(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats


(N) Myrtekransen`s Mouna

NFO n 23

Mackrel tabby

Born 25.07.2012

Proud parents:

Mother: Tabitha d`Haakona CH*  NFO n 24

Father: CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius NFO ns

Weight 138 grams

Fertile breeding female (N) Myrtekransen. Bergen, Norway*


5.961 kilos at 3 years




Beautiful dear teddy tiger girl Mouna. HIPP HIPP HURRAY to our tiger teddy bear girl. She celebrated of cours with her brother, so that is further down the page. But she had no pics on the day. I only managed Maximus.But no pics outside this time. She was sleepy inside. On Magni`s birthday she was to busy playing with half brother Ne Me Quitte Pas, and then went to sleep in the shadow under Svein-Erik`s office cabin.

But anyway here is an other favored place. In bed, she loves that. And to sleep on top of you. She thinks that she is a tiny little baby kitten.But she is a HEAVY girl. So when she jumps on you to cuddle and put her mouth to hang on to your arm skinn like a kitten while trotting, that is somthing that you just have to get used to. Mouna is like a teddybear tiger big baby. She is just fantastic. Often both Mouna and mummy Tabitha lay side by side on top of me. That IS heavy with 2 purring large girls that headbang, trotts with powerful paws, and make lovebites and kitty nose kisses. Just wonderful. And then usually half sister tiger girl Penelope arrives as well ................ . Pluss Pluss.

Our dear Mouna 2 years and SUPER COOOOOOOOL :)))) . Love her so much. She had a great day on the 25 th of August with her brother Maximus. They had all sorts of snack with their buddies. But I only had time for pics of 1 of them, so here are some of Mouna aswell. Our fantastic super charmer. And my teddybear babygirl kitty.


Beautiful and cool teaddybear like Mouna.

Heavy and super sweet, and loves to be a big charming baby.

1 year 8 months and lovely. She is waiting for more barbeque snacks.


Beautiful Mouna 1 1/2 years and 5.4 kilos now. Heavy, fit and muscular.

Here with her beautiful friend Huriel from Belgium.

2014-01-03 21.34.29

Mouna waiting for Christmas.


Beautiful Mouna at 1 year and 3 1/2 months. Having had her health check for breeding. And is ready for future planning. So we have to think about it and look out for a lovely boy for her.

Mouna is heavy, has a wonderful fur quality and a real wild cat gaze.


Mouna 1 year, still my big tiger kitty baby. And sooo very cool.


Mouna will soon be 12 months, 4.9 kilos. Fit and lookes like a teddybear. Chats a lot.Unlike her brother,she was not at all interested in her mothers kittens, but now it is a little bit exiting. And she now knows that it`ll be only one Mouna teddy baby. She is very much Helenes kitty girl, and loves to be a cuddely "baby" and sleep under the bed blanket and purrrrs.


Beautiful Mouna almost 11 months, 4.4 kilos and she also wants to be a baby still. She visited Pelle Panther during photo session.


Cool Mouna ( Nurket) also came on the field trip, and had a great time being busy with Ophelia and Nike. Mouna is very active, had her first and very very funny longlasting heat.  So on hold in growing. But up and down 4.3 -4.35+ kilos at 10 months.


Gorgeous Mouna 9 months 4, 2 + kilos and a wonderful sweetheart.

And very very busy playing with Nike and Ophelia today.


3,78 kilos as a 7 months youngster.


Wonderful Mouna almost 6 months.


No need to say that the photo session with this gorgeous " little"

tiger teddybear princess did not go well. She jumped on Jolanda

in the same manner that Jolanda jumped on to her father.

Over my sholder,beacuse she could not wait to play.

And play she did, with all that she could hang on to,

but almost no photos.

Then she went of in a new great jump,

with buddy Jolanda playing on the flor.

So gorgeous, but very busy with Jolnada and Huriel.


Beautiful Mouna is a very special girl. 2621 grams at 19 weeks.She chatts a lot all day, and is always very busy or purrrring a lot. So the first snow, and to play with it and her best friends was just SUPER to her. And lovely she is.


Mouna loves action, attention, to chat a lot and to cuddle. So she turns up all the time ready to play, purrrrring and talking to you.



Normally beautiful Mouna 4 months , is great fun with pics, but today she waited to long behind the closed door and took off like a rocket all over and up side down , so very funny pics.


Mouna Mouna, what a cooooool gorgeous charmer she is :))))



Beautiful funny Mouna 14 weeks. And always ready and prepared to play and have fun.


Beautiful Mouna 13 weeks. Has been to her second vaccination, being chipped, had her second health check, paper works and found to be a busy sweetie.


Beautiful Mouna, super and lovely.



Beautiful Mouna 12 weeks and 1545 gr. , and new pics must be taken. So these are just until I find out what I have done wrong with the camera program.


Beautiful sweet charmer Mouna 11 weeks 1412 gr. Very dark and difficult light on Wednesday. So photos of her twice.


Beautiful Mouna 10 weeks super active and all over ,

playing with the N-Litter.1289 gr.

Tabitha tries to let them not have so much milk, so Mouna

and siblings try to charme Calamity a bit. But chikcen is great in between.


Beautiful Mouna. 9 weeks having had her first vaccination and health check. Doing just purrrfect. And today a bit outside to play in the catrun. At full speed.



Beautiful Mouna 8 weeks 1121 grams.


Beautiful Mouna 7 weeks and 1020 grams on her first 7 th week day . Having a great time making pics difficult to take due to much speed and being such a cuddely charmer. But some of her almost into focus I got. She also had eaten mackrel in tomato, so her collar was a bit fatty from fish oil though.


Mouna 6 weeeks and 790 grams



Beautiful very very sweet and funny Mouna. 5 weeks and 658 grams



Mouna 4 1/2 weeks, and a very active supercharmer.

In bed waiting for Calamity Janes kittens.


Beautiful, busy and funny charmer Mouna.

Today she only wanted to run to me for cuddeling, and she wanted mummy a bit also. So she had a break with her mum and some milk.

And yes she is the busy chatty one in this litter. No time for photos. Some was OK though :) . 553 grams at exactly 4 weeks.


Beautiful Mouna 3 weeks and 445 grams today.

Mouna has started to run around at full speed in the cradel box and on the phototable, and has become the most active in the litter. So there had to be many pics to get her into focus :) . She also has brand new little sharp theeth allready.



Beautiful Mouna 2 weeks and 387 grams


Mouna had just been washed by her mother and was waking up.


Beautiful Mouna 1 week and 280 grams


Beautiful Mouna early in the morning on her 5 th day


Mouna 250 grams early on her 5 th day.

12 hours old