(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats


GIC (N) Selteteigen`s Magni NFO ns 24 male

Born 08.08.2004


5.6 - 6 kilos

GSD 4 Normal

Tested by our veterinarian for Genindexe

Beautiful Magni at 4 months. Wonderful boy.


Magni is the beautiful proud father of our B- Litter, and 1 litter at cattery (N) Alneskatten, 1 litter at cattery(N) Peak Farm.

This is our dear , sweet and super cool Magni from dear Ina. Our years with this boy has learnt us so many things , so thank you Ina for this wonderful cat and much new knowledge.

We are so grateful for this wonderful, beautiful, funny and sweethearted boy from lovely old NFO bloodlines and fantastic cats.

We loved Magnis gorgeous father Gille, and his lovely mummy Inga is very classic.

Magni is our first cat after our old cat Ludvig died, and we wanted to have the older typed NFO.

We asked Else Nylud for a recomandation, and that lead us to Magni.

Magni is a wonderful and great looking cat, and in full condition as a male he  was very impressive to many, and fantastic to take pictures of as as well.

He was only one cert. away from EC, when we had to nuter him because of having 2 males and that was at the time a new experience. They were separatet during the period of dating. So after that hey did not agree about rank at that point, and having 2 fertile males were new to us.

Magni is among many a favourite in our cattery, and he has really perfect NFO tuffs, a perfect nosebone profile and lovely luxurious fur very easy to keep.

Magni is a very harmonious cat, and that has always been his strenght at shows as well.

He`s very typical and in an harmonic way, with a really super cool willdlook, that is rather the opposite of his very kind and sweet personality. Now as a neuter he `looks a bit less sharp than as a fertile male, but always cool when he wants to.

Magni follows us everywhere, and he screems if I`m out of sight behind a closed door.

Magni is the boss in the house, and comes running if anyone has a disagreement.

Magni is such a precious cat in our cattery, and he knows, and wants special treatment. That means that he thinks that every time I`m in the kitchen, it will be some treat coming his way.

Much can be said about this heartbreaker .  So again thank you Ina we are very grateful for our beautiful and lovely boy .

He is so kind and dear to us.

Magni has also given svery beautiful offspring in 3 litters as a breeding male, that now are in exciting combinations for the future.

He also had 2 more dates, but they did not succeed. But of his 3 litters, 2 beautiful offsprings are still fertile in breeding. With different lines. And then he has beautiful grandchilder, and beautiful great grandchildren. So he`s a proud boy.

And Thank You dear Ina , (N) Selteteigen for such a lovely boy from you.


Our dear wonderful Magni 11 1/2 years. He`ll be 12. I had hoped for some cool pics of him.

He often looks great and super cool with a bit of fresh wind in all his fur. But this was a

little biot to much, and it came in on all parts of him. turning his fur backwards or forwards.

making a mess. Magni was happy and chatty, but must of all he came towards me and me feet

all the time, to stand into my body. he had some nice frewsh catnip roots as well.

But then the rain came in a small shower version. So we went back inside.

I`ll try to take some pics of him again. He looks great in his winter fur so .... . And he is such a dear superkind wonderful boy. Always next to me wherever I go. My very special sweetheart.

We love him so very much.


Our dear fantastic beautiful superkind Magni on his 11 th birthday.

He had a super birthday. Purrfect for him. We were outside with him down on the dock,

fishing for his favorite meal. Fresh raw mackrel :))). And we had several. So he was super busy

chatting and playing with his buddies, enjoying a wonderful sunny day.

And he had all his favorite snack. Mackrel  both in tomato saus, and fresh from the sea

made into his " shushi" style directly on the doc by Svein-Erik. And inside the house the usual snack he prefers. So Magni had no time for photos he just wanted to sunbathe, have fun and

to have his freshly chaught raw fish.

Preparing Magnis favorite food, with his buddies. A lovely day6 for dear lovely Magni.

We had many mackrels for him for days.


NFO ns 24. He is 10 years now. And celebrated his birthday with us all day on

the 8 th of August.

He had a great Magni day and had a lot of his different snack inside and outside with us.

Sadly we did not get fresh herring or mackerel, only canned versions of mackerel and tuna.

But he had an other favorite as well. Magni LOVES my pancakes/ crepes. With many egg yolks, vanilla and butter. So he had different snack all day and was outside "helping" on the dock and playing with his buddies. We have had such warm weather lately, that all his fur started to come off in huge amounts again, on his way to his short summer coat.But he has stopped now with colder days this last week. So some pics of a very busy Magni on his birthday.He was to busy for pics. He only wanted to play with his

buddies, check if we had put some new food on the plates, and checking out what we did.

Chatting ALLLLLL the time :)))). He is simply the sweetest most wonderful kind kitty boy.

We love him so much. He is so dear to us and the cats.


Wonderful Magni almost 10 years now. He loves to be together all the time. And to play outside,

or to look at someone playing.

Here he is enjoying a lot Haifa playfully raising his grandson Ne Me Quitte Pas.

And then he went off after them + Penelope + Ophelia to play up the hill.

So I had to hurry they must have a guard in us.

Then he was chatting a lot, and I had to bring him down. Magni is very social, and loves to be with his cat family/ friends. He still misses his best buddy Ariel we think. He became very depressed losing Ariel. We then feared

for him( Magni was very connected to Belinda`s  A-litter, thought of it as his, so we can see he is still attached to those lines after our A-Litter.

That is very important to him. He loves his Diana and Belinda still, and loves his daughter Byzants, grandson Isak,

and very much his great grandaugther Nike. But he also loved Aurora so much, and Jolanda was great fun to him. They played a lot runing after each other, screaming out of pure joy. He loves to play with Fiorenza chatting having fun. But she is off the pill, so no outside. So now he loves to play with Ne Me Quitte Pas as well.

And to look at Haifa taking his part of daily kitty /youngster care.

Both those neutered males are very into " parenting". Very funny. It seems that he has great fun again.

That is so good. His winter coat is coming off in HUGE amounts now.


Lovely dear Magni 9 years and 3 months. Out with me playing and guarding.

Wonderful sweet Magni 9 years. And out on a field trip with his daughter Byzants and buddy Haifa.

But most of all, Magni just loves to cuddle and go in between my feet to cuddle some more.

He is just the sweetest and kindest boy. Love him so much. He still misses his best friend Ariel.

But luckily the eagle has not been seen here regullarely since April. So we can safely enjoy little

trips of pleasure. Though a poor summer season, Magni had some sunbeams on his day at least.

SO HIPP HIPP HURRAY to our dear dear Magni. Having lots of different snack.

But no fresh " cat sushi"  herring or mackrel directly from the dock.

We tried fishing, but it woulde not bite. So he`ll get that on an other day.

He had tinned mackrel and tuna.

He loves fresh raw herring or mackrel as sushi filets or choped like a fish tartar.


Beautiful and very kind Magni he`ll soon be 9 years now. Enjoying some short period of a sunny


He loves sun the most, ant to lay in the gras behind their new plastic cat house. Getting sleepy by

the sun in the soft gras to the sound of bumlebees in his lavender.


Magni had a great time outside today. With his daughter Byzants, great grandaughter Nike, buddy

and " son in law" Slode, buddy Hieronymus and kitty Ophelia that he loves to play with. Mouna came later and that was great. Then Magni had plenty to do, chat with and cuddle with.


Dear sweet beautiful Magni, soon he`ll be 9 years.





Celebrating with his friends and testing the newly renovated cathouse.


Magni had fish for breakfast, then meat, and kitty snack. He had mackrel with us , and has enjoyed his day

very very much :)))) and a wonderful boy he is.

Beautiful dear dear Magni, he`ll be 8 years next month , the 8 th of August.

Sweet sweet wonderful and kind Magni. He loves to be outside with us and follow up on friends and kittens. Here he`s dozing off a bit and waits for the large salmon to be prepared for them. A lovely lovely boy he is.

Magni i solseng

Sweet dear Magni. 8 years soon. Loves to be with me and his friends. Here he`s enjoying a lovely day, and a snack from my plate. He must always have a part of my sandwich, especially when it is with marckrel in tomato sauce :)


Beautiful dear Magni sunbathing in the spring sunbeams, and caring for Little baby Lorelei, just before she left us all for her new home in Geneva. Magni is a dear sweetheart, that loves to be with us, his best buddy Ariel and his friends all the time. He`s so very kind and social. He`ll soon be eight years this summer .


So kind and sweet, and such a teddy bear 7 1/2 years now.

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Beautiful Magni near 7 1/2 years now, and he knows how to handle the photographer.

He knows all my tricks, so he just washed himself lazily, looked for some snack, pulls his ears back to listen to his best buddy Ariel complaining behind the closed door.

Those two are close as peas, and the one wonders what the other do, if they are not next to each other. Ariel are not alowed in when taking photos.

Ariel pulls himself on  and over the cat being taken photos of, or sits on him her. And with buddy Magni they only start to chat and cuddle into each other making a real mess. So for single pics of any of the two. They must wait for the other having finished their turn. But apart from 30 +++ unclear pics of Magni, some of him was ok, and payig slight attention to me and the fresh bamboo brought in to play with. And such a lovely boy he is, on the inside and the outside.

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Well, Magni did it again. Being ouside enjoing himself in the sun with Belinda and Byzants, AAAAAND being far to busy for photos.

So a lot of Magnis tail and back, or unclear ones. I`ll just have to try again one sunny day. Because one if cloud and a grey sky, and he`s back inside in the kitty basket with buddy Ariel ASP..

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He had his mackrel in tomato for breakfast, some chicken in stock as well. And he`s waiting for his birthday snack from Svein-Erik`s shoping later on.

Magni has been outside in the warm lovely weather to day. It has been so cold and clouded this week, but on his day. All is purrrrfect. So he`s been outside playing and " worring" about his very fresh grandson Isak at full speed all over.

Magni is often very out of focus when he has his dear ones with him, he`s on guard all the time, or sleepy in the shadow of the sun. So it might be that new pics come of him. I managed to erase the loveliest ones with him among berries and the sea behind him, so that must be tried once more. But now he`s sleepy among his dear ones, and it is his day.

So I`ll see. But here is is our 7 year old kitty boy, that we love so very much.


Magni had a very lazy day, sleeping under the bushes in the soft gras. Here he just woke up from one of his favorite places.

Still a bit slow, and on his way back into a new cat nap.

Our dear wonderful sweet special boy Magni, almost 7 years now , waiting for his special treat ( Mackrel/ Tuna from the plate). On his way  to be a 7 year young male on the 8 th of August. His very own day. He is such a swet boy, and a caring father and grand father to his own family and those he loves as friends. Ariel being his best buddy.


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Finally this is a kind of wather that Magni can like. So now he loves to take small walks and come out to play.

He prefers that it is with me though. If I go back in so will he. Magni is very much a "mum`s " boy.

So he doesn`t like to miss out on anything I do. And he usually always go to my feet when I take pics of him. The result is a lot of Magni`s nose or back, ready to roll on my feet. Dear sweety.

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Magni has wonderful days now, with fun and sun. here he is a fairytale forest cat.

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Lovely Magni had no time for pics, he much rather wanted to jump down by me feet and cuddle or play with Ariel, Tabitha, Elena or Juventus. He`s such a wonderful dear sweet  teddy boy, and on his way into summer coat.

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Magni had to have some pictures taken. Unwillingly thoug.

He jumps up when ever Byzants or some of his friend are getting their pictures taken.

Not to have his own pictures taken though. Just for the attention.

When he is on the table though, and this happens all the time, he only wants to sleep, be gromed, cuddle or play with the blanket or so. You can not fool him to look at the cat toys. NO way, he knows.

So here I tryed to chatch a few of him, but he did not want to. Only look at the action, and to know that he now had his full attention.

Of course he has become a very clever boy. Magni is now 6 1/2 years old, so he knows many things now about how life is. So he is very relaxed, and not easy to get to play in front of the camera.

Our dear dear teddy boy. So sweet and kind and inside the house all the time, because he is afraid to miss out on anything that happens inside.

Magni had a busy but fun trip outside today, looking after all the cats, kittens and me.

He loves to come along, and goes into your legs all the time for some cuddle and a chat.

Here he is on his way towards me under a glimse of sunbeams.

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Dear Magni 6 years old today the 8 th of August.

He loves to eat breakfast outside with us, and from our plate of course, but now he had his own plate with egg yolk and a bit of his favourite food as a kitten. Hill`s AD purč. Jummy, and full control of his territory at the same time. Have a wondeful day our sweet sweet heart.

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Magni enjoys to be in the wind.

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Status: neutered.