(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Myrtekransen`s Kohinoor NFO ns 03 23

(  a little bit of a white tail tip)

Born 20.11.2011

Mother: CH S* Zygot`s Debbie-Doss ns 09 24   and  CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Hieronymus NFO n 09 23



* (N) Myrtekransen , Norway *


GSD 4 Normal

Her mother tested GSD 4 Normal and her grandparents on her fathers side tested GSD 4 Normal.

4,6 and slim at one year

1 Show 2 CAC. BIV.She only needs 1 more for CH. But we do not do shows that much any more, so we `ll see


Our beautiful very special silver princess Kohinoor at near 4 1/2 years,

celebrating the birthday of Huriel. Sadly the weather changed so much on her own birthday, that I only managed a few of her brother on her day. Also Kohinoor is off the pill, so she must be in a leash. But Kohinoor is sunch a fantastic girl, with a gorgeous temper. She is also one of the bosses, so she is always around us having total control

on all the family cats ;)))). Sadly we lost her first born during labor last year in the

hurricane here. But she has wonderful qualites we plan for. Love her so much.

Here she has more over an indoor winter coat. She is very busy inside and loves to sleep in my bed.

Beautiful Kohinoor 2 1/2 years. Having a great time with her friends

Mouna, Penelope , adoptive mum Tabitha ( grandad Haifa behind her).

They wait for us to barbeque soon. But meantime they had several catnip roots to enjoy and play with. Kohinoor is so lovely , and she has inherited Haifa`s sweet voice  and his eyes a bit. She is so sweet and beautiful. Here it is all about getting the catnip roots.

And she is soon in her summer coat.


Beautiful Kohinoor soon to be 2 years


Dear beautiful Kohinoor 1 year and 8 months. Enjoying to go out a bit again, having a dating plan break. She is so lovely. Gaining a start of a collar again.


Beautiful Kohinoor


Beautiful Kohinoor had absolutely no time for me today.

So just very few that took a while to get

between all her important projects in the kitchen.


Kohinoor is very busy these days. She love taking care of and play with

her grandmother Calamity`s kittens. She also loves to be cuddeled herself all day. And always have a helping paw in all things like half sister Jolanda.She is always nearby,or on your lap or chest.

Here she wonders a bit about the snow flakes arriving.


Beautiful Kohinoor finally also found time for her show.

2 X CAC both days, and found to be a very large, powerful built and a heavy girl for her age. And with a wonderful silver and fur quality.

A nice triangle,lovely looks+ fur quality and silver, and a very good chin.


Beautiful Kohinoor 10 months, large and gorgeous.




Beautiful Kohinoor 9 months wanted to cuddle on the phototable, so a few of her to.


Beautiful cool silver princess Kohinoor.

Such a lovely girl , on her way to 4 + kilos at 9 months.


Beautiful Kohinoor 8 1/2 months and 4.3 kilos.


Beautiful Kohinoor 8 months and having fun babysitting

with her dear brother Kolya.


Wonderful sweet lovely and very cooool Kohinoor, sunbating with daddy Haifa, Ariel and her brother Kolya.


We were given in our post from Royal Canin 2 very popular Royl Canin toy mouses for the cats. Kohinoor loves hers, and keep it and hide it every day. This time she had taken it with her for a cat nap under the blanket it seems. Super sweet. She turned up from under the rearranged blanket proudly with her favorite toy mouse at the moment. Such a wonderful proud look. She`s just the sweetest thing :))))


Beautiful silver teddybear girl Kohinoor had great fun with the big BIG salmon, and LOOOOVED it. She`s such a gorgeous sweet and kind teddy bear girl.


KOHINOOR is JUST GORGEOUS, and looks so very very coooool.


Beautiful Kohinoor almost 7 months


Beautiful silver Princess Kohinoor 6 1/2 months


Beautiful Kohinoor had a beautiful trip outside exploring and looking at bumble bees.

Kohinoor forrventer

Beautiful Kohinoor at 5 months 4/3, on her first day outside the catrun. With mum, dad, granddad, and guarding friends.

She loved it. And it was a sunny day :)


Beautiful Kohinoor, our silver gem princess.


Beautiful silver princess Kohinoor soon 5 months and 2710 grams at 4 1/2 months. Kohinoor has inherited Haifas wonderful and powerful boning , and with a longer tail. She looks very often like her grandad, but combined with mummy Debbies gaze also, so she is a realy funny mixture of her lovely ancestors.


Gorgeous Kohinoor. 4 and half months. Here she is with her grandfather Haifa, that she resembles so much. If she were smoke, they would have been lookalikes. And she`s such a beautiful girl with the purest silver I have seen since 2004 on Magnis sister, or Byzants and her son Dyre later. Lovely quality.


a silver beauty


Beautiful Kohinoor. Today very happily playful, lovely and ... a bit active for the camera. The she wanted more tuna.


This little silver princess has learnt the catflap into the cat run, so she`s been in and out in the sharp early chilly spring a lot.Since Thursday, and the day before.


Beautiful silver princess Kohinoor 13 theen weeks.


Beautiful Kohinoor 12 weeks. 1479 grams


Beautiful Kohinoor 11 weeks 1391 grams


Beautiful Kohinoor 10 weeks. 1251 grams

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Beautiful Kohinoor 9 weeks today.1063  grams and wonderful.

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Kohinoor 8 weeks and a silver princess.

We have a problem with Kohinoor and her siblings not wanting kitty dry food, she only steals kitty milk from Tabitha, while Debbie`s trying to turn them off only wanting muummy milk.

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Beautiful Kohinoor 7 weeks today, and a silver teddy she is. So sweet and lovely.

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Beautiful Kohinoor 6 weeks and 745 grams. Such a gem and a lovely sweeatheart.

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Beautiful Kohinoor. She just loved taking photos today at 5 weeks. So If it had not been for preparing a dinner, I think I could have taken 100 + pics of her.

So sweet and lovely.

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Beautiful Kohinoor 4 weeks. 550 grams on her first 4 th weekday. Debbies silver princes is such a sweet and lovely kitty girl.

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Kohinoor, a baby silver princess. Being busy, not in taking Christmas photos, but with cuddeling and investigating.

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Beautiful Kohinoor 3 weeks and one day, she`s such a sweet and lovely purrrring girl. 415 grams.

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Beautiful Kohinoor 2 weeks today. 310 grams. She only wants to cuddle and purrr a lot, and sit close to you.

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Beautiful Kohinoor 1 week and 1 day. 229 grams

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Beautiful Kohinoor 1 1/2 weeks, she was tired and filled up with milk, so she was falling a sleep on the table of course, but she says hello also.


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Welcome beautiful Kohinoor, new born and as the second born. And here one day on her first day today.