(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats



 (N) Myrtekransen`s Iconos Litter is born


The 29 th of March


Our I-Litter

(N) Myrtekransen`s Isak NFO ns 09 24. Male 137 grams.Owner : Cattery (N) Myrtekransen , Bergen Norway                       

(N) Myrtekransen`s Izmir NFO n 09 22. Male 127 grams. Owner : Sissel Vadla. Stavanger, Norway.  

  (N) Myrtekransen`s Istanbul n 24 . Male 152 grams.  Ower: Christine Allaman and cattery  D`Haakona *Ch. Geneva Switzerland.



The very proud parents are

CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Byzants NFO ns 09 24 and CH S*Zygot`s Slode NFO n 09 22

Both parents GSD 4 Normal.




The lovely  kittens 13 weeks and moving this weekend and the coming weeks.

Isak                                                  Istanbul


They have all recovered from the "fun" in the isolation material Rockwoll, with glassfibre dust.

They still get a flush of wather, and Izmir is snotty a bit, but all actions to prevent them from having their nightly " Rockwoll jumping parties" in the forbidden attic have restored eyes and nostrils to normality.

Now they hopefully only manage to run off with things and shock jump on the older cats, and even run under them as a fun thing to do. Leaving the older cats with quite a question mark in their face as an expression.

We also have changed their food back to Eukanuba and added Iams kitten to it. After having testing a very good kitten food they liked a lot, but that has not been rich enough for our very active guys and their speed on burning off energy. So that change back will be permanent from now on.

Furter information about this kittens will be the information we are being sent from new homes.

We wish them all 3 a life under a lucky star, and a wonderful life as beloved cats into an old age and with a rich and lovely  life.

Lots of purs from us to all of you that have followed us and this  lovely quite adventurous litter.


(* But OHH!!!And while I was writing this a couple of hours ago, I heard them above the office again. So again they have been washed, cleaned, and flushed. AND again not permitted entrace to the studio. The door is closed until the last tiny mini whole all the way inn by the wall, is totally closed. AHHHHHHHH inventive kittens.

But now we know, so with Byzants outside an a toy, they were chaught and brought down by the shelfs on the wall.)

This now reminds me very much of a cat book for children Svein-Erik bought in Munich once, the drawings , action and comments are quite the same, only in real life.

Bye bye from the sweet little ones.


Not a sunny afternoon today, but warmer it is.

AND we have found out about what our dear clever little boys have been up to all these weeks. Since they stared to climbe in wild ways.

They have found their way into the forbidden part in the attic, and have done so quite a while.

having fun playing , rolling and jumping in the Rockwoll. So now they are not allowed in my studio, where the tiny opening has been made in the end of the cats gallery. They were all very proud, and mummy Byzants knew, she was waiting outside the whole calling.

We heard them chatting above this night, and we now understand why we have not been able to understand from where their sounds came earlier. When they were not  from inside the sofa, or behind a door. So I have to fix the kitty whole and all the entries they may find up there. Then they are allowed back in.

No wonder they have had irritated eyes and nostrils now and then. We thought it was the cold weather and freezing drafts. But they have only been very naughty, and very quiet about it, while we slept.This has happened before, but we forgot, and with older kittens that made much more noise, often at day time. We thought it was closed up there.But we  forgot to take away the cat ladder. They have just jumped into, and climbed up Dianas Tower, and further up the cats ladder , leading them straight to "the fun place".

Now we know.

So they have been washed clean of the tiny glass fibers and only been given sterile or salty water as eyedropps to flush away as much of the the glass fibers as possible and now a painkilling cream that prevents further inflamation of the eyes and nostrils.

OHHHHHHHHH these boys, they are as active and inventive as the two s sweet quirrels Snipp and Snapp in Disneys films , that tease Donald Duck. Only that we have 3 of them. Isak being the worst, called Snippi.

So no more Rockwoll jumping during nights on those 3 naughty "squirrles".

But here they are 12 weeks and just gorgeous, funny and wonderful, and they chat a lot while burning off energy.

When being vaccinated the veterinarian  still found lots of rests of glass fibres from their last Rockwoll jumping " party".

Those secret nightly " parties" are now over. My guess is that we`ll be the " party place " and be  jumped up and down on again during the night.

Finally warmer temeperatures, and the boys have been to the catrun with their mum Byzants and friends.

Here they play and climb, and they all get some snack, and the babies their mummy`s milk as well. So lovely to see them enjoy being outside in the sun.

Istanbul was the first to be given his fathers eye infection, Isak the secon and Izmir looked for a long time like had escaped it, but he was then also the last of them to get it. So Izmir is the last to recover, and pics will come as soon as he looks a bit less shiny in his eyes. He was given drops today, and then I found it better for him just to cuddle a lot. But then came the clouds and the afternoon. So new pics of him tomorrow.

1 of June, and freezing cold.

The kittens have irritated eyes this week, and are under treatment for that. The father Slode got an irritated eye chaught in the cold draft outside last week in the very unusual cold Norwegian summer. So the kittens also got it from him. He washes them every day.

Also there is only a very dark, grey and rainy day today, and natural light for the pictures just wasn`t there.

So I might take new pictures of the lovely beauties later this week.

Our kittens are 7 weeks today, and they are just such heartbreakers. We adore them. They are with us all day, and super social.

The copy all what the older cats do and they are so  clever and funny. The cat litter tray they just learnt on one day, and after that they have learnt new things every day. And off course being spoilt rotten all of them, by all of us.

So they are so sweet, lovely and happy kittens.

And OHHHHHH so very very beautiful.

Purrrrrrrrrrs from us all.

Isak 965 grams

Istanbul 1169 grams

Izmir 1069 grams

Weights taken at lunch hour on their first day they turn 8 weeks.

Our wonderful kittens are now 6 weeks, and they are so very beautiful all 3 of them.

I have been away for 5 days so S-E has tryed caring on his own, but I can see that Juventus enjoys himself with now drinking from Byzants own milk bar and the kitty milk, so that must be controled and with extra feeding.

But they have just begun to eat steamed fish and love it. So they enjoy different food now.

They play a lot and sleep with us, they are now allowed into our living room as well.




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Kitty cuddle in the wooden cradle

The kittens 1 1/2 weeks, and both Tabitha and Calamity has moved into the kitten cradle and both baby sitt and wash.

Byzants is very grateful and washes both Tabitha and Calamity back. So it is as sweet as it can be next to my bed.

The kittens are now so social and active, that we have now put up the second wood panel to secure the cradle.


They were born on the 29 th of March 2011

The kittens are now 13 weeks, and start to move this weekend.

Izmir is the first to move. He will now leave us for his dear new family in Stavanger.

Then Istanbul will be brought home to his new family and breeder in Switzerland.

Isak will carry his mother Byzant`s lines in some important combinations in the future(and father Slode),at (N) Myrtekransen.

This will be the last pictures of these gorgeous kittens. I might take photos of Istanbul now and then before he leaves for Switzerland and his new life there.

They have been such dear wondeful boys. That have made us laugh many times, and they are so sweet, aaaaaand a bit inventive and pioneering. This is a litter that has started all their things longe befor schedule, and they have surprised us a lot. They now might be considered our most egar and active litter ( A-litter included). They have so many things they wish to do, and chat about it while doing it.

Good luck you dear beautiful wonderfully funny ones.

We are so proud and love you so much kitty boys.

Izmir                                                                     Istanbul                                                         Isak


8 Weeks





(N) Myrtekransen`s Izmir              (N) Myrtekransen`s Istanbul               (N) Myrtekransen`s Isak

                          Mummy  CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Byzants NFO ns 24                                      

Daddy  CH S* Zygot`s Slode NFO n 09 22

This is Slodes second and last litter, since he is agreed up on just 1-2 litters. Byzants we do not know if it will be her last.

The vet wants her nutered if she gets a severe infection one more time. So we are very happy about these little big wonders from Byzants and Slode.


Huge congratulations to our dear cats

CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Byzants NFO ns 09 24 and CH S*Zygot`s Slode NFO n 09 22

The lovely parets of our wonderful Iconos - Litter

Welcome to our wonderful I-Litter

Born the 29 th of March 2011

(N) Myrtekransen`s Isak NFO ns 09 24 . Birthweight 137 grams. Male-

(N) Myrtekransen`s Izmir NFO n 09 22. Birthweight 127 Grams. Male

(N) Myrtekransen`s Istanbul NFO n 24 Birthweight 152 grams. Male. - Prebooked Europe.

They are all doing just fine. So strong lively and  deeply beautiful.

They love mummys milk, and really enjoy being born. Super boys.  Allready cuddely all of them.

More information about the kittnes will come and on their own pages.

Now we all just would like to enjoy the 3 wonders together a bit.

(N) Myrtekransen`s Isak NFO n(s) 09 24                                             (N) Myrtekransen`s Izmir NFO n(s) 09 22

(N) Myrtekransen`s Istanbul NFO n ((s)) 24

                                                                                         Izmir loves mummy`s fresh milk very much

Our dear ones

CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Byzants  NFO ns 09 24     and      CH S* Zygot`s Slode NFO n 09 22

Expect beautiful kittens by the end of March.


To our surprise Byzants went into heat and has dated Slode in a successfull way we think. Very very loud, and with lots of rolling over.

This was an old plan, but Haifa has been Byzants dear one earlier, and now she has changed her mind.

So Byzants and Slode now have enjoyed the beautiful moon and decided that our old plan from 2009-10 was a puuuurrrfect one.

Great news this, we all thought Byzants was unable after her 2 serious uterus infections 2010, and after no kittens with her short date with Haifa spring 2010.

We might expect our spring litter, our I -Litter between these to wonderful NFO`s, and Slodes last litter. Byzants is a nicely sized girl of 5.21+- kg.

We expect great beauty between them, considered Slodes fantastic kittens in our F-litter and Byzants great looking D-Litter.

We did have a lot of prebookings the last time they tryed, so it has been a lovely combination of old NFO classic lines, to others as well..

WE are so delighted and look forward to great beauty by end of March, or the first of Aprile if they are late.


Look at her proud attitude.

I must say I had my early suspicions.

And now it is clear.

Byzants started at once with her funny behaviour, and her daddy Magni started to behave very much a grand dad. he always do that. You can almost see by Magnis behaviour that his daughter is carring, or one of our females.

Magni loves to play with the kittens and guard them well, so he knows allready.

Byzants jumps up on the kitchen table expecting her snack at once. She stated day one. Then I said to S-E that hmmmm, I feel that somthing has happened.

Being very princess like, and seeking comfort in Calamity now, which is rather clever, since she loves to baby sitt.

And now Byzants is very tired, sleeping in our bed tummy up.

Slode was clearly finished as if he knew that ok it`s done, and she has her very queenish look on her now.

The last time Byzants had kittens was summer 2008.

In between she has just been doing her princess stuff, and getting all the attention she wants.

She loves Haifa also but it might be that her infection last year did not help them succeed.

WE EXPECT OUR I-LITTER 27 th -29 th of MARCH , 2011.

Both parents GSD IV Normal.

Both of Slodes parents Galliano and Zo-Ya are GSD IV Normal

Byzants tested herself as GSD IV Normal, and both her parents Diana and Magni are tested GSD IV.

( Diana`s parents Wiwi and Zimba are also tested GSD IV Normal)


We are delighted.

We have seen how wonderful Forest Cat kittens they might bring.

Slode is the proud father of our gorgeous F-Litter 2010

Byzants is the proud mother of our beautiful D-Litter litter in 2008.


2 Earlier offspring of Byzants and Slode in their other two combinations.

Dyre = CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Byzants NFO ns 09 24 (21) + Sekan Pako NFO ns 25.


Fiorenza= CH (N) Zygot`s Slode NFO n 09 22 + CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Aurora NFO n 09 24


Here is Dyre, Byzants son.

Our  D-Litter 2008

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The son after CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Byzants NFO ns 09 24  with her first boyfriend Sekan Pako NFO n 25 in 2008

(N) Myrtekransen`s Dyre NFO ns 24 here at 11 months ,  two photos at 12 weeks and on his 1 year old birthday in July 2009. The pictures where i photograph the owner with Dyre he`s  11 months. The other just before he left home. And some with him losing kitten fur gaining rougher fur and having been discussing with the neighbours cat about the ownership og HIS territory. He waited a long time for Debbie to go into heat the second time, and had to be nutred for his own good.


Here is Fiorenza, Slodes daughter.

Our F-Litter 2010

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Fiorenza at 10 months

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The daughter after CH S* Zygot`s Slode NFO n 09 22 and his first girlfriend CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Aurora NFO n 09 24

The pictures were taken in Januray, so she`s 10 months.


Both off spring from Byzants and Slode in their other two combinations from 2008 / Byzants and 2010 Slode.

(N) Myrtekransen`s Dyre NFO ns 24         and               (N) Myrtekransen`s Fiorenza NFO n 09 22

Dyre is Byzants son from our D- Litter 2008     and     Fiorenza is Slodes Daughter from our F-Litter 2010  

Pictures of Dyre as an 11 months old male can be found under pages IMAGES- OUR NEW HOME, at the end of the  all  the photos.

He`s a very beautiful grown up male ( I can not manage to copy inn or find the old photos). Our former breeding male, that lives as a dear family member near by. He tried to date  Debbie, but sadly had to be nutered  between a heat that took many months to wait for, since the first date was not succeesful.

Fiorenza has her own page on this pages, since she is our own female.


Here is also CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Bolshoi NFO ns 09 24 ( nutered male) and CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Bathseba NFO n 23

Byzants brother and sister. They might also give a hint about how beautiful Byzants kittens can be.