(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Myrtekransen`s Kasper NFO n 22 

Born 20.11.2011

Mother: CH S * Zygot`s Debbie-Doss NFO ns 09 24   and  CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Hieronymus NFO n 09 23




Lives with his own new family, the Langelands, at the top of the mountain slopes at Breistøylen in Bergen *

Will be planned used in breeding for 1-max 2 Litters with carefully selected ladies.

The new owner wish for a future offspring.


Beautiful Kasper will leave us now, but finally it was enough bright light at lunch time, to use only pure daylight for photos. So the last pics of lovely Kasper, and the first pics with out strong spots. He`s so very sweet.


Beautiful Kasper 12 weeks. He will now leave us, and live with his dear ones by the mountains at Breistølen in Bergen. 1540 grams.


Beautiful Kasper 11 weeks 1430 grams.


Beautiful Kasper 10 weeks 1215 grams.

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Beautiful Kasper 9 weeks today. 1023 grams and simply wonderful.

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Kasper 8 weeks 920 grams and gorgeous, so warm and beeeeeeeautiful in color, with a lovely look, and such a charmer also.

We have a problem with Kasper and his siblings not wanting kitty dry food, he only steals kitty milk from Tabitha, while Debbie`s trying to turn them off only wanting muummy milk.

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Beautiful Kasper, 7 weeks 845 grams today. And most of the time being busy on his way between the two lightballs. So I had to be lucky to get photos of him. The bambo stick was not fun. Putting hispaws into the lightball and tilting it was. But wonderful he is.

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Beautiful Kasper 6 weeks and 753 grams. And a lovely beautiful cuddely boy he is.

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Beautiful Kasper 5 weeks. He had a little bit of great fun Christmas eve, while his to siblings was sleeping in our sofa. And today, he was a little bit more interested in taking photos than his brother, but the he to only wanted to cuddle and chat , and flipped over. Tummy up.

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Beautiful Kasper 4 weeks. 507 grams on his first 4 th. week day, and such a wonderful lovely kitty baby boy that loves to cuddle.

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Beautiful Kasper 3 weeks and one day. Such a chatty super charmer, that purrrrs a lot and loves to cuddle. 401 grams.

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Beautiful Kasper 1 week today. 273 grams. And very cuddely and sweet, he also wants to sit in our hands and purrrrr......

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Beautiful Kasper 1 week and 1 day. 211 grams.

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Beautiful baby Kasper 1 1/2 weeks, had some pics taken since our J- Litter had their day.

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Welcome beautiful Kasper. New born and as the third born. Here today on his first day.

Kasper has changed name here 3 times, but S-E really wants him to be a Kasper cat. A  kitty treasure.