurora NFO n 09 24

Father: CH S* Zygot`s Slode NFO n 09 22

Born 30.03.2010



GSD 4 Normal

Her father tested GSD 4 Normal by our veterinarian at Laboklin Oktober 2012.

Her mother GSD 4 Normal ,since both her parents tested GSD 4 Normal.

Heart scanned Normal at clinic Stend autumn 2011. And fully checked in all her

organs and bacteria / virus checked due to her infectious milkglan spray and the

operation she went through.

Fiorenza is the beautiful proud mother og our J -Litter and S-Litter.

*  *  *

5.1 + kilos ( 5115) grams) at 4 3/4 years. And slim / normal.

(Her old weight was from many years back as a youngster).

She is now back to normal, and in an athletically active condition. And she has both grown and put on weight after being skinny from giving milk to 6 kittens and her dramatic operation.

Her operation was caused by her sudden milk glans infection. Where the swelling were helped and looked like it went away, but she was also given a a nose spary medicament to spray in to release the milk every time she wanted to give milk, making the infected milk glans full again also, but not used by the kittens.And by that turning it all inwards. So that it bursted.

She is now back in  her super condition. Only with a couple of fewer nipples on the low part of her belly, on her right side. So after having her checked and her tests done. Found all to be in purrrrrfect order.

Fiorenza will be kept fertile for as long as we can, she is our only daughter and last baby after our dear Aurora. And she gives wonderful kittens with the right boy. We hope for her to find later in the future, a lovely external male for her to meet from outside our own cattery. And make her second litter an exiting combination also. She gave wonderful babies with our own Hieronymus in our J - Litter. So we have to think and do some future reasearch.

So she has been weighed again after recovery from the operation of her sprained milkglands.

Fiorenza was because of her special situation and operation, at the same time thoroughly checked inside, with all her bodyparts found to be in a perfect and healty condition.Heart , kidneys etc, and a test on the infection matera among others. So fit as a fiddle she is. Just like her happy minded temper.

* * *

Fiorenza is a loooong awaited baby girl after Aurora and Slode.

She is our beauty of spring. A genuine prima vera kitty.

She was so very special from the day she was born,  but not a very practical choice being group 4. She was first named Fiori after her grandmother (GIC (N) Blomsterdalen`s. Fiori is Belindas name that Svein-Erik gave her . The kitten that had the name Fiori / Fiorenza was in fact planed booked (N) Myrtekransen at the begining. But we had such a wonderful litter that it became choosing among favorites , all of them. And we also had to keep Fresia as our host girl,and also wanted Fawn. But Fiorenza is here.

But Svein-Eriks cat and my baby kitty queen Belinda/Fiori is named after his  absolute favorite marchet place in Rome, full of beautiful flowers off course. And Belinda (Fiori )being his birthday present and his (our) first female cat and white, Fiorenza being born at his favorite period, had to have a particular spring name like this.

The kitten that we decided to keep was planned  to be given the name Fiori or Fiorenza ( a related branch of the word Fiori f.pl.) in honnor of Auroras mother Belinda ( Fiori).

But Fiorenza was much more a Fiorenza than Fiori, so she was after a couple of days named Fiorenza.

It was decided from the start that she stayed.

Fiorenza is the name used for the city of art, Florence. Florence named Fiorenza in the Renaissance and late middleages.

If you look at old maps from the period, Fiorenza is the city of art, Florence.

The word it selv bears the meaning being in blossom. In fiorenza.

That is puuurrrfect for our classic beauty Fiorenza. To us she brings resemblances to the beauty of Botticellis  wonderful painting of spring " La Primavera".

Fiorenza has the beauty of spring in her, and she was born in spring time, so the name is for her.



Beautiful cool Fiorenza. 3 years and 8 months. She has a great time eating on and playing with the smelly catnip root.

So many unclear pics og our funny, active and chatty beauty.


Fiorenza 3 years and super cool.

Fiorenza very cool and beautiful as always and 3 years on The 30 th of March.

And we are looking out for a future boyfriend for her :).

Our Kolya is a very lovely boy, but it might be interesting with a male from the outside, since he`s our own.

So we are thinking a bit more ........... .


Beautiful super sweet and super funny Fiorenza. Having great fun in one part of the catruns.

3 years by the end of this month March. She is such a special girl, and a very active artistic climber and a great

master of playing with the bamboo stick. Lovely. And super cool. We hope for one more litter with her, and are all the time looking out for a future lovely suitable male.

Fiorenza thinks snow is such great fun. And she loves to show off. Turning around in it, eating it, catching snoflakes with

her paws, nose our mouth. And then at full speed up and down the willow tree to impress. Super super funny.


Beautiful Fiorenza 2 years and 10 months. She was almost to busy to take pics of.

She loves to eat from the plants and roll over it, so active and funny as always.

And she also wanted a break to have some chicken in stock, and then all her

gymnatstics over again. She is super cool and very funny and sweet.

And yes this is her natural very  bright green eyes. No colors added from any kind of photo finnish program.

We would love to find her a boy friend again.



Beautiful dear Fiorenza coming straight out of the bushes to her daughter Jolanda, when she came outside the catrun. Lovely Fiorenza had been sleeping and rolling around in the bushes, so her fur was not in order then. But it keeps rather well even amaong heather, juniper buskes and small pintrees. So here she proud guards her lovely daughter Jolanda at 8 months , and so very very proud of her, even though Fiorenza herself loves to be mummy `s tiger baby still :))))

Our happycat Fiorenza 2 years and 1 month, having a great time with her friend Debbie and her daughter Jolanda. They LOOOVED the bright sun and had lots of playful fun outside today. Fiorenza loves to show off, and clibs up and down the willow tree to get attention.




Our sweet and funny tiger kitty baby clown, looooooooooves attention, so taking pics of her can be rather fun. She`s very happy with it.

Fiorenza now 12 months and almost 11 weeks.

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Fiorenza had a great time sneaking in 3-4 times for photos today, and to chat , cuddle and play at the table.

She`s fully recovered after her operation, except for her missing nipples then. But gaining her nice weight at 4.64 kilos. and might even grow some more. So her is our " baby" kitty tiger girl, and grand uncle Ariels adoptive daughter.

Fiorenza is back into her wonderful shape, but with out her usual fur condition due to motherhood. But she had a great time with Haifa. She climed the willow tree over and over, and played with Haifa about the bamboo stick. So a busy lady.

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Beautiful Fiorenza is pregnant it seems, but she`s also very playful and happy about it. Very fresh and cuddely. Loves attention, and hardly tired at all.

But that was also her mothers way of being pregnant, so good for her, our lovely dear sweetheart.

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Fiorenza was a bit unfortunate while I was in London in May. She had a visit in her fur from a snail , coming from our plentyful outdoor snail families, That also have moved in, and enjoy a lot both the food , the company of the cats and all their toys.

It went into her fur, and stayed there for 5 days, making a messy nest in there and sliming all over her left side. Svein-Erik did not get it out, so during my operation in grooming it out, all the fur it had glued itself onto the snail, and went off along with the pet snail. Leaving Fiorenza with a very  short fur cut on much of her left side. So she`s out of showbiz for a while. But just as beautiful and cool as ever, and fur returning over her naked tabby pattern.

But she`s so very much our tiger baby, and a bit jealous with the kittens, she wants to be the baby. Now she finds them a bit fun, and when they were allowed in the studion, she played with them a lot.

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Our dear and precious Fiorenza. Now our only offspring left after our deeply missed Aurora that died in a car crash this winter.

Fiorenza was her mothers tiger baby, and behaved allready as a kitten like the natural heir to mummy`s "throne".

Fiorenza has it in her that she is the coming tiger queen, and behaves like one that knows she`s special.

Having discussions with Joy about that.

Fiorenza is  on her way into her summer bikini, and very much a teenager still, but also very selfconcious and working her rank at the top as a fertile femle.

Fiorenza is planned for her first date with wonderful Hieronymus late this autumn, so that kittens will be born in 2012. If the cats agree.

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Our lovely flower girl Fiorenza 1 year old, and  she loves the flowering spring and the beautiful warming sunbeams.

She has been playing a lot with her favorite uncle Ariel as well, he has taken over as her "daddy", raising her and caring for her.

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She had her birtday celebration over several days, because her birthday was the 30 th of March, and she joyned the birth of our I-litter. But she had all her favorite stuff and plenty of action, which she loves a lot. So she had a great time, and love her so very very much.

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Fiorenza is very excited these days. She can feel somthing is about to happen to Byzants. She tests out all the sleeping places, and finds the equipment for the kittens very interesting. I think she even hopes for some milk from a bottle herself.

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It is still winter time, but it is filled with more light every day now.

Fiorenza loooooves that, and plays all day.

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Fiorenza is a very playful, selfconfidendt and selfconscious girl.

She wants to join the queens club with her grand mother Belinda, mummy Aurora and Diana.

So she really wants the kitty crown above her, to play with....

Fiorenza is very sweet and childish, and always to find where the action is. Her best friend is Tabitha, and she loves to tease mummy Aurora.

And yes we do agree with some others that she looks like a hulderkatt.

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Fiorenza found time to show herself a bit after she came in from a cold and wet ouside.

She has her mothers voice and the same proud thought about herself.

Our tiger kittybaby and Auroras tiger baby. Mummy Aurora is her ideal, and she takes after all Aurora does, and copy her.

And yes it seems that she has mummys wildcat eyes.

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(N) Myrtekransen`s Fiorenza NFO n 09 22

Born 30.03.2010

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On a dark winterday, Fiorenza likes to play both ouside and inside.

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Fiorenza 8 months 30 th of November .

(3.68 kilos)

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Fiorenza simply loved that we all went out today.

She is well prepared for this cold period in all her fur.

So she was super busy having a lot of fun with Tabitha, Hieronymus and Gregorius.

On top of that both Haifa and Calamity was with them, and Calamity being just as playful and eagar like a kitten, well that was simply just a lot of fun for all of them.

Fiorenza specializes in hide and seek, and then she jumps on them all in a hit and run style as a surprise.

She`s been under bushes, on the stones  and in the gras. And taking care of her friend baby Tabitha as well.

Here she is in the freezing cold , and cool as ever.

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Fiorenza at 8 months was also tryed out as photo modell this dark cold afternoon, inside, testing out  the camera flash a bit, she had little patience. Outside they had been given a dead mouse by one of the grown ups, so that was in her mind all the time I think. What was behind our front door.

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Fiorenza 6 1/2 months old.

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Beautiful tiger baby Fiorenza 5 1/2 months

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Fiorenza at 22 weeks

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Fiorenza 20 weeks

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Here she is helping  her halfsister Elena with where plants and chairs should be in their  extended catrun

Beautiful Fiorenza at 19 weeks

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Fiorenza 18 weeks old

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Fiorenza 17 weeks

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Fiorenza stays at home.