(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Myrtekransen`s Kolya NFO n 09 23

Born 20.11.2011

Mother : CH S* Zygot`s Debbie-Doss NFO ns 09 24  and  Father: CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Hieronymus NFO n 09 23



* Myrtekransen*


GSD 4 Normal

5.2 kilos as a very slim male.

His mother tested GSD 4 Normal by our veterinarian for Genindexe

His father GSD 4 Normal . With his grand father Haifa tested GSD 4 Normal by our veterinarian at Genindexe. His grand Mother Calamity GSD 4 Normal by great grand parents tested by breeder.


1 Show. 2 Excellente 1  and 1 BIV T + NOM. We stopped goping to shows, so we`ll see.

*  *  * 

Kolya has been to the vets again as a 3 1/2 year old for his 2 healt check as a fertile male. So we plan for him.

He was planned for Byzants before she was neutered, but Fiorenza or Huriel seems to be interesting for later plans (mabye a lady of a friend:)).  But we await his mother Debbie, or his sister Kohinoor, and then we`ll see who`s first. At the moment he`s very busy being a sweetheart + charmer.

Playing and chatting all day long :) .

*  *  *  *

Kolya has very busy days. Chatting all the time in the same voice as his mother Debbie. But much much more. And he loves to chase flies of cours chatting to them as well. And to play with kittens. Or to cuddle or chatt with us. Here he is in his summer coat, and he even chats in his sleep :))) . So sweet.

Beautiful Kolya almost 3 1/2 years. He will soon be a father for the first time.


Not a bright sunny day for photos , but we tried a few since it was not raining that much.



Our super charmer :))) .


Kolya sunbathing with his father Hieronymus  and grandad Haifa in the other sunbed. Both have all their wintercoat coming off now. So a huge amount of fur and collars half way off.

But a very beautiful sunbather he is.


Beautiful funny Kolya, showing off his climbing skills and as a chatty charmer.

Wanting to impress me, buddy Maximus, grandad Haifa and "queen" Belinda behind him. 1 1/2 years now, and such a funny funny sweet loving boy. Always near.


Beautiful sweet sweet Kolya. He always has fun. Is very much in love all the time, and best friend is Maximus.


Wonderful Charmer Kolya out having fun. I was not really going to take his pics, but I just had to take a couple. He was having such a great time chatting a lot and roling around in the gras.

Being very busy looking at the others actions. His wintercoat has started to go off to.

But he still has some left, and lovely lovely he is.


Our dear dear wonderful Kolya. 1 year and 1 month.

What other to say, than that Debbies son Kolya is

great fun and a huge charmer. Making himself so funny with lots of expressions

and he chats a lot. At the moment he has taken on much of Haifas wild look,

and that is very exiting on him. Using it for all it`s wort :).

He experienced the change of light, and had both the heavy flash, and the

result of the idea with the tiny IKEA spott. But he had a great time, eating

off all the fresh bamboo playstick shots as well.


Beautiful beautiful Kolya


Gorgeous super charmer Kolya


Kolya loves a lot of attention, so when kitty pics, he also needs some photos.


Beautiful Kolya 9 1/2 months, getting more and more beautiful


Kolya the super super charmer.



Beautiful Kolya 8 months, and the most charming funny kitty boy one

can imagine. He`s just lovely, and with a gorgeous fur quality and very tall large tufs on top of his ears , and also very longe ones inside his ears. Very special boy.


Super charmer , sweet sweet gorgeous and very funny Kolya. Sunbathing and teasing his sister into speedy play. And eating the bamboo tips all the time.




SWEET SWEET Kolya :)))


Beautiful Kolya 6 1/2 months and a heart breaker.


Beautiful Kolya . 6 Months and on his second trip outside.Together with buddies Jolanda and Kohinoor + his mother , Magni , Ariel , Slode and grandad Haifa.But today a bit longer than the first and on a sunny day :) He LOOOOVED it.


Beautiful Kolya, a heart breaker.


Sweetheart Kolya


Beautiful Kolya was easy. He was sleepy, so I just had to stop befor it was a lot of pics.


A very proud but tired Kolya right after lunch hour. He is very proud of himself. He was at The BERAK Vinter Show, and charmed the judges with his beauty. He met lovely competition, but Kolya has a really wonderful look, head , ears, fur etc. So he won his class both days, and was nominated for Best in Show Saturday. Only competing with his own half sister. His half sister Jolanda took the nomination from him on Sunday then, but this little sweet heart is both proud of himself, and his half sister. But today, he wanted his little after lunch cat nap.


Was not supposed to have his pics today. Only our L-Litter, but he turned up also.


Beautiful Kolya, the boy with the super cool tufs and long eyelashes at 13 theen weeks.


Beautiful Kolya 12 weeks. 1410 grams.


Beautiful Kolya 11 weeks 1289 grams


Beautiful Kolya 10 weeks, 1189 grams.

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Beautiful Kolya 9 weeks today. 1047 grams and what a boy

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Since Julius and Jaqueline had new pics ,Kolya charmed his way up on the table again. He`s soooo special and lovely.

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Kolya 8 weeks 915 grams, and with the most goregous NFO tuffs, and a super beautiful charmer.

We have a problem with Kolya and his siblings not wanting kitty dry food, he only steals kitty milk from Tabitha, while Debbie`s trying to turn them off only wanting muummy milk.

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Beautiful Kolya 7 weeks 800 grams, and looking a bit strange in his fur. He`s been eating a lot of chicken in stock, so all fatty in his collar and face. But a wonderful sweetie he is. And his fur is rather special, his dark pattern is on the tip of his fur. So quite special.

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Beautiful Kolya 6 weeks and 713 grams, and such a chatty gorgeous and sweet heartbreaker.

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Beautiful and chatty and lovely Kolya 5 weeks. He was so busy, almost all his pics are of him turning his tummy up chatting. So he `ll get new ones I think. But a few it was.

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Beautiful Kolya 4 weeks. 506 grams on his first 4 th weekday.And such a cuddely lovely kitty boy.

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Beautiful Kolya 3 weeks, being very chatty cuddely and purrrrs like a little engine. 391 grams.

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Beautiful Kolya, 2 weeks today 258 grams, Very active and allready a great charmer. Running towards you to turn over and purrrrs a lot.

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Beautiful Kolya 1 week and 1 day. 214 grams.

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Beautiful Kolya 1 1/2 weeks, did not want his pics taken, he wanted mummy Debbie and his milk. So I just brought him back to Debbie.

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Welcome beautiful Kolya.

Here newborn, and first born, and later today on his first day.