(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Myrtekransen`s Pelle Panther

NFO n 23 ( n 09 23. Pelle has just a few fading white hairs on his extreme tail tip)

Born 23.05.2013



Proud parents are :


Tabitha d`Haakona CH* NFO n 24


CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Hieronymus NFO n 09 23


________ BOOKED  MØRE , WEST NORWAY ________


Beautiful Pelle almost 15 weeks. And he is now leaving us tomorrow.

So last pics of this gorgeous boy.


Beautiful Pelle at 14 weeks. Pics the day after his siblings. He was resting from his last vaccination the day before,  and it became to late when he wanted to play.But with him it also started raining again :). So in and out, and back inside again. He`ll soon leave now so I `ll se if we`ll manage new pics in between our work the following days. Before he will move to his new family :).


Beautiful Pelle Panther 12 weeks. And the only boy left now.

He is super sweet and lovely.





Beautiful Pelle 10 weeks. And pics inside today in the gray changing weather. And no insects :).


Pelle Panther 9 weeks. And not at all finding it fun with large birds , noisy boats and lots of mosquitos all the time. Many new things. So he found it better all over on the ground, and it ended with him being bitten by a small angry / burning ant on a straw. Then it was all over, and back inside to mum.


Beautiful Pelle Panther 8 weeks has been both outside for the first time, and of course played in the cat run. That he feel safest. Large seagulls are scary stuff. Even when they fly above the catrun.



Beautiful Pelle 7 weeks and LOVELY.


Beautiful Pelle Panther 6 weeks. 926 grams.Luckily he came right out of bed, so he did not have the same speed like Pavel and Penelope in the beginning. Tabitha is working on the change from milk to food now. But Pelle seemes to like all kinds.


Beautiful Pelle Panther 5 weeks.786 grams and very active on the table.


Beautiful Pelle 4 weeks and 622 grams enjoying running back and forth,but also a bit busy coming into the lap today.

Pics taken lunch hour Saturday 3 w+2d.


Beautiful Pelle Panther 3 weeks and loved to be on the table.


Beautiful Pelle Panther 3 weeks. With new teeth and 514 grams.Wondering about what`s outside the cradle.


Beautiful Pelle Panther 2 weeks & 2 days.400 grams on Thursday at 2 weeks.


Beautiful Pelle Panther 1 week. He is opening his eyes and is 262 grams.


Beautiful Pelle Panther in the afternoon & just half a day old.

He is named after Helene`s first NFO type cat ( from before the breed was defined as a breed then ). Scandinavian ( Sweedish version of Per, a form of Peter).


Pelle Panther newborn