(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Petra

NFO n 23 ( Petra had just a few white hairs on her tail tip. They have gone away)

Born 23.05.2013



Proud parents are:


Tabitha d`Haakona CH* NFO n 24


CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Hieronymus NFO n 09 23

__________ Lives with her dear family in Agder ________


Beautiful Petra 14 weeks.And soon leaving.


Beautiful Petra 12 weeks. A lovely sweet "troll" in dusky weather.

And yes the mosquitos loved her to. So not that focused this time.


Beautiful Petra having a great time looking funny making faces also.

Super sweet.


Beautiful Petra 9 weeks enjoying the afternoon sunbeams. Chatting and sunbathing.So lovely.

And she loves to be outside. The thoughest of them at the moment.


Beautiful Petra 8 weeks. And I`m so sorry. Aned OBS. Sorry. I must have clicked the wrong button, because I can see that she was not on her own pages last week.

But here she is of cours, not only on the index page :).


Beautiful Petra 7 weeks. Lovely


Beautiful Petra 6 weeks. 860 grams and also back to her first given name.

AND she now loves the photo session. So she wanted back in afterwards.

Tabitha is learing the kittens to eat food now.Petra loves to tase different food, and she still likes a to have milk, but a little chicken and raw fish taste nice also.


Beautiful Petra 5 weeks, and 770 grams. Having a great time playing with me on the table.


Hmmmm. Svein-Erik and I think Petra looks so much like our old cat Ludvig. (And of course he even was in Italy with us and our friend).

And one can also see resemblances to our g-litter and Haifa.

So though she does not like pics, but only comes to my face. She is fun to take pics of due to her serious expression. And finally some more pics of her.

Penelope 595 grams at 4 weeks and pics at 4 weeks + 2 days, lunch hour time Saturday. ( And yes I can see I picked the wrong slide show 1 again,

but that looks nice also, so for the moment :) )


Beautiful Petra was not to happy about photos. She just came to my face and wanted to jup into my lap. So many unclear photos of a busy Penelope at full speed into the camera for my face, and to get a a kitty kiss.


Petra 3 weeks. With new teeth and 481 grams. She DID _NOT_ want to take pics.

She wanted mums milkbar, so I just had to let her go to mum, and then take her back up. She is a little acrobat in the hand, so I`ll then for now let her have fun with her siblings in bed instead.  That was cool and much more fun. and lovely she is.


Beautiful Petra 2 weeks & 2 days.377 grams Thursday morning at 2 weeks.


Beautiful Petra 1 week. Opening her eyes and 264 grams.


Petra in the afternoon & just half a day old. And many pics because I took of her twice, thinking about her sister Pernille :).

She is named after Svein-Eriks friends german wife :). And because S-E loves to be in Rome, walk around the area of Saint Peter`s so much :), and to end up in his favorite restaurant near by. So feminin a form of Peter. Meaning stone. And Helene also likes to visit Rome, + minerals and stones of course.


Petra the firstborn and newborn