(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

CH S* Zygot`s Slode NFO n 09 22

Born 28.02.2009

Male neutered


5 , 2 kilos

GSD 4 Normal tested 31.10. 2012 by our veterinarian at Laboklin.

Our dear gorgeous Slode is neutered. But would have been kept fertile much longer if we had known how easy the males use up and go dipers.

They dont bother at all. You just have to change dipers a lot :))) .

Our dear dear beautiful Slode, has sadly lost much of his information during a

webmaster change earlier.

But there are so many things to say about our very dear, fantastic, wonderful

and super tempered gorgeous boy.

Apart from all his whites, he is very much alike the first NFO tabby boy

that appared in the life of the one half one part of (N) Myrtekransen in 1971.

A neutered beautiful NFC boy ( called the "Princess"). He turned out be a

deeply missed dear family kitty -neutered Prince- from a bit away though :).

Luckily, thanks to my mothers` advertizement , he was returened to his right owners. T

They had searched a long time, and came with tears in  their eyes, when he was

found safely in our home.I never forgot him,

though he stayed only a couple of months. Slode is like that old dream of a beautiful special NFC cat, also having his own very special and wonderful unique personality.

Like a remembrance of that beautiful sweet childhood memory of a very special

visiting kitty prince. Never forgoten.:). Most of all, so very much himself.

Our own dear wonderful Slode.

Slode is the beautiful proudfather of our F and I - Litters.

Slodes beautiful proud parents


Slodes mother S* Zygot`s Zo-Ya  NFO n 03 24         a nd       Slodes father  IC S* Zygot`s Galliano NFO n 24

*  *  *  *  *  *  * 

Weight : ( Will soon be weighed again, he`s grown again and put on more weight as a neuter).

Sadly all the old pics of him, and all the writings have gone lost with the change of our webside.

So slowly I will rebuild his profile, and fill inn with new pics, and hopefully also the pictures of Slode as a stunningly beautiful kitten  and youngster. When / if I find them.

But a realy gorgeous and beautiful boy he is, with the best temper in the world. We love him deeply.

Slode has grown again, and has always been a very broad typed male, powerful looking  on gorgeous large paws. Now he`s filling in on the rest of him as well.

Heis now 3 years old, and also soon on his way to the weight again. So new up dates on our beautiful boy will come.

Slode has become an even more broad male, with broad shoulders a strong spine and broad hips, powerful paws and legs, and he has a very nice harmonic length on his body. So it seems he`ll keep on growing.

Slode loves kitten food and " fresh " food that he hunts himself. He either swallow them  almost right down , or he`ll give them to his  grandson Juventus, son Isak , but first to his  daugther Fiorenza if she wants them, or buddies. So he needs regular cures for worms. He actually prefer lots of different good dry food, and his own homebrought mice, to bought meat, chicken steamed or grilled, fish or canned food. So if he wants baby kitten, he`s given that. As a fertile male we gave him kitten food, but he spent all the energy in the air on being in love.

He`s changed much after he`s been neutered, since for a while back now. As a fertile male he was always super kind and lovely, and also always with a date on his mind. So that was very important to him, and he was then a typical lovesick male, focused on that.

Now he`s grown more into his shape, then when he dated his girls, or waited for it to happen.

Slode has a wonderful  and powerful head that we love, large with heights and a real shape, with a broad nose and a large broad mouth, a broad body and very large paws and hindlegs.

We think he`s got the most gorgeous classic NFO look that we adore,  beautiful warm color on his coat in beautiful tabby pattern, and such a temper.

So we are very very grateful for this wonderful kind boy, and great Norwegian Forest Cat from Annika.

Slode has given his girl friends wonderful kittens in two litters, and he is a devoted father and grandfather.

We agreed that he`s breeding was to be 1-2 litters, since he was also first a host male living with Siv, but he was not comfortable with the very kind and sweet but very large dog, that wanted him to be her baby like her other cat Elisabeth from us. He did not understand her at all.

So he moved in with us and is the father 2 wonderful litters of very beautiful kittens before neutered. Now he`s just a super happy cuddely teddy bear and family boy, and a great hunter if outside the catrun.


Our F- litter with CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Aurora NFO n 09 24 ( 23)


Our I - Litter with CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Byzants NFO ns 09 24


7 years to day, and celebrating. Slode has been down on the dock in the wonderful sun waiting for some fresh fish being prepared. Slode and Amalie had shrimps and crawfish for breakfast.So they are still celebrating and have some more catsnack to come during the day. The weather was chaning all day, so some pics in the wind and some with sunshine.

He had a great day with lots of attention and cuddeling.


very very much.


Slode sunbathing and guarding his grandsons Sirius and Solaris, his grandaughter Nike and buddies Debbie-Doss +

Haifa. Aslo guarding, waiting for mackrel and sunbathing :).

slode 6 halvt r soler

I was wery busy this last winter and spring, so many pics of Slode and the cats are only on the indexpage.

But here are some, I`ll find more, og Slode at 6 1/2 and right before Christmas. He`ll soon be 7 years in February.

I`ll find his bithday pics as well, and some sweet summer pics of him. But a fantastic boy, that loves to sleep in bed on and beside me, and buddy Haifa.

bestefar slode

Beautiful Slode at 7 years . Starting to loose his winter collar and fur. Having a great time showing off charming and head

baning into my hands and on his favorite rock.



He became 6 years together with (N) BOOTE`S AMALIE AMADEUS NFO w on the 28

th of February. Here is only pics of our happyminded gorgeous dear Slode since he can be outside with me in the clear weather. No rain, storm or snow. But clear with clouds and some sunbeams.He is surch a dear wonderful super

charmer and losing his winterfur a bit now. So sweet, and looking forward to be a granddad again very soon :)))


Dear beautiful CH S* Zygot`s Slode 5 1/2 years needed to take some new photos to send to his wonderful grand child and greatgrand children in Sweeden and children and grandchildren in Norway. Here he proudly sends them all a summer greeting hoping for some fish for dinner :))). He is just the sweetest cat, and gorgeous. He is always with us, but usually go to sleep under the boat or in the cathouses + bushes. So this time I finally had the camera ready just for him, since it is clouded and he wants to play.


Beautiful CH Zygot`s Slode NFO n 09 22. 5 years just gorgeous and so dear

He is loosing his winter fur now in huge amounts. But he has a little

left though collar is nearly off. He was checking the air all the time

in several directions.

So just super quick this, and right in front of me. But he is SOOOO LOVELY :).


Lovely sweetheart Slode 4 1/2 years.Enjoying summer and sunbathing if there are sunbeams.



Beautiful sweet Slode always loves to go for a walk. To chat , cuddle and play.

Her 4 years and 2 months.


Lovely Slode being busy checking the new catrun, and guarding his daughter Fiorenza

and his sunbasking son Isak toghether with Haifa.


Our dear FANTASTIC sweetheart and super kind teddybear Slode is 4 years now.

And this happy minded boy celebrated in the best way he knows. Playing a lot, chatting a lot, cuddeling a lot,

turning his belly again and again for a tummy massage as always.

He is just SUCH a SWEEEEEEEEEEEET boy, and looks great as always, though his full winter coat has started

to go off like  with the other cats. Love this wonderful boy so much.


Since Haifa started to show off with his climing, Slode came at full speed and wnted to show off also.

Super funny and sweet. He wanted to show that he was just as good at doing exactly the same thig as Haifa-

So lovely and sweet. And as always beautiful Slode was very happy about himself.


Wonderful kind and sweet Slode loves to catch snowflakes just like his daughter Fiorenza does, and he eats them

as well it looks very funny and sweet. He`s just super !!! Chatting and catching  the first snow at the same time.


Beautiful Slode. Super kind, so very very sweet and special and gorgeous looking.

Here he enjoyes late autumn sunbeams, since the last week/ weeks, has been so

heravy clouded, dark and with an almost open sky sending  showers down on us all.

But oktober sun is so lovely thinks dear dear Slode.



Beautiful kind Slode enjoing his summer days a lot. Chatting  sweetly all the tme, always ready for a cuddle, loves to play with Jolanda his grand daughter ( they seem to think in sinilar ways, and he loves to guard and be with her) , and he loves to be right outside the doorstep to follow and actions and us. Sweet as candy this teddy bear boy.


Lovely dear Slode has great days. He loves to go in and out and in and out. And loves to doze of in the soft green gras :) to call for you and cuddle and chat a lot . Wonderful.


Slode relaxing after having played hide and seek and soft playfighting with his speedy granddaughter Jolanda. All over up, dawn and into the gras with her. So a nice break in lovely sunbeams and the green gras was lovely.


Dear wonderful Slode is having a great time. Always right behind you or sleeping under the ram. He loves to chat and cuddle all the time. Being a very happy and kind boy. Having fun every day. And chatting happily about it with his Mhh mhhh `s . Super super sweet.


Beautiful daddy Slode was outside playing with his soon Isak today, in a bit grey bay and a bit misty. But they had so much fun, and they both chat a lot.


Our dear wonderful teddy bear prince , Slode. 3 years the 28 th of february.

And he celebrated the way he likes best. A small trip outside in the catrun, a short trip outside the catrun with his dear daughter and son and buddies. Then back inside to sleep in the centre of attention on the wooden shelf. So that he can be cuddeled on his tummy each time we pass him. He turns on his back, streches in full lenght while purring and chatting with his favorite sound hhh . Simply to sweet a boy he is. Always lovely and happy.

He`s on his way out of his winter coat, but looks great. He had his baby kitten, and chicken in stock like he prefers.


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Dear goregous dad and grand dad Slode. Soon 3 years in February. Finally he came on to the table while I took photos of his grandson Julius and grand daughter Jaqueline. Jaqueline was so impressed by the way he played. He had a great time grabing every thing he could get between his large paws, and ate the  fresh  bambo . Nedless to say he`s a great hunter. If you play with him, he`s really hunting the toys down, and eat them. So the photo background gets all messed up. But he loooooves it.

Svein- Erik has taken out a juniper bush though, and with it some fur, but Slode is just as happy. I had hoped to take him to a show soon though.

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Wonderful happyminded Slode 2 1/2 years old.

He had a great time outside with his buddy Hieronumus and his grandson Juventus and son Isak.

So he played around a lot. Running at full speed, looking after hyper Isak. Jumping, climbing , hunting down some kind of a sea animal part, and chatting a lot.

So here is our beutiful sweet sweet boy, with his beautiful big head and lovely large paws.

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Slode loved the sunbeams that visited us shortly today. He also went up into the tree to impress us a bit, being very proud.

He`s just so sweet.

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No rain today, so Slode enjoyed himself enormously, played and chatted a lot, being busy also looking after and playing with his girlfriend Byzants. In fact he`s still outside in his cat house, enjoying a rain free day, with a warmer touch. Slode can not stand the snow, so he`s been inside mostly and left his winter condition with the hairbrush during the last weeks. He`s ready for spring time.

Our dear lovely Slode had a great day yesterday, just being inside like he loves to.

He was in control og both the food, the cuddling, the bed and all our attention from his favorite shelf on the wall in the computer room, sharing all his day with us. And being cuddeled on his belly everytime we passed him.

He loooves that and chats a lot. He likes all food so he just took what ever was given, as long as it came with some cuddle as well

He is such a kind and funny boy.

But today when he was supposed to be taken photos of. The dusky rain came, so he wanted back inside.

But new pictures of him will come this week then.

He`has thrown his winter coat though, being mostly inside as he prefers.

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Slode was helping with testing the flash as well this November afternoon.

He`ll be 2 years old in February.

Not that much into his full wintercoat yet, because he simply loves to only sleep inside by the warm owen, and hardly ever wants to go out into the cold. He`s a real family boy.

We almost had a lot of lovely pictures of him, but he was so busy keeping an eye on the kittens funny play, that all the time one ear was turned backwards, or one eye shot etc.

But a little bit of the cosy teddy bear we got.

Slode slightly a bit flower power

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Beautiful Slode enjoys both his bay and one of the many catrun rooms

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Dear wonderful  and heartbreakingly  beautiful S* Zygot`s Slode NFO n 09 22.

A classic tabby.

And oh dear is he a really lovely classic boy. In every way.

Annika mentioned that she was looking forward to this exiting combination of wonderful old lines, when we brought home Debbie.

We forgot it a bit, but I regularly look in on her pages to enjoy her lovely pictures of her super cats.

Then an opportunity arose, to bring home a host cat. We have our smoke prince here at home, our black pearl Haifa.

But we asked Annika if this opportunity was something of a solution for her to, and she told us that the mating  she hoped so much for had been successful, and kittens were expected soon.

OH. What more could we wish for. A stunningly beautiful baby boy was born.

We are so proud to be able to have him in our lives.

Slode is our second male in the (N) Myrtekransen Cattery.

Slode is really stunning, and we both fell in love with him at once.

He`s qualities are so wonderful. Absolutely lovely tempered, self confident, broad and powerful like the old NFOs, a drop dead gorgeous wild gaze, beautiful old typed head and rounded forhead,large paws and a fur that is pure show off in full condition.

Slode is of a Norwegian Forest cat type now very hard to find. So to us he is a celebration  of the cat breed we love so much, and have done decades of our lives.

We have great expectations for him in the future, but now he is simply adorable as a kitty boy.

Welcome to Norway our little Viking king, and both families thank you so much Annika and Mats for

Such great beauty purring his way around and about in luxurious fur.  

And he has the most perfect NFO look we can think of for our girls.