(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

This Swedish breeder offers the best NFO link base.

( And with wonderful cats and pages of course )



Some personal links :


We regularly up date personal links to where our cats come from, or where offspring lives.

We also prefer links where breeders do not breed to many litters within a year. 3(4) at the most.

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Catteries outside Norway where our cats come from.

Where offspring lives. Or  parents/lines  of our imported cats.

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S* Wonderwoods

S* Wonderwoods

The breeder of our dear fantastic CH S* Wonderwoods` Calamity Jane

Well. What can we say !!!!!. Great and wonderful NFO cats , OF COURSE.

Calamity Jane is a gem, and my " baby". There is no other like her.

And we adore her old fashioned type, with her intense looks.




The cattery of our fantastic and prescious sweetheart and the queen

of the house / cattery,  Tabhita.Even our former pensioned queen Belinda respects that.

The photo is of her wonderful mother Roxy. Tabhita is one of the ground pillars

of the cattery. And a wonderful intelligente queen, that has Calamity as her

cooperate lady. She has a very well kept territory that all our cats can thrive

in. Calamity can rule, but she can also do as she likes with Tabhita having control:) .



Anokaah* CH


Av Skara Brae* CH

The home of  the father of our Tabitha d`Haakona*CH NFO n 24

Chatterie de la Fôret d `Amalion* BE

The breeders of our dear stunningly beautiful Huriel de la Fôret d`Amalion*BE.

Our wonderful super princess that chatts a lot and play all day.


La Cachouteba

The breeder of Huriels mother Camargue de la Cachouteba (F)


Chatterie du Valldall

The breeder of Huriel`s father Viking du Valldall (F)

DK Zalethco

DK Zalethco

The home of Constantin and Helene. (I can not manage to down load their banner)


NL* Van de Desert Prins

NL* Cattery von der Desert Prins 

The home of Aurelia


D* Pjodr`s Norwegische Waldkatzen

The home of Branka


DK Elkington


DK Elkington

The breeder of our dear and fantastic boy Haifa Wonder ( my buddy soulmate, body guard, bed warmer and lap cat )and breeder of  beautiful special tortie girl Joy Miller. ( I can not manage to get the banner properly, but our dear Haifa looks great :) ).


Norgeskaukatt GB*

(UK) Norgeskaukatt 

Breeder of Haifas father Amour


S* Zygot`s

S* Zygot

The breeder of our 2 fantastic cats Debbie and Slode. Beautiful sweetheart and silver princess Debbie- Doss and wonderful beautiful super charmer Slode. They are both such fantastic wonders in their own way. And super social. Slode and Debbie always, like Haifa etc, soulmates and our dearest sweethearts, sharing us between eachother, with Haifa.+ Calamity, and all their buddies  of course.


S*Milda ma Tildes

S* Milda ma Tildes

The breeder of IC Milda ma Tildes` S* Speed Igor. 

Our Host cat Godivas gorgeous boyfriend and the father to our wonderful O-Litter. Host litter at Malene`s .


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Catteries in Norway where our cats come from. Where our offspring live.

And the the beautiful males that are parents to our kittens.

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(N) Stjernen

(N) Stjernen

The breeder of our dear beautiful fantastic princess Diana and our dear fantastic beautiful boy Juventus,

and also the home of our Felix from our F-Litter. Juventus was the kindest most beautiful male ever, a wonderful sweetheart deeply forever missed. A great loss.

The best NFO breeder in Norway through times, but at the moment not active.

Sadly (N) Stjernen`s do no longer have a webpage. But if changed, the link will

be up dated ASP.


NO* BOOTE`S Norsk Skogkatt.

Sadly no webpage anymore.

The breeder of our dear fantastic beautiful white princess NO* Boote`s Amalie Amadeus NFO w 63.Ariels grandaughter by Blomsterdalens Celine. Amalie has had only one heat after taken off the pill.So we are bit worried about that. She has super hearing, and can hear us peeling

shrimps through the house walls :)))). A gorgeous girl we still hope to breed with.



The breeder of our wonderful dear kind hearted Magni. And earlier the home of many beautiful

cats in his family. We met many of his beautiful old foremothers and forefathers.


Norsk Skogkatt - Norwegian Forest cat NO*MIMESBRUNNEN's

Our dear offspring (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian is a proud father to beautiful

IC (N) Alneskatten`s Devi Delight `s beautiful kittens


(N) Anzaskogen`s

Fantastic IC (N) Fiskerjenta`s Sisik 2012.Photo taken by owner Jon Vikne .

(N) Anzhaskogen 

Sisiks home. The beautiful father of our A - Litter

( (N) Fiskerjenta`s Sisik lives with Jon and Trine and he is the gorgeous proud  father, grandfather and grand grandfather of our dear cats and  kittens)

(N) Ravnklo`s

Beautiful IC (N) Ravnkloss` Zalika NFO n 09 22. The beautiful father of our beautiful  E-Litter. Our Auroras dear kittens and our dear Elenas` father.

Photo taken by Ravnklo`s .


(N) Stølsgarden

IC S* Milda ma Tiles Speed Igor

(N) Stølsgarden

Breeder and the home of IC S* Mildamathilde`s Speed Igor NFO n 22.

The fantastic and very very handsome and beautiful father of our wonderful O-Litter and host litter at Malenes`s on Askøy. This is the true boyfriend of our dear host queen (N) Myrtektransens` Godiva NFO ns 09, that to all luck was free from his hormonchip, and ready to date Godiva, that must have " waited " for him.


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                       OR WHERE OUR CAT`s  OFFSPRING LIVE.

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This is the link to our friend Malenes family home. Where (N) Myrtekransen`s Godiva and

(N) Myrtekransen`s Olympia lives. Mummy Rita is now the full time owner of Godiva. Lars, Malene`s brother is the owner of Olympia. Our new hostcat after Godiva. Malene and her family had our wonderful O-Litter, so they were raised by Malene and her family, and brought up in their family homes on Askøy near Bergen.


(N) Blomsterdalen

Our NFO friends and breeders of our dear gorgeous fantastic number 1. QUEEN GIC (N) Blomsterdalen`s Belinda NFO w. ( Now sharing with Calamity + Tabitha)

(N) Blomsterdalen has been one of Norways best NFO breeders ,though having had very few, but all top quality NFO litters.

(N) Blomsterdalen

(N) Fodnaheia`s

(N) Fodnaheia 

Some of Lindas beautiful cats appear in our pedigrees, and beautiful Wiwi is Diana`s mother. It is also a also a super web page with wonderfully

classically typed Norwegian Forest Cats , and with many different links). And still at the moment and for several years,

The Best NFO Breeder in Norway. A long with (N) Stjernen Cattery.

NO* Mimesbrunnen

 Ginaras sider / Elisabet and Fresias home

( Here lives our kitty girl Elisabet from our E-litter, and (N) Myrtekransen`s own future breeding female  and host cat Fresia ( F-litter)with their dear Siv and Ginara their best friend and huge dog)


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Please note that we do not normally lend out our males anymore . Only on special ocations.

We have closed males that are meant for combinations with the females within the cattery.

Cat care links and federations :


NB. We prefer our cats and kittens to have their treatment from licensed professional veterinarians and cliniques.

We do _ not _ promote alternative medicine to our cats and kittens.


Our excellente and very important cat veterinarians are to be found at Veterinær kontoret på Sotra ( The Veterinarean office on Sotra), which is part of the larger Stend Clinique in Bergen, for larger complicated operations and their unique expertise.


Our very nice and excellente Cat Club in Norway is

Rogaland Rasekattklubb


Our national federation within FIFE is NRR


Norsk Skogkattring Norway


We support the international Norwegian Forest Cat Society in the UK.

We give our cats high quality food from Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Specific, Iams and Hills

An animal velfare federation for cats Norway

The animal velfare federation Norway



We hope for ANIMAL POLICE in NORWAY NOW !!!!