(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Myrtekransen`s Opus


The proud mother :

(N) Myrtekransen`s Godiva NFO n 09

The proud Father:

IC S* Milda ma Tilde`s Speed Igor NFO n 22

Birthweight 140 grams


Now lives with his new owner Mari Therese Bøstad in Lofoten


The kittens BLOGG at Malenes


Gorgeous Opus busy at the vets, all over the place playing at full speed, and so difficult to get pics of.

Gorgeous Opus ready to play at the vet`s.

After this he went off into every exiting open place, so this is at the

moment his only picture before he was busy running around.

Gorgeous Opus celebrating Christmas with his mum,siblings, the dogs, and Malenes whole family at Malenes family home. Having a great time and 920 grams at 7 weeks.


Busy weeks, and here are some lovely photos of beautiful

Opus at 5 weeks. Just wonderful AND WHAT a PHOTO!!!!!

WOW MALENE, he looks super funny, so Malene wondered if he had been to much with the dogs hi hi hi :)))) .

Kattungene 146

Opus 5 uker (8)

Wonderful Opus 3 weeks and 458 grams

4.12 054

Beautiful Opus 2 weeks and 359 grams. Wonderful

26 nov 049

Georgeous Opus 1 week and 245 gr.

O kull uke 1 070

Beautiful newborn Opus 1 day at home with Malene