(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Myrtekransen`s Nike

NFO ns 09 23

Born The 29 th of August 2012

Fertile breeding female


Mother : CH (F) / S* Wonderwood`s Calamity Jane NFO n 09 23

Father : (N) Myrtekransen`s Isak NFO n 09 24

(N) Myrtekransen , Norway


Ohhh , sadly I have many pics that has been on the indexpage , but not

been filled in here. So I`ll start to find the pics of this gorgeous " lady princess"


Our fantastic silver princess Nike celebrating being 3 years old.

She had a great time in side the catrun with her buddies. And all her

snack favorites. But being ouytside in a leash, was not at all fun of course.

She is a super sweet, super kind wonderful " princess-princess-princess".

Very feminine but long, tall and large. So very very beautiful

in great silver fur.

unnamed (5)

Lovely Nike Agust 2014, having a great time outside gardening a bit.

But then came the rain, so that was the end of that trip.

P8290001 (2)

Beautiful silver princess Nike on a very sunny warm

summer day at almost 1 year



Beautiful silver " princess+princess+princess" Nike 15 months. Getting her collar and winterfur. She still takes a sip of Calamity several times a day if she can. Here with Maximus flirting and wanting attention from above.


Happy Birthday beautiful our dear

(N) Myrtekransen`s Nike NFO ns 23. Now 1 year.

She has lovely sunbeams, has taken a sunbath in her sun chair.

Had some of her snack, tuna and choped raw pollock, catnip roots and more to come :).

So beautiful and lovely, our silver princess.


Nike enjoying summer and will soon be 1 year by the end of August. She has

her summer coat on, with less fur and collar off. BUT SOOO lovely.


Nike 9 months 3.6-3.65 kilos. Has had her first heat running and chatting. So  up and down in weight.Long and slim now.Very busy outside with her grand mother Byzants, grandad Slode great grandad Magni halfbrother Hieronymus and best friend Ophelia and Mouna.


Beautiful silver _ PRINCESS_ Nike 8 months :). So sweet.

And like Magni, Diana, Byzants and daddy Isak. She has started count ( fur) down to the bikini season. Losing both her baby and winter coat now.


5 1/2 months 3.3 kilos.

The pics of beautiful Nike at 5 1/2 months would not go into the slide show.

So many photos will follow downwards.

Beautiful Nike here almost 5 months and a lovely silver princess.


Gorgeous Nike, such a sweet princess and charmer.

And very much a baby kitty girl stil. Being everyones " kitty".


Beautiful Nike 4 1/2 months. Finally it is time for some new pics of the silver princess. And luckily I might have found some kind of light that works indoors on clouded darker days. First the flash took off with a strong light of course.But here she is Calamity and Isac`s dear sweetheart.


Nike playing hide and seek all the time, and chatting a whole lot to us all to find her and come and play.


Beautiful Nike 13 weeks. And such a princess, so she`s like her grandmother.


Beautiful Nike 12 weeks. 1605 gr. now. Still wanting her mummy Calamity a lot but have an interest in food also :).


Beautiful Nike 11 weeks.1282 gr. She only wants mum still.



Beautifulo Nike 10 weeks. In contrast to her speedy and active sister Natalia

.You can just put Nike on the table and she poses,

So one need to stop after a while, because she looks and looks back at you.



Beautiful Nike 9 weeks. And she posed and posed. So an easy task today



Beautiful Nike 8 weeks 1001 grams. Has been to her first vaccination, her healt check and found to be all fine and lovely.


New clear pics of sweet Nike also. 891 gr .Wednesday.Very very busy and chatty.


Beautiful Nike 7 weeks 891 gr ( note found) Wednesday, and luckily some of her pics were from before I pushed some and activated a wrong function. She was the first, and had just been eating some snack. So she wanted to play a bit.



Beautiful Nike 6 weeks 768 gr. A very dark Wednesday so very shifting lights on photos.


Beautiful Nike 5 weeks active and 704 grams.


Beautiful Nike 4 weeks 601 g. Her theet has arrived now, and since the weather was so mild with no rain, she had her first outdoor pictures. Being very brave.


Beautiful Nike. 499 grams.She just wants to cuddle or to her mum, so lots of unclear pics of her then. But some she had taken of her.


Beautiful Nike 2 weeks and so lovely. 407 grams at 2 weeks + 1 day.


Beautiful Nike 1 week, 253 grams and eyes not opened yet.




Beautiful Nike newborn. 1 day.