(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

Tabitha d `Haakona * CH

NFO n 24

Born on The 18 th of June in 2010

3913 at grams at 6 1/2  months.


6199 kilos at 2 years


Tested GSD 4 Normal (for documentation papers Norway)

by our veterinarian at Laboklin.

Parents and grand parents already GSD 4 Normal

Beautiful Tabitha is the proud mother of our L and M - Litters.

Haakona * CH

Tabithas wonderful cattery and breeder, and her lovely cat family.

Tabitha`s wonderful parents.

Father : SC B* Titran`s Uranos JW and Mother: Roxy d`Haakona*CH



Finally this Swiss beauty has arrived from Geneva, and cattery Haakona.

This fantastically looking girl has a special name, it means Gazelle in Hebrew and older English.

Wich is very lovely for such a lovely girl.

The cattery of Christine Allaman we have followed for a while, just to enjoy her lovely cats.

But when we felt a bit unclear about our own Byzants condition, we started to find it very interesting, that this baby girl was still not setteled for. She had been looked at now and then, to see how she developed because the combination was very exciting to us.

To us she is a precious wonder and with an exclusive NFO type and looks.

Tabitha is our dream in classic spotted. Our favorite. And since this also is our present for our wedding anniversary, we both must feel that she is the absolute right one for us both.

Because Tabitha is the daughter Byzants never had, and it is in that way special for many reasons.

Since Byzants no longer may carry kittens, we have been so encredible lucky to have been entrusted with the most beautiful leopard girl from Christine.

Tabitha has just arrived, and today it was cold, dark and rainy, so baby Tabitha has been inside to play with her new friends, slept in all beds including ours , and eaten a whole lot.

We can not thank you enough Christine, for this stunning girl.

What a head, what a triangle, what a fur quality, and what a rare exquisite and  raw NFO wildlook.

Her temper is simply the sweetest dearest ever, and so easy going and relaxed, but full of playfullness.

On top of that, her ears are of lovely shape, placement  and size.

Her body has the heavyness in her bones that we like, so we are so enormously glad for everything about her.


We know she was a dear and  beloved baby for Christine, and now she will be our treasure in the future.

WE are so very proud, and she`s a friend with everyone allready.

We hope for along and wonderful life with our new girl Tabitha.


Beautiful Tabitha will be 4 years in June. She is just wonderful

and on her way to a summer coat. She is susch a proud mother and the

Queen of the house. Here she is enjoying a large catnip root, and to be

cuddeled. And waiting for darknes to arrive, so that she can go out and play

a little .Also being visited on the cat shelf by her daughters Mouna and

Penelope, and adoptive daughter Kohinoor. The all shared a large cat nip root.

She is so lovely and a super girl.



Beautiful proud Tabitha can now go out on her small trips again.

And new pics of her will of course come. She is JUST LOVELY.


Wonderful Tabitha. Wondering about snow coming and going.

Gorgeous Tabitha 2 1/2 years. And she is back on the pill, so she can enjoy little walks with me in nature

to play and have fun. Or a small walk when it is dark outside. She loves being a big baby again, and is the queen

of the house together with Calamity. They share everything and thinks that all kittens or youngsters are theirs.

She is suvch a wondeful and proud girl, and very very beautiful :).



Beautiful Tabitha will soon be a mother again, and the kittens kick strong in her belly. It `s so wonderful to feel their paw kicks. And we are so very very happy.


Beautiful Tabitha waiting for her kittens. Not very large at the moment, so she`ll either put on a lot of wight the coming weeks , or it is a normal sized litte. But she is a large female of 6 + kilos at 2 years,and now even more with her pregancy.


Wonderful  dear Tabitha pregnant with her second litter expected around the 23 of July. She is just super. Calm and relaxed and loves to doze off a bit now and then. We look forward to her new babies, knowing what how great her kittens by Hiereonymus are. So we are  very excited .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS TABITHA, 2 YEARS on the 18 th of June. Celebrating with Calamity.

Tabitha 2 years

Our BEAUTIFUL LOVELY large FANTASTIC Tabitha is now 2 years. She`s been celebrating her way. Being pregnant and expecting her kittens around the 23 of July, she is a bit sleepy and relaxes a lot. Tabitha is very well fith and very calm with her pregancy. So she does not want to play that much, but loves to cuddle and eat well, and rest on large favorite places to strech all her body into comfortable possitions. She`s been celebrating togheter with her " mother in law from the L-litter", Calamity. So a lott of cuddeling and comfort for her. We love this wonderful precious girl so very much, and enjoy her company all day. She is such a great queen, but also so calm and kind. So HIPP HIPP HURRAY DEAR DEAR WONDERFUL TABITHA, may there be many many many many more happy years to come with you sweetheart.


Wonderful  GORGEOUS dear Tabitha. She will soon be 2 years old on the 18 th of June. She`s just SO VERY VERY beautiful. And she expect her gorgeous kittens in July. We do know so very very well, how wonderful kittens she has given with Hieronymus, so we have high expectations for her litter with Gregorius also. But first and foremost. WHAT A BEAUTY. Dear Christine, you can be very proud of this marvelous girl :))))


Our beautiful dear Tabitha is now a bit finnished being a mother all the time. She still feeds Leonardo and Lorelei a bit before they move, but also finds time to play and enjoy the beginning of warmer days. Her fur is still a bit reduced after motherhood, but in a lovely quality. And she`s just gorgeous. Here she plays with Fiorenza. Hide and seek :)


Lovely and beautiful Tabitha came straight out of the warm kitty bed to play. She heared us and came to the catrun door. It was freezing today, and Tabitha loves to sleep with the babies in the bed. But a bit of fun with me and the boys. She`ll have new pics coming togheter with the other super mum, beautiful Debbie. But then brushed a bit more befor pics. But she came to join us, and to get me back inside with her.

Tabitha is a fantastic mum , and rules the house at the moment. She " tell " us all what to do, and the boys can forget their rancking. She`s first together with Debbie, Debbie is not bosy at all, so they are sweet companions.

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Wonderful Tabitha will soon have her beautiful firstborn kittens, and really did not want to take Christmas photos.

She`ll rather eat and she`s very sleepy these days.

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Our wonderful dear girl Tabitha, wanted to be in the kitchen as usual, but pictures was not what she had in mind. More likely what ever new snack that coold be produced.

She is very very well, very cuddely and social, but she can of course not go outside, except for into the cat run. But the weather is to dark and to windy for pics now.  She is very sleepy now, and loves to taste all kinds of food when ever we eat or are in the kitchen for someting.

So she`s just the sweetest girl, and yes pregnant. So time to make her preparations soon. But until then she`ll just cuddle a lot, and find her self comfortable all over on all her favorite spots. And we are all just so exited and cross all our finger and paws for an easy delivery.

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Wonderful Tabitha was a bit awake during a break from dusky rain, so I took some new pics of our dear teddy girl, before she wanted back into bed.

Tabitha has the behaviour of a pregnant girl, and her nipples have stared to become pink, so we hope.

But otherwise she loves being around and be cuddeled all day, and finds the catrun comfortable as well.

Sweet as sweet kan be is she.

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Happy birthday our dear beautifil fantastic Tabitha.  Now 1 year young and celebrating your first birthday.

And together with your friend the beautiful Calamity. Tabitha is such a wonderful girl in every way, and developes just SUPER.

We are so happy to have this gem, and Tabitha is such a sweetheart to many of the cats to.

Tabitha has no favorite snack actually, she likes everything, but we will by inn some shrimps for her as well the coming week. Today it will be some steemed meat in stock , and later some fish for her.

Otherwise she is inside at the moment, since she has dated Gregorius in the beginning of June.

But she loves to be cuddeled with and chat with us all, and can be in the cat run if she wants to be outside.

This early morning her lowest left niple had changed from the others, and now a slight change in one / 2 more. We do not have confirmation day until next week, but several signs point towards the direction of that Tabitha and Gregorius expect their firstborn in the beginning of August.

So HURRAY HURRAY HURRAY for you Tabitha, on this marvelous day in June.

We love you so very very much.

Purrs and Purrrs from us all.

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Tabitha has had a sunny day

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Tabitha had the most wonderful day, full of play, sun, light and cuddle.

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Tabitha lovely as always and she looooooooves a small trip into nature.

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Tabitha 9 months old and always ready for a walk in an almost good wather. Not raining at least.

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Tabitha has also been super busy after the show, trying to spinn of all the uploaded energi not used the show weekend.

But now she is back to her normal business, and routines. And is a bit more relaxed about trying to reach everyting all the time.

But she had to come with us when Slode and Amalie had their bithday pictures taken, and by that she had to be photograped herself. Being such a beautiful, playful and charming kitty girl.Up and down, and all over at the same time.

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Tabitha almost 8 months

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Just a few of beautiful baby kitty girl Tabitha.

She was so busy playing with her friends that, there are several under the images pages with her friends.

Teasing them and being washed by Hieronymus and Ariel.

But her is our big baby and fantastically charming and kind beauty, Tabitha.

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Tabitha always playful and well prepared for a hunt with the playstick.

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Tabita came out as the last one of the kitties to play.

She had been playing outside for a bit before, but she wanted to have some snaps taken also.

Except for one thing, when she came it got very dark, very clouded, and dusky rain.

So just a very few of Tabitha.

We all hurried back inside for warmth and tea.

But Tabitha managed to take a sip of fresh rain wather on the rock.

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Beautiful and very playful Tabitha almost 7 months

Tabitha is growing fast now, you can almost see her grow each week. She`s  3781 grams at 6 months and one week..

She feels heavy, and will be a very heavy typed girl we think. New pictures will come of our wonderful and very beautiful girl, but after my New Year trip to the South East Norway. If she can spear me some time in between her busy joyful playtime, for some nice new photos.

Tabitha`s first snow has gone. She had a lot of fun with it, but it is also fun to go with Byzants and Diana for a walk. Being safe and protected by the grown ups, she plays and chats all the way.

Tabitha is almost 6 months old.

Tabitha weighs now at soon 6 months , 3.389 kilos

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Tabitha loves to play both outside and inside.

Snow was strange and fun.

Here she is playing with best friend Fiorenza beneath her, so as usual a bit to quick for my camera.

She also is super fast at pulling up or closing her eyes, because my camera is a bit to slow.

I managed some, when from the side or playing with Fiorenza, then she forgets to close her beautiful eyes.

So a few and more under images/just for fun, of them both.

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Tabitha had a really great time at lunch hour today.

We all went out into the cold but fresh air to have a walk together and to play.

Tabitha loves it, and she is so busy playing, running and looking out for how to jump on the others, that to get a picture is hard work , and with a lot of photos of her on her way into something or someone.

she was out with her best friends . Adoptive mummy Calamity and Haifa carefully  watch after her and her friends.

So all the time at full speed and lots of kitty fun. And also  a lot of kitty chatting in between it all.

Even though biting cold, it was a fun and lovely walk with the happy playful cats.

This is around 13.30, and the light is already a bit low, even though it is sunny and clear today.

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Since it gets dark in the early afternoon now, I have to find out about the use of the flash, that often is to strong. And if to close the cats close their eyes or pull up the eyelids at once.

Tabitha has that very quick response, so she looks wired on all photos taken today. I was a bit close I think.

If I stand back it is easyer to make her not blink, but then she gets unclear.

But I think it is better to take her out at lunch time, and then not use the flash, but the little  natural light there is..

So just a few, and I`ll rather take her out this week without the flash.

On top of that she is super speedy with the play stick, and that makes very unclear Tabitha photos.

In other words more of Tabitha will come.

But her she is on a few, at 5.5 months.

And wow is she beautiful also.

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Tabitha was out on a short trip in the dark and grey early after noon weather to day. Hide and seek at full kitty speed and talking  a lot all the time.

So she had great fun no matter rain or clouds. I on the other hand almost had no photos today either.

She plays all over, or she wants to cuddle and chatt with me into the camera.

Super sweet, and very difficult to take pictures of when so very much awake.

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Tabitha has been into her first shower on Saturday, and what a good girl she is.

She behaved like this was some thing she just felt funny about. And after she was cuddeled a lot and had dried up, she was so proud of herself. Running after me all the time chatting and wanting to play and cuddle even more.

Her she is a bit busy in the catrun, with some of her friends on the ouside, so she was not interested in the photographer at all.

Tabitha was 2.4001 grams at 4 1/2 months

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No wonder it felt very cold and with a biting wind on our trip yesterday.

Today the first snow arrived and ice can be seen and felt on barren places.

Sop today baby Tabitha has been plaing inside with her best friends instead, all over our house, but it seems to be the most fun to jump arround in our bed, teasing Belinda trying to take a nap.

Her is playful baby Tabitha with her friends, except for Hieronymus who`s sleeping.

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Tabitha was on her first day out today, with friends and kitty guards.

It has been very windy the last days after my arrival from Austria. Today it was not to bad and without rain. Still a bit dark due to clouds, but the cats had fun together, and Tabitha was on full speed under and over every bush, and she jumped on all the others in pure joy. So the pictures of Tabitha is full of energy and in many cases out of focus because of her happy behaveour in the free nature.

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Baby Tabitha and her new best friends.

Tabitha has become a fully integrated family member, and is a really cool and busy gang member of the young ones. They wash and care for Tabitha like their baby sister. So it is fantastic to see how they all play and care while bonding. Tabitha is also adopted by the older cats, and they also wash and look after her.

Specially Ariel, Calamity, Haifa a bit, Debbie and Slode.

Tabitha sleeps every night in bed among her new friends, and between us.

Yes we all keep warm.

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Beautiful Tabitha`s fantastic great looking parents are

CH Roxy d`Haakona CH*

The really super raw looking proud beautiful mother


SC NL* Titran`s Uranos JW

The realy super classic wonderful proud father 


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