(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Myrtekransen`s Leonardo

NFO n 09 23

His white marking is a white tailtip like his father

Born 26 / 12 2011

Proud parents are:

Tabitha d `Haakona * CH NFO n 24 and CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Hieronymus NFO n 09 23


Birthweight 136 grams


Owners : Lives in Hjellestad in Bergen, Norway.

*  *  *

External breeding male (N) Myrtekransen, Norway.


My dear little boy has moved today, luckily not to far away, to his new dear Hansen family. Where he will be a beloved boy.

Leonardo lives near by in his own home with his dear ones, and be planned for breeding by us.

Good luck my beautiful boy, and best wishes for the future to his new family and dear Leonardo.


A bit more light outside today, so a few pics of this gorgeous boy.


Wonderful and poor Leonardo. 1850 grams at 12 1/2 weeks.He had to go to the vet again. It seems he`has eaten something that has been stuck in his tummy. He loves to run around with the other cats furballs from groming if he can get them before we do. It is often like a thightly stuffed size of a toy mouse, so he has been given treament to get it out and 2 extra visit back to his veterinarians. Now he`s back in a better shape as a hungry turbo, so pics are a bit deleyed because of his trips to the veterinarian. But he`s so gorgeous, and my heart acke. Many has wanted him, but we keep him near and close to us for future breeding. WOW he`s lovely.


Beautiful Leonardo 11 weeks today and 1645 grams  in the morning.


Leonardo 10 weeks. 1583 grams.


Leonardo 9 weeks 1378 grams , and a funny very busy clown today. Totally out of focus, back and forth, up the background, and qite often with his but and tail in the camera. But he`s just sooooooo cool, getting a real wild look, resembeling a bit some of our G-kittens and a lovely sweetheart.


Beautiful Leonardo also a bit active at 8 weeks and 1262 grams, but not as speedy as Ludevico, so a few more of this teddy boy.


Beautiful Leonardo 7 weeks. 1020 grams.



Beautiful Leonardo 6 weeks, 910 grams and at the moment again available due to personal changes.


Beautiful Leonardo 5 weeks 740 grams.

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Beautiful Leonardo 4 weeks, 615 grams  and he looks so serious, like a wild kitten. And such a gorgeous boy he is.

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Leonardo 3 weeks, 484 grams and a large beautiful boy, with a heavy serious look, but with such a charming personality.

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Beautiful Leonardo 2 weeks and 379 grams. He had a great time and much fun taking pics. And lovely he is.

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Beautiful Leonardo 1 week and 270 grams.

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Beautiful Leonardo newborn.