(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Myrtekransen`s Olympia

NFO n 23

The proud mother :

(N) Myrtekransen`s Godiva NFO n 09

The proud Father:

IC S* Milda ma Tilde`s Speed Igor NFO n 22

Birthweight 116 grams


Now lives with Lars and Malenes family on Askøy. Norway


The Kitten`s BLOGG at Malenes


Gorgeous Olympia 4 months and being Malene`s brother Lars new cat.

She is also the new family cat and lives with her mother Godiva at

mummy Rita`s and family home on Askøy.

So she is a dear and spoiledlovely kitty girl. And the busy family tiger. Called Makrellen / The Mackrel.


Wonderful Olympia busy at the vets office at near 12 weeks.


Beautiful Olympia relaxing with mum in Godivas shared home and

Olympia`s new home. Where she will live with mummy Godiva and

the whole family as dear family cats.

Gorgeous Olympia busy at the vet`s.


Gorgeous Olympia celebrating Christmas with her mother and Malenes family at the family home, and the new home of Olympia later.

920 grams at almost 7 weeks.


Wonderful Olympia at 6 weeks , out on a trip with Malene in the

barn at the farm, playing with her lovely siblings at full speed.

Super and lovely.

1.juledag i fjøsen (23)


Beautiful Oplympia at 5 weeks, having a great time with lots of attention. She is of cours Malene`s  family`s own new girl.

So she stays at home, and is called Makrellen/ The Mackrel.

And on these pics, baby Olympia, is very busy having fun at one of Malenes working evenings. Charming the elderly with grace :).

Olympia 5 uker (7)

Wonderful Olympia 3 weeks and 364 grams-

4.12 094

Olympia 2 weeks 320 grams and wonderful

26 nov 039

Gorgeous Olympia 1 week and 201 gr.

O kull uke 1 049

Beautiful newborn Olympia 1 day with at home with Malene