(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Ohpelia

NFO n 09

Born 12.11.2012


From the litter of Malene,mummy Rita and family on Askøy, Bergen.

Our beautiful host -litter born and raised on Askøy by Malene and


The proud Mother:

(N) Myrtekransen`s Godiva NFO n 09

( Godiva has been color judged NFO n 09,

so no silver, but with a very light inner coat)


The proud father :

IC S* Milda ma Tilde`s Speed Igor NFO n 22

Living at Cattery (N) Stølsgarden

(N) Myrtekransen`s Ophelia

NFO n 09


Beautiful black and white panther girl Ophelia.

Outside with us having fun with her best friends. She is so wonderful and so very very sweet. Super kind always. A precious dear one.

BUT she still wants to be Calamity`s  baby along with Nike. They are like sisters in a litter.Ophelia still hurry to put her head into Calamity`s tummy and breast. Trotting away trying to get milk from Calamity. She can lay for a long time to sip like a baby. Ophelia was very connected to her mother Godiva. More than any of her other siblings. When she moved to us Calamity adopted her at once wanting her as her baby. Elena ( her grand mother) was a favorite by Calamity, that she adopted and cared for. So Ophelia grew up with Nike as Calamitys` baby. And that is the same still. Ophelia goes wherever Calamity goes. Not outside, since Calamity must be inside being off the pill. But it is very sweet.


Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen Ophelia NFO n 09 1 year and 3 months.

I took Ophelia outside with Magni also. Because they love to sleep by the heater the collars has started to go off now with a little warmer weather. So OI have to hurry for pics of them before it all comes off.

But she is so wonderful. And I wished for a few outdoor photos for her lovely expression. But it was rather obvious that the eagle was near by. The raven couple came over us all the time, and then they wnet back and forth to the little island in the bay. That place is like an old forest with dense vegetation and very old trees. The eagle often stays there before take offs also. So the ravens looked like theywere " telling " that we were out again. So I had to break and take Ophelia and Magni back inside the catrun. I can not take risks. But a few of our black beaty as well. But at least Ophelia looks up, and knows the ravens cations. Now I wait for the eagle/s to turn up mabye. ........... .


Beautiful Ophelia 1 year. Being very busy up and down  and in between the steps doing gymnatstics in the cats climbing ladder. Making her hairdo going into several directions. So she needed to be brushed in between pics. But she is so very very beautiful, and wonderfully kind and sweet.

2014-01-03 21.59.21

Our beautiful black panther beauty panther Ophelia almost 13 months.

She is so sweet and kind. And loves to play with busy Penelope.


Beautiful Ophelia sunbathing in the catnip scented sunbed chair.

Having a great time, but photos is boring, much more fun to show off by rolling over all the time, and to skratch on the  back of the sunbed.

But she is just gorgeous, and actually very like her grand mother Elena in her temper. Mild tempered, lovely and so kind.


Beautiful Ophelia enjoying the strong scent of the catnip roots, and to cuddle a bit aswell. She is an expert on closing her eyes, gazing or pulling up her eyelids befor the slow camera goes off. So a lot of useless pics. But I can not always take pics only when she turn her head to the side. So a qick few at least of this lovely busy panther beauty.


Beautiful active summer panther princess Ophelia. 8 months. I can see that her pics have only been on the index page. So I have found some

of this wonderful sweet special beauty. From June, July and a bit August.

She is such a difficult photo object :), always on her way, playing, turning her head, gazing in the sunlight, and sometimes one only manage to get her tail or the shadow. But she is SOOOO GORGEOUS KIND and SUPER SWEET. And she will hopefully find taking photos more interesting in the future. Bamboos are not that fun, only running, jumping, hide and seek.

Or to cuddle.


Beautiful Ophelia 5 1/2 months. Looking just gorgeous and being such a special kitty princess. And being very active ouside today, Not easy for the photographer at all :).


Beautiful wonderful Ophelia in her cool tuxedo. Always very cool. and almost 4 months gorgeous.

Stil a baby, being Calamity`s kitten all day. Having long sips of milk still :)

And very busy outside in the windy afternoon. But having such great fun with her friends.

They all love her and guard her.

WOW !!!!! SO WONDERFUL (N) Myrtekransen`s Ophelia NFO ns 09

Malene and her family have done an impressive job with our fantastic O-Litter.

Here is the little beauty 12 weeks


The warm welcoming and Ophelia`s integration.

It all went just super and so quick. Now Ophelia has many friends.

Jolanda loves her and wash and lays down by her side. And then came Calamity, Huriel and Mouna on her way up on the shelf. Just lovely.


Ophelia newborn 1 day

Ophelia`s grandmother Elena newborn

Ophelia newborn 1 day

Grandmother Elena 1 week, and yes she has smoke. So the silver in

Auroras lines after Belinda pop out from an invicible part of her body, causing this somehow. And Belinda has both a smoky grandfather and a smoky tortie grandmother :). Aurora must have been genotype ns  09 23 ( also mackrel tabby, not spotted like we were told at first).

So we have learnt how funny things can turn out regarding colors and patterns.

With Ophelia it is more obvious, her grand father Haifa is smoke, and mummy Godiva now shows smoke clearly.

Ophelia newborn 1 week

Ophelias grandmother Elena 1 week

Little princess Ophelia resembles Elena and mummy Godiva, and also a little bit of grand dad and her fathers

Speed Igor`s lines. It will be exiting to follow her developements.  With so many wonderful relatives.

Godiva and daughter Ophelia lovely

Mummy Godiva 7 weeks looking like a teddy bear :)

Here she looks very smoky, but she has the more gray shade, that has developet more as a mature female.

Mummy Godiva 3 weeks and wonderful

And a precious little princess again.

Mummy Godiva at 10 weeks :)

Mum at 10 weeks and daughter Ophelia at 9 weeks, and very busy.

Grand mother Elena Champion at RORAK 2009

Grandad Haifa


Grandmother Gizelle and Grandad Humle , the beautiful parents of daddy IC S* Milda ma Tildes Speed Igor .

Picture taken from Skogkattslingan, no photograper mentioned.

Ophelias` beautiful father IC S* Milda ma Tildes Speed Igor NFO n 22

Pictures from the pages of (N) Stølsgarden.

Mummy Godiva 2 years this summer

Kitty girl Ophelia 7 weeks celebrating  her first Christmas

The proud mother :

(N) Myrtekransen`s Godiva NFO ns 09

The proud Father:

IC S* Milda ma Tilde`s Speed Igor NFO n 22

Birthweight 114 grams

The Kittens BLOGG at Malenes


Booked (N) Myrtekransen , Norway.


Gorgeous Ophelia busy at the vet`s.


Gorgeous Ophelia celebrating Christmas with her mum,siblings, the dogs, and Malenes whole family at Malenes family home. Having a great time and 810 grams at 7 weeks.


Gorgeous Ophelia 6 weeks, and having great fun with her siblings

in the farm barn. Playing all overthe place.

1.juledag i fjøsen (6)

Beautiful Ophelia at 5 weeks looks super serious, and get special treatment from her mum.

She`s having a great time being busy with her siblings and the dogs.

Ophelia 5 uker (1)

Wonderful Ophelia 3 weeks and 364 grams

4.12 042

Ophelia 2 weeks 285 grams and wonderful.

26 nov 064

Georgeous Ophelia 1 week and 183 gr.

O kull uke 1 088

Beautiful newborn Ophelia 1 day at home with Malene