(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Myrtekransen`s Noir

NFO n 09




Noir seems to look a bit silversmoke, but depending on the light source.


On hold Bergen,Norway.

Mother : CH (F) / S* Wonderwood`s Calamity Jane NFO n 09 23

Father : (N) Myrtekransen`s Isak NFO n 09 24

* Lives as a dear family cat in Hjellestad, Bergen. Norway.


Beautiful Noir 12 weeks. 1735 gr.He had climbed into the sofa for a long cat nap, so when he came out finally, it was darkening so much, that lamps had to be added a bit. Since it even rained outside, it was not possible to take photos in the catrun either. Noir will be the first to move to his new family on Sunday. And he will live his new life as a family cat in Hjellestad in Bergen. And be kept fertile a bit for planned litters before neutering.


Wonderful Noir 11 weeks, 1510 gr.


Beautiful Noir 10 weeks,and straight fom bed, so he mostly wanted to cuddle or eat the bamboo shots. He IS SO VER VERy BEAUTIFUL




Beautiful BEAUTIFUL Noir 9 weeks




Beautiful Noir 8 weeks. 1062 grams. Has been to his first vaccination, his health check, really charmed other NFO lovers in the waiting room, found to be very handsome and beautiful:), charmingly created himself mabye a new interest, and found to be just all fine lovely by the vets.

And of all things he was so while taking pics. He just wanted to cuddle and look BEHIND the camera for me. He`s just such a wonderful boy.


New clear pics of beautiful Noir 901 gr W.d, and Calamity loves him. They chat a lot.


Beautiful lovely Noir, 7 weeks and with all his pictures taken in the wrong camera mode function. So new and clearer pics will come. He`s so very beautiful, with a gorgeous collar already.


Beautiful Noir 6 weeks 780 gr. Pics twice, since it was so very dark and clouded on Wednesday. A wonderful boy he is.


Beautiful Noir 5 weeks. Very active and 600 gr.



Beautiful Noir. 4 weeks 510 g. and with his first teeth. Today it was his first

time outside as well. Being very mild, so that was interesting for him.


Beautiful Noir 3 weeks 415 grams

And because of mummy Calamity`s rich milk, he has a little yellowish stain

around his nose from sipping lots of milk:)


Beautiful beautiful Noir 2 weeks and 315 grams at 2 weeks + 1 day.


Beautiful Noir. 1 Week 200 grams, and his eyes opened during photos.




Beutiful Noir newborn and 1 day.